The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Public Utility Commission

Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots



856-001-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

856-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedures

856-001-0010 Organization



856-010-0003 Definitions

856-010-0005 Meetings of the Board

856-010-0006 Board Operations Fee

856-010-0007 Fee for Copies

856-010-0008 Trainee and Apprentice Application Requirements

856-010-0009 Training Organizations

856-010-0010 Original Licensing Requirements

856-010-0011 Restrictions on Licenses

856-010-0012 Degrees of Licenses for the Columbia and Willamette River Pilotage Ground

856-010-0013 Grounds for Denying Original License Appli?cation

856-010-0014 Apprentice Training Program

856-010-0015 Renewal of Licenses

856-010-0016 License Fees

856-010-0017 Reduced License Fees

856-010-0018 Pilot Trainee Selection — Columbia River Bar Pilots

856-010-0019 Surety Bond or Deposit

856-010-0020 Incident Reports; Duty to Report

856-010-0022 Incident Investigation Procedures

856-010-0025 Failure to Report

856-010-0026 Pilot Trainee Selection — Coos Bay Bar and Yaquina Bay Bar Pilotage Grounds

856-010-0027 Continuing Professional Development and Safety Training

856-010-0028 Pilot Exchanges

856-010-0029 Fatigue Mitigation Programs

856-010-0031 Complaint Process

856-010-0035 Disciplinary Actions

856-010-0041 Preventative, Corrective or Remedial Actions

856-010-0045 Grounds for Pilot Discipline

856-010-0047 Disciplinary Sanctions

856-010-0050 Pilot Organization Bylaws

856-010-0060 Compulsory Pilotage Vessel Exemptions



856-030-0000 Ratemaking — Substantive Elements

856-030-0001 Capital Improvement Planning

856-030-0002 Pre-Petition Notice and Dispute Resolution Process

856-030-0010 Ratemaking — Petitions, Filing and Response

856-030-0015 Conduct of the Hearing

856-030-0020 Proposed Orders

856-030-0025 Final Orders

856-030-0030 Notification of Orders

856-030-0035 Pilotage Fee Waiver

856-030-0040 Transportation Oversight Committee

856-030-0045 Rates in Coos Bay and Yaquina Bay for Vessels in an Emergency

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