The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through April 15, 2017


Oregon Liquor Control Commission



845-001-0005 Notice of Rulemaking

845-001-0007 Attorney General's Model Rules of Procedure

845-001-0008 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications

845-001-0009 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Workplace Interpersonal Dispute Mediation Communications



845-002-0200 Statement of Purpose and Statutory Authority

845-002-0210 Definitions

845-002-0220 Subject Individual

845-002-0230 Criminal Records Check Process

845-002-0240 Preliminary Fitness Determination

845-002-0250 Hiring or Appointing on a Preliminary Basis

845-002-0260 Final Fitness Determination

845-002-0270 Potentially Disqualifying Crimes

845-002-0280 Incomplete Fitness Determination

845-002-0290 Notice to Subject Individual of Fitness Determination

845-002-0300 Appealing a Fitness Determination

845-002-0310 Record Keeping and Confidentiality

845-002-0320 Authorized Designees

845-002-0330 Fees



845-003-0200 Statement of Purpose

845-003-0210 Model Rules of Procedure

845-003-0220 Definitions

845-003-0270 Request for a Contested Case Hearing and Response to Charging Document

845-003-0331 Employee Representation at Contested Case Hearings

845-003-0345 Public Attendance and Representation of Parties

845-003-0460 Exchange of Exhibits and Witness Lists

845-003-0590 Exceptions

845-003-0670 Retained Authority of Commissioners



845-004-0001 Prohibited Interests in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

845-004-0005 Gifts, Gratuities

845-004-0015 Signing of Orders

845-004-0020 Public Records and Miscellaneous Fees

845-004-0022 Annual License Fee Definition and Refund

845-004-0031 Refunds

845-004-0060 Sales by U.S. Customs, County Sheriffs, Other Agencies

845-004-0065 Communications Between the Commission and Applicants, Licensees, Service Permittees or Alcohol Server Education Course Providers

845-004-0070 Screening and Selection Procedures for Personal Service Contracts

845-004-0075 Public Contracting

845-004-0100 Production of Alcohol for Fuel

845-004-0101 Industrial Alcohol Authority

845-004-0120 Investigative Subpoenas and Oaths




845-005-0301 Purpose and Interpretation

845-005-0302 Regular License

845-005-0303 Alcohol Impact Areas

845-005-0304 Local Government Recommendations: Requirements for Local Governments and License Applicants

845-005-0306 Procedures for Public Notice of License Applications

845-005-0308 Valid Bases for Adverse Local Government Recommendations and for Commission Use of Information Received from the Public

845-005-0311 True Name on Application; Interest in Business

845-005-0312 Forms Required for License Applications

845-005-0314 Refusal to Accept an Application

845-005-0315 Applications: Refusal to Process

845-005-0320 License Refusal Reasons that Can Not Be Overcome

845-005-0321 Additional License Refusal Reasons for a Full On-Premises Sales License for a Nonprofit Private Club

845-005-0322 Additional License Refusal Reasons for a Full On-Premises Sales License for a For-Profit Private Club

845-005-0325 License Refusal Reasons: Applicant Qualifications

845-005-0326 License Not Demanded by Public Interest or Convenience

845-005-0329 Licensing Outdoor Areas Not Abutting a Licensed Building

845-005-0331 Licensing Outdoor Areas Abutting a Licensed Building

845-005-0332 Tour Boat License

845-005-0336 Certificate of Authority Holder’s Sales Employees

845-005-0355 Restricting License Privileges and Conduct of Operations

845-005-0360 License Renewal: Requirements for Applicants

845-005-0365 Change of Licensee; Change of Location

845-005-0366 License Surrender

845-005-0400 Liquor Liability Insurance or Bond Requirement

845-005-0405 Full or Limited On-Premises Licensee Small-Scale Private Catering

845-005-0410Full or Limited On-Premises Licensee Large-Scale Private Catered Events and Temporary Use of an Annual License for Events at Another Location

845-005-0412 Special Events Brewery License

845-005-0413 Special Events Distillery License

845-005-0414 Special Events Brewery-Public House License

845-005-0415 Special Event Winery and Special Event Grower Sales Licenses

Delivery of Malt Beverage, Wine or Cider to Individuals

845-005-0416 Definitions

845-005-0417 Qualifications for Direct Shipment and Retail Delivery of Malt Beverages, Wine, or Cider to a Resident of Oregon

845-005-0424 Guidelines for Approval of a For-Hire Carrier’s Plan for Delivery of Malt Beverages, Wine or Cider

Delivery of Wine or Cider Directly to Retail Licensees

845-005-0425 Qualifications for Wine Self-Distribution Permit for Wine and Cider

845-005-0426 Qualifications for Retailer Endorsement to Receive Wine or Cider from the Holder of a Wine Self-Distribution Permit

845-005-0427 Retail On-Premises Malt Beverage or Wine Sampling Involving Manufacturer or Certificate of Approval Holder

845-005-0428 Retail On-Premises Distilled Spirits Sampling Involving Distillery Representative

845-005-0431 Qualifications for Distilled Liquor Tastings Provided by Oregon Distillery Licensee

845-005-0440 Temporary Sales Licenses

845-005-0445 Temporary Authority

845-005-0450 Standards for Authority to Operate a Licensed Business as a Trustee, a Receiver, a Personal Representative or a Secured Party



845-006-0301 "Applicant" and "Licensee" Defined

845-006-0302 "Family Member" Defined

845-006-0309 Requirements for Outdoor Areas Not Abutting a Licensed Building

845-006-0335 Age Verification; Minors on Licensed Premises

845-006-0340 Minor Postings

845-006-0345 Prohibited Conduct

845-006-0347 Noisy, Disorderly or Unlawful Activity and Drinking Alcohol Outside the Premises

845-006-0348 Unlawful Drug Activity on Licensed Premises

845-006-0349 Activities on College Campuses

845-006-0353 Distilled Spirits Samples and Promotions from a Distiller's Representative

845-006-0360 Maintenance of License Certificate, Restriction Document, Minor Posting Sign

845-006-0362 Responsibility of Licensees for Conduct of Others

845-006-0365 Payment for Alcoholic Beverages; NSF Checks, Including Third Party Checks

845-006-0370 Financial Assistance; Retailer Responsibility

845-006-0380 Certificate of Approval for Distilled Spirits

845-006-0390 Transportation by Licensed Retailer from Licensed Wholesaler Premises

Delivery of Malt Beverage, Wine or Cider to Individuals

845-006-0391 Definitions

845-006-0392 Requirements for Direct Shipment and Delivery of Wine and Cider to a Resident of Oregon

845-006-0396 Requirements for Direct Shipment and Delivery of Malt Beverages to a Resident of Oregon

Delivery of Wine or Cider Directly to Retail Licensees

845-006-0400 Requirements for Wine Self-Distribution Permit for Wine and Cider

845-006-0401 Requirements for Oregon Retailers to Receive Wine or Cider from the Holder of a Wine Self-Distribution Permit

845-006-0425 Hours of Sale

845-006-0426 Public Interest and Convenience Reasons for Cancellation or Suspension

845-006-0428 Exemptions for Certain Tour Boats

845-006-0430 Alcohol Management in Public Venues

845-006-0433 Minibars in Hotel Guest Rooms

845-006-0434 Minibars in Arena Suites

845-006-0435 Maintaining Records: Retail Licensees

845-006-0440 Deposits on Draft Malt Beverage and Wine Containers

845-006-0441 Sale of Malt Beverages in Kegs

845-006-0443 Tap Labeling

845-006-0445 Nonbeverage Food Products Containing Alcoholic Beverages

845-006-0446 Promotional Events at a Retailer Licensed Premises Involving Suppliers

845-006-0450 Retail On-Premises Malt Beverage, Wine, or Cider Tastings Involving Suppliers

845-006-0452 Requirements for Distilled Liquor Tastings Provided by Oregon Distillery Licensee

845-006-0459 Definitions

845-006-0460 Food Service at Commercial Establishment with Full On-Premises Sales License

845-006-0461 Food Service Requirements for Nonprofit Private Clubs with a Full On-Premises Sales License

845-006-0462 Food Service Requirements for Off-Premises Events with a Full or Limited On-Premises Sales License

845-006-0463 Food Service Requirements for Public Passenger Carriers with a Full On-Premises Sales License

845-006-0464 Food Service Requirements for Other Public Locations with a Full On-Premises Sales License

845-006-0465 Food Service Requirements for Temporary Licenses Authorized Under ORS 471.190(4)

845-006-0466 General Food Service Requirements for Full On-Premises Sales Licenses

845-006-0469 Full On-Premises Sales License with Additional On-Premises Sales Privilege

845-006-0475 License Changes Requiring Notice/Prior Approval

845-006-0480 Changes in Premises or Operation: Notice Required

845-006-0481 Notification When Premises Closed: Time Limit for Operation

845-006-0482 Closure of Premises for Private Uses

845-006-0485 Public Passenger Carrier Notification of Additional Premises

845-006-0490 Requirements for a Full On-Premises Sales License for a Nonprofit Private Club

845-006-0495 Requirements for a Full On-Premises Sales License for a For-Profit Private Club

845-006-0497   Enforceable Compliance Plans

845-006-0498 Suspended Licenses: Posting of Suspension Notice Sign, Activities Allowed During Suspension

845-006-0500 Suspensions and Civil Penalties



845-007-0005 Purpose and Application of Rules

845-007-0010 Definitions

845-007-0015 Advertising Media

845-007-0020 Restrictions

845-007-0035 Removal of Objectionable and NonConforming Advertising



845-008-0050 Tax Reporting and Tax Liability

845-008-0060 Small Winery Exemption

845-008-0070 Export Exemption

845-008-0080 Penalties and Interest

845-008-0090 Refunds



845-009-0005 Return of Applications

845-009-0010 Service Permit Requirements

845-009-0015 Licensee and Authorized Person's Responsibility for Verifying Identification

845-009-0020 Service Permit Denial Criteria

845-009-0075 Licensee Requirements

845-009-0080 Extensions and Exemptions

845-009-0085 The Examination

845-009-0090 Oral Option

Alcohol Server Education Program Service Permittee Requirements

845-009-0100 Service Permittee Requirements

845-009-0105 The Examination

845-009-0110 Oral Option

845-009-0115 Server Education Hearings: Licensees, Service Permittees, and Applicants

845-009-0130 Training Requirements for Employees of Off-Premises Sales Licensees

845-009-0135 Responsible Vendor Program

845-009-0140 Age Verification Equipment

845-009-0145 Clerk Training Program

845-009-0150 Approved Seller Training Programs

845-009-0200 Uniform Standards for Minor Decoy Operations



845-010-0151 Deduction of Privilege Tax After Destruction of Defective Product

845-010-0166 Territorial Agreements for the Wholesale Sale of Malt Beverages

845-010-0170 Maintaining Records:Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers

845-010-0200 Wholesale Licensees; Sales, Prices to Retailers

845-010-0205 Malt Beverage Labeling Requirements; Analysis of Malt Beverages

845-010-0206 Private Labels

845-010-0207 Pasteurization of Malt Beverages

845-010-0210 Price Lists


845-010-0280 Standards of Identity and Prohibited Practices Concerning Wine

845-010-0290 Labeling Requirements for Wine

845-010-0300 Sacramental Wine

845-010-0310 Seizure of Substandard Wine

Wine Produced or Bottled in Oregon from Vitis Vinifera or its Hybrid Grades

845-010-0905 Definitions

845-010-0910 Purpose and Applicability

845-010-0915 Grape Variety Names

845-010-0920 Appellation of Origin

845-010-0930 Semi-Generic Designation of Geographic Significance



845-013-0001 Financial Assistance; Purpose, Limitation, Definitions and Record Keeping

845-013-0010 Substantial Gratuities

845-013-0020 Money, Credit, Discounts; ORS 471.398(2) and 471.400(3)(a)

845-013-0030 Fixtures, Furniture, Furnishings, ORS 471.398(3)

845-013-0040 Advertising, ORS 471.398(4)

845-013-0050 Point of Sale Advertising Materials and Consumer Take-Aways, ORS 471.398(4)

845-013-0060 Items of Nominal Value, ORS 471.398(4)

845-013-0070 Services of Nominal Value; ORS 471.398(5)

845-013-0075 Schematics; ORS 471.398(4)

845 013-0080 Manufacturer or Wholesaler Sponsorship of a Temporary Special Event

845-013-0090 Wholesale-Retail Relations: Non-Profit Temporary Sales Licenses

845-013-0100 Wholesale-Retail Relations; Sale at Both Wholesale and Retail

845-013-0110 Wholesale-Retail Relations; Prohibited Conduct



845-015-0101 Definitions

845-015-0105 Types of Retail Liquor Stores

845-015-0110 Establishment of a Retail Liquor Store

845-015-0115 Retail Sales Agent Eligibility

845-015-0118 Retail Sales Agent Prohibited Interests, ORS 471.710(3)

845-015-0120 Retail Sales Agent Selection Procedure

845-015-0125 Retail Sales Agent Selection Criteria

845-015-0135 Public Opinion on Retail Liquor Store Location

845-015-0138 Retail Price for Distilled Spirits

845-015-0140 Hours and Days of Operation

845-015-0141 Shipment of Distilled Spirits

845-015-0142 Remote Distiller Shipments to a Retail Sales Agent

845-015-0143 Sale of Related Items

845-015-0145 Solicitation; Incentives

845-015-0148 Minors in Liquor Stores

845-015-0150 Service Refusal in a Retail Liquor Store

845-015-0155 Distilled Spirit Tasting in a Retail Liquor Store

845-015-0160 Sale of Lottery Tickets

845-015-0165 Supplier Rebates on Distilled Spirits

845-015-0168 Full On-Premises Sales Licensee Refund

845-015-0170 Payment for Distilled Spirits

845-015-0173 Discount for Full On Premises Sales Licensees’ Distilled Spirits Purchases

845-015-0175 Advertising by a Retail Sales Agent

845-015-0177 Advertising in a Retail Liquor Store

845-015-0180 Distilled Spirits Samples Offered to Retail Sales Agents

845-015-0185 Special Orders for Distilled Spirits

845-015-0190 Resignation Buy-Out Program for Retail Sales Agents

845-015-0193 Terminating an Agency Agreement

845-015-0196 Appointment of a Temporary Retail Sales Agent or Operation by Commission Staff

845-015-0200 Satellite Liquor Stores Pilot Program

845-015-0205 Satellite Liquor Stores

845-015-0210 Pilot Programs




845-016-0001 Purpose

845-016-0005 Definitions

845-016-0010 Provider Certification Process

845-016-0015 Alcohol Server Education Provider Standards -- Classroom Course

845-016-0016 Alcohol Server Education Provider Standards for Initial Course When Given Online

845-016-0020 Instructor and Trainer Qualification and Performance Standards; Provider Responsibility for Fee and Performance

845-016-0030 Student Enrollment, Information to be Provided to Students in Classroom and Online Courses

845-016-0035 Course Examination in a Classroom Setting

845-016-0036 Course Examination in Online Courses

845-016-0040 Recertification

845-016-0045 Certification and Recertification Denial

845-016-0048 Restrictions

845-016-0055 Record Keeping

845-016-0060 Changes in Course, Instructor or Provider

845-016-0065 Provider Advertising and Promotion Standards

845-016-0068 Alcohol Server Education Renewal Requirements for Service Permittees and Licensees; Examination; Approval Standards and Process

845-016-0070 Provider Responsibility for Acts of Employees

845-016-0075 Prohibited Conduct

845-016-0080 Sanctions for Violations



845-020-0005 Definitions

845-020-0010 Certification of Containers

845-020-0015 Application for Certification of Containers

845-020-0020 Redemption Centers

845-020-0025 Application for Approval of Redemption Center

845-020-0030 Standards of Cleanliness for Redemption Centers

845-020-0035 When Dealer not Required to Accept Containers



845-025-1000 Applicability

845-025-1015 Definitions

845-025-1030 Application Process

845-025-1045 True Name on Application; Interest in Business

845-025-1060 Fees

845-025-1070 Late Renewal Fees

845-025-1080 Criminal Background Checks

845-025-1090 Application Review

845-025-1100 Approval of Application and Issuance of License

845-025-1115 Denial of Application

845-025-1130 Withdrawal of Application

845-025-1145 Communication With Commission

845-025-1160 Notification of Changes

845-025-1175 Changing, Altering, or Modifying Licensed Premises

845-025-1190 License Renewal

845-025-1200 Financial and Business Records

845-025-1215 Standardized Scales

845-025-1230 Licensed Premises Restrictions and Requirements

845-025-1245 Signage

845-025-1260 Standards for Authority to Operate a Licensed Business as a Trustee, a Receiver, a Personal Representative or a Secured Party

845-025-1275 Closure of Business

845-025-1290 Licensee Responsibility

845-025-1295 Local Ordinances

845-025-1300 Licensee Prohibitions

845-025-1330 Trade Samples

845-025-1360 Quality Control Samples

845-025-1400 Security Plans

845-025-1405 Security Waivers

845-025-1410 Security Requirements

845-025-1420 Alarm System

845-025-1430 Video Surveillance Equipment

845-025-1440 Required Camera Coverage and Camera Placement

845-025-1450 Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Facilities

845-025-1460 Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment

845-025-1470 Producer Security Requirements

845-025-1600 State and Local Safety Inspections

845-025-1620 General Sanitary Requirements

845-025-2000 Recreational Marijuana Producers — Definitions

845-025-2020 Producer Privileges; Prohibitions

845-025-2030 Licensed Premises of Producer

845-025-2040 Production Size Limitations

845-025-2050 Recreational Marijuana Producers — Operating Procedures

845-025-2060 Recreational Marijuana Producers — Start-up Inventory

845-025-2070 Pesticides, Fertilizers and Agricultural Chemicals

845-025-2080 Harvest Lot Segregation

845-025-2100 Transfer of Medical Marijuana Grower Inventory

845-025-2800 Retailer Privileges

845-025-2820 Retailer Operational Requirements

845-025-2840 Retailer Premises

845-025-2860 Marijuana Retailers — Consumer Health and Safety Information

845-025-2880 Delivery of Marijuana Items by Retailer

845-025-2890 Marijuana Retailers — Collection of Taxes

845-025-2900 Retail Sale of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

845-025-2910 Transfer of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Inventory

845-025-3200 Retail Marijuana Processors — Definitions

845-025-3210 Retail Marijuana Processors — Endorsements

845-025-3215 Processor Privileges; Prohibitions

845-025-3220 General Processor Requirements

845-025-3230 Processor Policies and Procedures

845-025-3240 Processor Training Requirements

845-025-3250 Cannabinoid Edible Processor Requirements

845-025-3255  Alternating Proprietors

845-025-3260 Cannabinoid Concentrate and Extract Processor Requirements

845-025-3280 Cannabinoid Topical Processor

845-025-3290 Retail Marijuana Processors — Recordkeeping

845-025-3300 Processing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

845-025-3310 Transfer of Medical Marijuana Processing Site Inventory

845-025-3500 Wholesale License Privileges; Prohibitions

845-025-3510 Micro-Wholesaler License Privileges

845-025-3600 Wholesaling Marijuana for Medical Purposes

845-025-5000 Laboratory License Privileges; Requirements

845-025-5030 Laboratory Licensing Requirements

845-025-5045 Laboratory Tracking and Reporting

845-025-5060 Laboratory Transportation and Waste Disposal

845-025-5075 Laboratory Licensee Prohibited Conduct

845-025-5300 Application for Marijuana Research Certificate

845-025-5350 Marijuana Research Certificate Privileges; Prohibitions

845-025-5500 Marijuana Worker Permit and Retailer Requirements

845-025-5520 Marijuana Worker Applications

845-025-5540 Marijuana Worker Permit Denial Criteria

845-025-5560 Marijuana Worker Examination Requirements

845-025-5580 Marijuana Worker Renewal Requirements

845-025-5590 Suspension or Revocation

845-025-5700 Licensee Testing Requirements

845-025-5720 Labeling, Storage, and Security of Pre-Tested Marijuana Items

845-025-5730 Wholesaler Coordination of Sampling and Testing

845-025-5740 Failed Test Samples

845-025-5760 Audit, Compliance, and Random Testing

845-025-5790 Marijuana Item Recalls

845-025-7000 Packaging and Labeling — Definitions

845-025-7020 Packaging for Sale to Consumer

845-025-7030 Labeling for Sale to Consumer

845-025-7040 Wholesaler and Retailer Packaging and Labeling Compliance Requirements

845-025-7060 Packaging and Labeling Pre-approval Process

845-025-7500 Seed-To-Sale Tracking — CTS Requirements

845-025-7520 Unique Identification (UID) Tags

845-025-7540 Seed-To-Sale Tracking — CTS User Requirements

845-025-7560 Seed-To-Sale Tracking — System Notifications

845-025-7570 Seed-To-Sale Tracking — Cultivation Batches

845-025-7580 Reconciliation with Inventory

845-025-7590 Seed-To-Sale Tracking — Inventory Audits

845-025-7700 Transportation and Delivery of Marijuana Items

845-025-7750 Waste Management

845-025-8000 Advertising — Purpose and Application of Rules

845-025-8020 Advertising — Definitions

845-025-8040 Advertising Restrictions

845-025-8060 Advertising Media, Coupons, and Promotions

845-025-8080 Removal of Objectionable and Non-Conforming Advertising

845-025-8500 Responsibility of Licensee, Responsibility for Conduct of Others

845-025-8520 Prohibited Conduct

845-025-8540 Dishonest Conduct

845-025-8560 Inspections

845-025-8570 Uniform Standards for Minor Decoy Operations

845-025-8580 Suspended Licenses: Posting of Suspension Notice Sign, Activities Allowed During Suspension

845-025-8590 Suspension, Cancellation, Civil Penalties, Sanction Schedule

845-025-8700 Prohibited Interests in the Marijuana Industry

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