The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Bureau of Labor and Industries

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839-001-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

Interpretive Rules Regarding Maximum Hours to Work

Maximum Hours of Work in Mills, Factories, Manufacturing Establishments

839-001-0100 Definitions


839-001-0125 Individual Exemptions

839-001-0127 Establishment Exemptions

839-001-0130 Exempt and Non-Exempt Work

Determination of Certain Terms

839-001-0140 Determination of the Day; Failure to Make Determination

839-001-0143 Determination of the Work Week; Failure to Make Determination

839-001-0145 Determination of Employees "Employed in" a Named Establishment

839-001-0150 Civil Penalties for Violation of ORS 652.020, Maximum Working Hours in Mills, Factories and Manufacturing Establishments: Overtime Hours and Pay

839-001-0153 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-001-0155 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Imposed

839-001-0160 Schedule of Civil Penalties

Deductions from Wages

839-001-0200 Deductions for Garnishment Processing Fee

839-001-0250 Deductions for Costs of Benefits Paid by the Employer While the Employee is on OFLA Leave

Issuance of Dishonored Check

839-001-0300 Liability of Employer for Issuance of Dishonored Check in Payment of Wages

Payment of Wages at Termination of Employment

839-001-0410 Definitions

839-001-0420 Payment of Wages at Termination of Employment

839-001-0430 When Layoff is Considered Termination of Employment

839-001-0440 Special Provisions for Payment of Wages at Termination for Seasonal Farmworkers and Seasonal Reforestation Workers

839-001-0450 Forwarding Wages and Direct Deposit of Wages at Termination of Employment

839-001-0460 Payment in Case of a Dispute Over the Amount of Wages Due at Termination of Employment/ Employee Rights and Remedies

839-001-0470 Penalty for Failure to Pay Wages on Termination of Employment

839-001-0490 Special Provisions for Payment of Wages at Termination for Employees of Businesses Primarily Engaged in the Sale of Motor Vehicles or Farm Implements Who are Paid on a Commission Basis

839-001-0495 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-001-0496 Civil Penalties

Administration of the Wage Security Fund

839-001-0500 Definitions

839-001-0510 Eligibility for Wage Payment

839-001-0515 Matters to Be Considered in Making Determinations

839-001-0520 Amount of Claim to Be Paid

839-001-0525 Priority of Payments from the Fund

839-001-0530 Fund Amount Available for Claim Payment: Prorating Claims When Insufficient Funds Are Available

839-001-0550 Procedure for Timely and Cost Efficient Method for the Payment of Wages from the Wage Security Fund

839-001-0560 Recovery from Employers

Rules Pertaining to Moneys Collected from Employees for Group Health Insurance Coverage
and Notification of Various Parties on Termination of Group Health Insurance Coverage

839-001-0700 Definitions

839-001-0710 Effective Dates

Termination of Group Health Insurance Coverage

839-001-0720 Notification of Termination of Group Health Insurance Policy

839-001-0730 Record to Be Kept/Availability of Record

839-001-0740 Employee Notification Form

Civil Penalty for Violation of OAR 652.710(1) and (3) -- Moneys Collected from Employees
for Group Health Insurance Coverage and Notification of Various Parties
on Termination of Group Health Insurance Coverage

839-001-0760 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-001-0770 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Assessed

839-001-0780 Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty

839-001-0790 Schedule of Civil Penalties for Violation of ORS 652.710(1)

839-001-0800 Schedule of Civil Penalties for Violation of ORS 652.710(3)




839-002-0001 Purpose of These Rules

839-002-0002  Proposed Rule Notice

839-002-0005 Model Rules of Procedure

Investigative Subpoenas for Civil Rights Division and Wage and Hour Division

839-002-0015 Purpose and Scope

839-002-0020 Definitions

839-002-0025 Who and What May Be Subpoenaed

839-002-0030 Circumstances under Which a Subpoena May be Issued

839-002-0035 Who May Issue Subpoenas

839-002-0040 Subpoena Duces Tecum

839-002-0045 Subpoena Ad Testificandum

839-002-0050 Method of Service

839-002-0055 Fees

839-002-0060 Time and Manner of Objecting to Subpoenas

839-002-0065 Response to Objections

839-002-0070 Method of Taking Testimony

839-002-0075 Failure to Appear

839-002-0080 Enforcement of Subpoena



839-003-0000 Purpose and Scope

839-003-0005 Definitions

839-003-0010 Who May File

839-003-0015 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

839-003-0020 Civil Action

839-003-0025 Filing a Complaint

839-003-0031 Filing a Complaint Under the Oregon Safe Employment Act

839-003-0040 Amendment of Complaints

839-003-0045 Withdrawal of Complaint

839-003-0050 Administrative Dismissal

839-003-0055 Settlement Agreements Prior to Completion of the Investigation

839-003-0060 Fact-Finding Conference

839-003-0065 Investigations

839-003-0070 Settlement Process After Substantial Evidence Determination

839-003-0080 Access to Records/Confidentiality

839-003-0085 Subpoenas

839-003-0090 Remedy

839-003-0095 Enforcement of Settlement Agreements and Orders

839-003-0100 Commissioner's Complaint

Complaints of Housing Discrimination

839-003-0200 Filing a Complaint Under State and Federal Housing Discrimination Laws

839-003-0205 Amending a Housing Discrimination Complaint

839-003-0210 Withdrawal of a Housing Discrimination Complaint

839-003-0215 Administrative Dismissal of a Housing Discrimination Complaint

839-003-0220 Housing Discrimination Investigations

839-003-0225 Settlement Process After Substantial Evidence Determination in Housing Discrimination Complaints

839-003-0230 Remedies in Housing Discrimination Complaints

839-003-0235 Civil Action

839-003-0240 Enforcement of Settlement Agreements and Orders in Housing Discrimination Complaints

839-003-0245  Commissioner's Complaint



839-004-0001   Background, Purpose and Scope of the Oregon Safe Employment Act and these Rules

839-004-0003   Definitions: Discrimination for Opposition to Practices Prohibited by Oregon Safe Employment Act (OSEA)

839-004-0016   Scope of Protection under ORS 654.062(5)

839-004-0021   Procedures for Complaints; Statutes of Limitation; Private Right of Action; Statutory Construction; Remedies



839-005-0000   Purpose and Scope of these Rules

839-005-0003   Definitions: Enforcement of Laws Prohibiting Unlawful Practices

839-005-0005   Unlawful Discrimination Defined

839-005-0010   Discrimination Theories: Employment

839-005-0011   Constructive Discharge from Employment

839-005-0013   Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) and Affirmative Action Plan Exceptions in Employment

839-005-0014   Successors in Interest: Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Based on Sex or Sexual Orientation

839-005-0021   Discrimination Based on Sex

839-005-0026   Employment Protections and Rights Relating to Pregnancy

839-005-0030   Sexual Harassment in Employment

839-005-0031   Exceptions to Discrimination in Employment and Housing Based on Sexual Orientation or Religion

839-005-0036   Commissioner’s Complaint for Discrimination Based on Employment Status

Employer Obtainment or Use of Credit History Information

839-005-0060   Purpose and Scope of these Rules

839-005-0065   Definitions Regarding Employer Obtainment or Use of Credit History Information

839-005-0070   Unlawful Discrimination Based on Credit History of Applicant or Employee

839-005-0075   Exceptions to Application of Prohibition on Obtainment or Use of Credit History

839-005-0080   Determining whether Credit History Is Substantially Job-Related

839-005-0085   Enforcement and Retaliation Regarding Unlawful Obtainment or Use of Credit History

Discrimination Based on Protected Activity

839-005-0125   Discrimination in Retaliation for Opposing Unlawful Practices

839-005-0130   Discrimination Against Employees Serving or Scheduled to Serve as Jurors

839-005-0135   Insurance Coverage for Employees Serving as Jurors

839-005-0138   Discrimination in Employment Based on Child Support Obligations

839-005-0140   Accommodation of Employee Religious Practices

Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking

839-005-0160   Unlawful Employment Practices Against Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking

839-005-0170   Reasonable Safety Accommodation; Certification; Records Confidential

Housing Discrimination

839-005-0195   Purpose and Scope

839-005-0200   Definitions: Housing Discrimination

839-005-0205   Prohibited Discrimination in Real Property Transactions

839-005-0206   Discrimination Theories: Housing

839-005-0210   Exceptions to Application of Housing Discrimination Statutes and Rules

839-005-0215   Religious Exemption

839-005-0220   Discrimination in Real Property Transactions Against Individuals Based on Disabilities

Discrimination by Career Schools

839-005-0300   Purpose and Scope

839-005-0305   Definitions

839-005-0310   Unlawful Discrimination by Career Schools or Agents

839-005-0315   Discrimination Theories for Career Schools

839-005-0320   Authority of Superintendent of Public Instruction Related to Complaints under ORS 345.240

839-005-0325   Retaliation or Discrimination by Career Schools Prohibited

Employer Access to Employee or Applicant Social Media Accounts

839-005-0400   Unlawful Employment Practice



Injured Workers

839-006-0100   Purpose and Scope

839-006-0105   Definitions: Career Schools

839-006-0115   Covered Employees and Employers

839-006-0117   Prohibited Discrimination

839-006-0130   Injured Worker Reinstatement Under ORS 659A.043

839-006-0131   Loss of Reinstatement Rights Under ORS 659A.043

839-006-0135   Injured Worker Reemployment Under ORS 659A.046

839-006-0136   Loss of Reemployment Rights Under ORS 659A.046

839-006-0145   Suitable Employment

839-006-0146   Injured Temporary Workers and Employer Responsibilities

839-006-0150   Retention and Loss of Reinstatement and Reemployment Rights

Disability and Employment Rights

839-006-0200   Purpose and Scope

839-006-0202   Determining Disability under ORS 659A.103 to 659A.142

839-006-0205   Definitions

839-006-0206   Reasonable Accommodation

839-006-0212   Determining Whether an Impairment Substantially Limits a Major Life Activity

839-006-0240   Temporary or Progressive Impairments

839-006-0242   Medical Evaluation

839-006-0244   Direct Threat to Health or Safety, Employment

839-006-0250   Customer or Co-Worker Preference

839-006-0255   Effect of Law

839-006-0265   Subterfuge

Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities by State Government

839-006-0270   Purpose and Scope: State Government

839-006-0275   Definitions — Disability

839-006-0280   Definitions — Discrimination by State Government on the Basis of Disability

839-006-0290   Other Statutes, Regulations and Agencies Governing Access by or Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities

839-006-0291   Reasonable Modifications: State Government

839-006-0292   Definitions — Auxiliary Aids and Services: State Government

839-006-0295   Provision of Auxiliary Aids and Services

Rights of Persons with Disabilities With Respect to Places of Public Accommodation

839-006-0300   Purpose and Scope

839-006-0305   Definitions

839-006-0310   Removal of Physical Barriers to Facilities

839-006-0320   Provision of Auxiliary Aids

839-006-0330   Removal of Barriers to Goods and Services

839-006-0335   Direct Threat to Health or Safety: Places of Public Accommodation

839-006-0340   Discrimination Theories: Discrimination against Individuals with Disabilities by State Government or Places of Public Accommodation

839-006-0345   Assistance Animals in Places of Public Accommodation or of Access to State Government

Requirements for Transient Lodging

839-006-0350   Lift Systems for Transient Lodging

Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment

839-006-0435   Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment

839-006-0440   Definitions: Veterans’ Preference

839-006-0445   Eligibility for Employment Preference

839-006-0450   Applying the Employment Preference

839-006-0455   Employment Preference for Promotions

839-006-0460   Appointment to a Position

839-006-0465   Certification

839-006-0470   Enforcement: Veterans’ Preference

Discrimination Based on Uniformed Services

839-006-0480   Discrimination Based on Uniformed Service



839-007-0000 Definitions

839-007-0005 Jointly Employed Employees

839-007-0007 Front-loading Sick Time

839-007-0010 Determining the Number of Sick Time Hours Accrued for Employees for Whom Recording Hours Worked is not Required

839-007-0012 Employees with Both Unpaid and Paid Sick Time

839-007-0015 Calculating the Number of Employees Employed

839-007-0020 Permissible Use of Sick Time

839-007-0025 Increments of Sick Time to Be Taken by Employee

839-007-0030 Payment of Sick Time

839-007-0032 Application of Sick Time Provisions to New Businesses

839-007-0035 Sick Time for Shifts of Indeterminate Length or On-Call Shifts

839-007-0040 Employee Notice Policy and Procedures

839-007-0045 Verification and Certification for Sick Time Use

839-007-0050 Required Employer Notices

839-007-0055 Substantial Equivalency

839-007-0060 Exemption for Certain Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements

839-007-0065 Unlawful Employment Practice

839-007-0100 Civil Penalties

839-007-0120 Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty for Violation of OL Ch. 537, 201



Oregon Family Leave Act

839-009-0200 Purpose and Scope

839-009-0210 Definitions: OFLA

839-009-0220 Relationship of OFLA to FMLA

839-009-0230 Purposes for Taking OFLA Leave

839-009-0240 Length of Leave and Other Conditions of OFLA Leave

839-009-0245 Intermittent Leave and Alternate Duty

839-009-0250 OFLA Leave: Notice by Employee; Designation by Employer; Notice by Employer Regarding Eligibility or Qualification

839-009-0260 Medical Verification and Scheduling of Treatment

839-009-0265 Medical Verification in Languages Other than English

839-009-0270 Job Protection

839-009-0280 Use of Paid Leave: OFLA

839-009-0290 Special Rules for Public School Teachers

839-009-0300 Postings

839-009-0320 Enforcement and Retaliation

Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harrassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking

839-009-0325 Purpose and Scope

839-009-0330 Prohibited Discrimination under ORS 659A.270–.290; Employer Notice Obligations

839-009-0340 Definitions: Leave under ORS 659A.270–659A.285

839-009-0345 Purposes for Taking Leave under ORS 659A.270–659A.285

839-009-0350 Length of Leave and Other Conditions

839-009-0355 Undue Hardship

839-009-0360 Intermittent Leave and Alternate Duty

839-009-0362 Notice by Employee: Leave under ORS 659A.270–659A.285

839-009-0363 Use of Paid Leave: ORS 659A.270–659A.285

839-009-0365 Enforcement and Denial of leave under ORS 659A.270 to 659A.285 for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

Oregon Military Family Leave Act (OMFLA)

839-009-0370 Purpose and Scope

839-009-0380 Definitions: OMFLA

839-009-0390 Length of Leave: OMFLA

839-009-0400 Prohibited Discrimination

839-009-0410 Relationship of OMFLA to OFLA

839-009-0420 Relationship of OMFLA to FMLA

839-009-0430 Notice by Employee: OMFLA

839-009-0440 Use of Paid Leave for OMFLA

839-009-0450 Job Protection

839-009-0460 Enforcement and Retaliation



839-010-0000   Purpose and Scope

Disclosures by Public Employees

839-010-0010   Definitions

839-010-0020   Prohibited Discrimination by Public Employers

839-010-0040   Discussions with Legislative Assembly Members

839-010-0050   Disclosure of Malfeasance

839-010-0060   Reports Concerning Arrest Warrants for State Beneficiaries

Protection from Discrimination for Reporting Violations of Law
or Aiding Criminal, Civil or Administrative Proceeding

839-010-0100   Prohibited Discrimination by Employers

839-010-0140   Protection in Activities Related to Civil Proceedings

Whistleblowing Disclosures by Nursing Staff

839-010-0200   Statement of Purpose

839-010-0205   Definitions

839-010-0210   Exceptions to Retaliatory Action

Whistleblowing Disclosures Regarding Violations of Election Laws

839-010-0300   Application

839-010-0305   Unlawful Employment Practice

839-010-0310   Inspection



General Rules

839-011-0000   Notice of Proposed Rule

839-011-0010   Model Rules of Practice and Procedure

839-011-0015   Rules of Order

839-011-0020   Date and Location of Council Meetings

839-011-0030   Preparation of Council Agenda

839-011-0040   Participation by the Public

839-011-0050   Certificate of Meritorious Service

839-011-0051   Delegation of Authority by Council

Formation, Composition and Dissolution of Local Committees

839-011-0070   Definitions

Joint Committees

839-011-0072   Formation of Joint Committees

839-011-0073   Committee Policies and Procedures

839-011-0074   Committee Member Selection

839-011-0078   Removal of Committee Members

839-011-0082   Deregistration of Committees

839-011-0084   Approval of New Committees and Standards

Apprenticeship and Training Standards

839-011-0088   Registration of Apprenticeship Agreements

839-011-0090   Causes for Disciplinary Actions

839-011-0093   Disciplinary Procedure

839-011-0140   Approval and Dissolution of Standards

839-011-0141   Minimum Guideline Standards

839-011-0142   Apprentice/Trainee Qualifications

839-011-0143   Ratio

839-011-0145   Compliance Reviews

839-011-0162   Employer Training Agents

839-011-0170   Committee Meetings and Minutes

839-011-0175   Cancellation Notices

839-011-0200   Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship

839-011-0250   Agreements During Labor Disputes

839-011-0260   Movement and Training of Apprentices within the Same Occupation

839-011-0265   Partial Rotation of Apprentices

839-011-0270   Administrative Cancellation or Completion of Apprenticeship Agreements

839-011-0280   Electrical Apprentices – Indirect Supervision

839-011-0290   Plumber Apprentices — Phased Supervision

839-011-0300   Effective Date of Council Actions

839-011-0310   Apprentice Rights

839-011-0320   Required Appearance at Council Meetings

839-011-0334   Eligibility of Family and Current Employees

839-011-0335   Pre-apprenticeship Programs

Youth Apprenticeship Rules

839-011-0401   Youth Apprenticeship Program Approval

839-011-0402   Youth Apprentice Eligibility

839-011-0403   Youth Apprentice Selection

839-011-0404   Youth Apprentice Training Agents

839-011-0405   Youth Apprentice Supervision

839-011-0406   Youth Apprentice Ratios

839-011-0407   Youth Apprentice Evaluation

839-011-0408   Transfer of Youth Apprentices Investigative Subpoenas and Enforcement of Subpoenasby State Apprenticeship and Training Council

839-011-0501   Purpose and Scope

839-011-0505   Definitions

839-011-0510   Who and What May Be Subpoenaed

839-011-0515   Circumstances under Which a Subpoena May be Issued

839-011-0520   Who May Issue Subpoenas

839-011-0525   Subpoena Duces Tecum

839-011-0530   Subpoena Ad Testificandum

839-011-0535   Method of Service

839-011-0540   Fees

839-011-0545   Time and Manner of Objecting to Subpoenas

839-011-0550   Response to Objections

839-011-0555   Method of Taking Testimony

839-011-0560   Failure to Appear

839-011-0565   Enforcement of Subpoena




Procedural Rules

839-014-0020 Notice of Proposed Rule

839-014-0035 Definitions

839-014-0040 Character, Competence and Reliability


839-014-0050 Operators Must Obtain Indorsement

839-014-0060 Exemptions

839-014-0075 Issuance of Indorsement

839-014-0085 Use of Certain Agents Prohibited/Evidence of Sham or Subterfuge

839-014-0090 Procedure for Obtaining an Indorsement

839-014-0100 Procedure for Obtaining a Duplicate Indorsement

839-014-0105 Procedure for Renewing Indorsement


839-014-0170 Scope

839-014-0175 Examination Requirements

839-014-0178 Grading of Examination/Notice of Score

839-014-0180 Review of Examinations

839-014-0185 Re-Examination

839-014-0190 Substitution of Oregon Examination

839-014-0195 Alternative Methods of Examination

Bonds and Deposits

839-014-0200 Proof Required/Forms to be Used

839-014-0210 Amount of Bond or Deposit to be Filed

839-014-0220 Deposit in Cash or Negotiable Securities

Indorsement Protest

839-014-0250 Protesting the Issuance of an Indorsement

839-014-0260 Procedure for Filing Protest


839-014-0310 Required Records

839-014-0320 Records Availability

Posting Requirements

839-014-0350 Notice of Compliance with Bond Requirements

839-014-0360 Posting the Indorsement


839-014-0380 Action Against the Bond or Deposit

Civil Penalties

839-014-0400 Definitions

839-014-0410 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-014-0420 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May be Imposed

839-014-0430 Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty

839-014-0440 Schedule of Civil Penalties

839-014-0450 Suspension of Civil Penalty

Denying, Suspending, Revoking or Refusing to Renew or Issue a License Indorsement

839-014-0470 Denying, Suspending, Revoking or Refusing to Renew or Issue a License Indorsement

Emergency Suspension of License Indorsement

839-014-0500 Immediate Suspension or Refusal to Renew a License Indorsement; Notice of Opportunity for Hearing; Service

Access to Telephone in Farm-Worker Camp

839-014-0600 Definitions

839-014-0610 Emergency Access to Telephone

839-014-0620 Other Access to Telephone

839-014-0630 Waiver from Telephone Requirement



839-015-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

839-015-0004 Definitions


839-015-0125 Contractors Must Obtain a License; Indorsement

839-015-0130 Exemptions From Licensing

839-015-0135 Issuance of License

839-015-0140 Licensing Requirements

839-015-0141 Licensing Requirements for Employers of Contractor/Indorsements

839-015-0142 Use of Certain Agents Prohibited/Evidence of Sham or Subterfuge

839-015-0145 Character, Competence and Reliability

839-015-0150 Procedure for Obtaining a Temporary Permit

839-015-0155 Procedure for Obtaining a License

839-015-0157 Procedure for Obtaining Reduction in the Amount of Required Aggregate Bonding When More than One Individual Is Required to Be Licensed in One Entity

839-015-0160 Procedure for Obtaining a Duplicate License

839-015-0165 Procedure for Issuing or Renewing License


839-015-0170 Scope

839-015-0175 Examination Requirements

839-015-0178 Grading of Examinations/Notice of Score

839-015-0180 Review of Examinations

839-015-0185 Re-Examination

839-015-0190 Substitution of Oregon Examination

839-015-0195 Alternative Methods of Examination

Proof of Financial Ability to Pay Wages and Advances

839-015-0200 Proof Required/Forms to Be Used

839-015-0210 Amount of Bond or Deposit to Be Filed

839-015-0220 Deposit in Cash or Negotiable Securities

839-015-0230 Procedure for Obtaining Reduction in the Amount of Bond or Deposit Required

License Protests

839-015-0250 Protesting the Issuance of a License

839-015-0260 Procedure for Filing Protest

Forms Prescribed by the Commissioner

839-015-0300 "Wage Certification" Form

839-015-0310 Statement of Worker's Rights and Remedies

839-015-0320 Form of License

Other Required Forms

839-015-0350 Work Agreements Between Labor Contractor and Farmers and Others

839-015-0360 Work Agreements Between Labor Contractors and Their Workers

839-015-0370 Statement of Earnings; Statement of Prevailing Wage


839-015-0400 Required Records

839-015-0410 Records Availability

Posting Requirements

839-015-0450 Notice of Compliance with Bond Requirements


839-015-0500 Action Against the Bond or Deposit

Payment by Contractor of Certain Travel, Food and Lodging Expenses of Worker

839-015-0502 Travel of Workers Prior to the Availability of Employment/Provision of Food and Lodging

839-015-0503 Travel of Workers to Alternative Work Sites/ Payment of Certain Transportation Costs

839-015-0504 Application of OAR 839-015-0502 and 839-015-0503 Limited

Civil Penalties for Labor Contractor Violations

839-015-0505 Definitions

839-015-0507 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-015-0508 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Imposed

839-015-0509 Inspection of Labor Contractor's License or Temporary Permit

839-015-0510 Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty

839-015-0512 Schedule of Civil Penalties

839-015-0520 Denying, Suspending, Revoking or Refusing to Renew License

Emergency Suspension of License

839-015-0525 Immediate Suspension or Refusal to Renew a License; Notice of Opportunity for Hearing; Service

839-015-0530 Knowing Employment of an Alien Not Legally Present or Legally Employable in the United States

Private Right of Action

839-015-0600 Procedure for Filing Civil Action Under ORS 658.453(4)

839-015-0605 Knowingly Using the Services of an Unlicensed Contractor

839-015-0610 Actions Under ORS 658.475 for Injunctive or Declaratory Relief and Damages



Interpretive Rules and Policies for Operating Employment Agencies

839-017-0004 Definitions

Contracts Between Employment Agencies and Applicants for Employment

839-017-0011 Contents of Contract

839-017-0012 Additional Contract Requirements

839-017-0013 Requirements When Compensation Based on Commission

839-017-0025 Clauses or Statements not Required, May Be Included

839-017-0030 Refund to Applicant

839-017-0031 Oral Agreements or Additions to Contracts Prohibited

839-017-0032 Record of Contracts

839-017-0040 Fee Paid Positions

839-017-0045 Addendum to Contract to Provide Specific Terms for Payment

Job Order and Job Referral Document Rules

839-017-0051 Definitions

Job Referral Documents

839-017-0052 What Constitutes a Bona Fide Job Order

839-017-0053 Exploratory Job Order/Interview Considered to Be Given

839-017-0054 Identification by Agency to Employer/Accepting a Fee Paid Order

839-017-0060 Information Required to Be Contained in a Job Order

Job Referral Document Rules

839-017-0070 Job Referral Document

839-017-0071 Document to Include Expiration of Referral Information

839-017-0072 Applicant Shall Receive Job Referral Document

Disputes Between Agencies

839-017-0101 Fee Earned by Agency Responsible for Placement

839-017-0102 Determination of Agency Entitled to Fee

839-017-0103 Definitions for the Purpose of Solving Interagency Disputes Only

Rebate of Interest Charges and Other Charges for Permanent Employment
Lasting Less than 90 Days

839-017-0151 Interest, Fees, or Other Charges Allowed as Credit

839-017-0152 Interest, Fees, and Other Charges May Be Prorated

839-017-0153 Agency to Procure Necessary Information

False and Misleading Advertising

839-017-0177 Publication of False, Misleading, or Fraudulent Information Prohibited

839-017-0178 Advertising Must Be Factual

839-017-0180 Advertising Deemed False or Misleading

Enforcement Action Against Bond or Deposit

839-017-0271 Generally

839-017-0272 Filing Claims Against Bond or Letters of Credit Maintained by the Employment Agency; Time for Filing Claims

Civil Penalties for Violations of Private Employment Agency Matters

839-017-0274 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Imposed

839-017-0275 Violations Separate and Distinct


839-017-0276 Definitions

839-017-0277 Criteria to Determine Civil Penalty

839-017-0280 Schedule of Civil Penalties

Special Waivers

839-017-0300 Waiver from Use of the Word "Agency" or "Agencies"

Disputes Between Agencies and Their Employees

839-017-0376 Disputes Between Agencies and Their Employees

Record Keeping

839-017-0476 Time for Maintenance of Records

839-017-0477 Method of Maintaining Records

Rules Relating to Employment Listing Services

839-017-0500 Contracts Between Employment Listing Services and Individuals

839-017-0505 Fees Charged by Employment Listing Services

839-017-0510 Confirmation of Position Availability by Employment Listing Services

839-017-0515 Employment Listing Services Required to be Registered

839-017-0520 Fee Forfeiture Provisions



Procedural Rules

839-019-0000 Notice of Proposed Rules

839-019-0004 Definitions

Civil Penalties for Child Labor Violations

839-019-0010 Violations for Which a Penalty May be Imposed

839-019-0015 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-019-0020 Determination of the Amount of the Civil Penalty

839-019-0025 Schedule of Civil Penalties


839-019-0100 Exemptions



Procedural Rules

839-020-0000   Notice of Proposed Rule

839-020-0004   Definitions

839-020-0005   Employees Engaged in Administrative, Executive, Professional, or Outside Sales Work, Defining the Terms

Payment of Minimum Wages

839-020-0010   Payment of Minimum Wage — Generally

839-020-0011   Determination of Applicable Region and Minimum Wage Rate to be Paid for Work Performed by Employees

839-020-0012   Wage Statements to Be Provided to Employees

839-020-0013   Bonuses Provided to Workers in Agriculture

839-020-0015   Fixed Minimum Hourly Wage Rates Lower Than the Minimum Wage Rate

Deductions from the Minimum Wage

839-020-0020   Deductions — Generally

839-020-0025   Deductions for Meals, Lodging, Facilities or Other Services

839-020-0027   Deductions for Garnishment Processing Fee

Payment of Overtime Wages

839-020-0030   Overtime — Generally

Hours Worked

839-020-0040   Hours Worked — Generally

839-020-0041   Waiting Time

839-020-0042   Sleeping Time and Certain Other Activities

839-020-0043   Preparatory and Concluding Activities

839-020-0044   Lectures, Meetings and Training Programs

839-020-0045   Travel Time

839-020-0046   Adjusting Grievances, Medical Attention, Civil and Charitable Work and Suggestion Systems

839-020-0047   Agricultural Employees

Working Conditions

839-020-0050   Meal Periods and Rest Periods

839-020-0051   Rest Periods for Expression of Milk

839-020-0052   Leave for Domestic Workers

839-020-0060   Weight Lifting

839-020-0065   Other Working Conditions

839-020-0070   Homework — Generally

General Recordkeeping Requirements

839-020-0080   General Requirements

839-020-0082   Special Recordkeeping Circumstances

839-020-0083   Records Availability

839-020-0085   Posting Requirements


839-020-0115   Relationship of State and Federal Law

Exemptions from Overtime

839-020-0125   Overtime Exemptions Pertaining to Employers Regulated Under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

839-020-0130   Public Employees

839-020-0135   Agricultural Employees

Exemptions from Minimum Wage and Overtime

839-020-0150   Exemptions

Exemptions Relating to Persons Employed by a PublicAgency in Fire Protection and Law Enforcement Activities

839-020-0200   Authority

839-020-0210   Generally

839-020-0220   Definitions

839-020-0230   Limitation on Nonexempt Work

839-020-0240   Public Agency Employees Engaged in Both Fire Protection and Law Enforcement Activities

839-020-0250   Effect of Training Time

839-020-0260   Ambulance and Rescue Service Employees

839-020-0270   Other Exemptions

Exemptions Relating to Executive, Administrative,Supervisory and Professional Employees of a Public Agency

839-020-0300   Authority

839-020-0310   Generally

839-020-0320   Definitions

839-020-0330   Exception to Salary or Fee Basis

839-020-0350   Computer Professionals

Civil Penalties

839-020-1000   Violations Separate and Distinct

839-020-1010   Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Assessed

839-020-1020   Criteria for Determining a Civil Penalty




839-021-0006 Definitions

General Working Conditions

839-021-0067 Hours of Employment for Minors 16 and 17 Years of Age

839-021-0070 Hours of Employment for Minors Under 16 Years of Age

839-021-0072 Rest Periods and Meal Periods

839-021-0087 Working Conditions

839-021-0092 Weight Lifting

Prohibited Employment

839-021-0097 Special Employment Situations

839-021-0102 Occupations and Types of Work Declared Hazardous for Minors Under 16 Years of Age

839-021-0104 Occupations Particularly Hazardous or Detrimental to the Health or Well-Being of Minors 16 and 17 Years of Age

839-021-0106 Occupations Involving Use of Explosives

General Record Keeping Requirements

839-021-0170 General Requirements

839-021-0175 Records Availability

839-021-0180 Posting Requirements

839-021-0185 Verification of Age

Issuance of Employment Certificates for the Employment of Minors

839-021-0220 Employment Certificates for the Employment of Minors 14 Through 17 Years of Age

839-021-0221 Employment Certificates; Required Information

Minors under 14 Years of Age

839-021-0246 Employment Permits for Minors Under 14 Years of Age


839-021-0248 Reports from Employers Employing Minors

Special Rules for Temporary Employment of Several Minors for a Short Duration

839-021-0255 Special Rules for Temporary Employment of Several Minors for a Short Duration

Employment of Minors in Door to Door Sales; Registration Certificates

839-021-0265 Employment of Minors to Act as Canvassers, Peddlers or Outside Salespersons from House to House

Employment of Minors in Agriculture

839-021-0276 Employment Certificates

Power-Driven Farm Machinery

839-021-0280 Operation or Assisting in the Operation of Power-Driven Farm Machinery

839-021-0282 Riding in or on Conveyances Connected to Power-Driven Farm machinery

Applicability of Other Rules to Employment of Minors in Agriculture

839-021-0285 Compliance with Other Rules

Employment of Minors in Agricultural Warehouses

839-021-0287 Agricultural Warehouses

Hours Worked by Minors Employed in Agriculture

839-021-0290 Hours of Work of Minors Under 16 Years of Age in Agriculture

839-021-0292 Hours of Work of Minors 16 and 17 Years of Age in Agriculture

839-021-0293 Hours of Work When School is in Session on a Year Around Basis

839-021-0294 Voc-Ed and Cooperative Education Programs

Minors Employed by Parents in Agriculture

839-021-0297 Parental Exemption

Employment of Minors in the Entertainment Industry

839-021-0300 Definitions

839-021-0305 Application of Rules

Employment Certificates

839-021-0310 Employment Certificates

839-021-0315 Special Hours Variance for Entertainment Employers

Employer Registration Certificate

839-021-0320 Registered Employers


839-021-0325 School Release/Instruction/Waiver


839-021-0330 Supervision

Hours of Work

839-021-0335 Working Hours

Working Conditions

839-021-0340 Rest Periods

839-021-0345 Meal Periods

Other Working Conditions

839-021-0350 Other Working Conditions

Prohibited Performances

839-021-0355 Prohibited Performances

839-021-0360 Special Permit, Hours Variance or Employment Certificate May Be Refused

Recordkeeping Requirements/Posting

839-021-0365 Required Records

839-021-0370 Records Availability

839-021-0375 Posting


839-021-0490 Penalties


839-021-0500 Exemptions



Procedural Rules

839-025-0000 Notice of Proposed Rules

839-025-0003 Forms

839-025-0004 Definitions

839-025-0005 Determination Requests

839-025-0006 Purpose and Procedure for Addition of Trade

839-025-0007 Purpose and Procedure for Special Wage Determination

839-025-0008 List of Planned Public Improvements

Forms Prescribed by the Labor Commissioner

839-025-0010 Payroll and Certified Statement

839-025-0013 Notice of Public Works Form

Contract Requirements

839-025-0015 Public Works Bonds

839-025-0020 Public Works Contracts and Contract Specifications; Required Conditions


839-025-0025 Required Records

839-025-0030 Records Availability


839-025-0033 Posting Requirements

839-025-0034 Establishing a Work Schedule

Prevailing Rate of Wage

839-025-0035 Payment of Prevailing Rate of Wage

839-025-0037 Residential Construction Projects

Fringe Benefits

839-025-0040 Payment of Fringe Benefits

839-025-0043 Frequency of Payment of Fringe Benefits

839-025-0045 Youth Apprentices

Overtime Wages

839-025-0050 Overtime Wages Computations

839-025-0054 Exemption from Overtime Pay Requirements on Public Improvement Projects

Apprentices and Trainees

839-025-0060 Apprentices

839-025-0065 Trainees


839-025-0080 Liability to Workers

839-025-0085 Contract Ineligibility

839-025-0090 List of Ineligibles

839-025-0095 Removal of Names from List


839-025-0100 Exemptions

Installation of Art on Public Works Projects and the Payment of the Prevailing Rate of Wage

839-025-0150 Definitions

839-025-0155 Payment of Prevailing Rate of Wage for the Installation of Art on Public Works Projects

Fees on Public Works Contracts

839-025-0200 Fees to Be Paid by Public Agency

839-025-0210 Adjustment of Fees

839-025-0220 Fees for Contract Without Specific Award Amounts

839-025-0230 Special Circumstances

Actions that Circumvent Payment of Prevailing Wages Prohibited

839-025-0300 Generally

839-025-0310 Division of Projects

839-025-0315 Use of Multiple Wage Rate Determinations on Projects

839-025-0320 Payment of Prevailing Wage by Persons Other than Contractors or Subcontractors Prohibited

839-025-0330 Wage Averaging Prohibited

839-025-0340 Circumventions of the Prevailing Wage Rate Law

Civil Penalties for Violation of Prevailing Wage Rates on Public Works Matters

839-025-0500 Definitions

839-025-0510 Violations Separate and Distinct

839-025-0520 Criteria to Determine Civil Penalty

839-025-0530 Violations for Which a Civil Penalty May Be Assessed

839-025-0540 Schedule of Civil Penalties

839-025-0700 Prevailing Wage Rate Determination/Amendments to Determination

839-025-0750 Residential Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations



Public Records Requests

839-030-0000 Purpose and Scope

839-030-0010 Public Records Requests

Administering Personal Service Contracts

839-030-0300 Personal Service Contracts



839-050-0000 Statement of Purpose

839-050-0010 Model Rules of Procedure

839-050-0020 Definitions

839-050-0030 Service of Documents

839-050-0040 Filing of Documents with the Hearings Unit; Calculation of Time and Filing Dates

839-050-0050 Timeliness

839-050-0060 Charging Documents

839-050-0070 Request for a Contested Case Hearing

839-050-0080 Notice of Hearing

839-050-0090 Location of Contested Case Hearings

839-050-0100 Information for Contested Case Hearings

839-050-0110 Representation of a Party in a Contested Case Proceeding

839-050-0120 Representation of a Claimant or Complainant in a Contested Case Proceeding

839-050-0130 Responsive Pleadings

839-050-0140 Amendments

839-050-0150 Motions

839-050-0160 Disqualification of Administration Law Judge

839-050-0170 Joinder of Parties, Claimants, Complainants, or Aggrieved Persons

839-050-0180 Dual Hearings

839-050-0190 Consolidation of Hearings

839-050-0200 Discovery

839-050-0210 Case Summary

839-050-0220 Informal Disposition of Contested Case

839-050-0230 Authority of the Case Presenter

839-050-0240 Responsibilities of the Administration Law Judge

839-050-0250 Conduct of Hearings

839-050-0255 Telephone Hearings

839-050-0260 Evidence

839-050-0270 Exhibits

839-050-0280 Stipulation

839-050-0290 Witnesses

839-050-0300 Interpreters and Assistive Communication Devices

839-050-0310 Ex Parte Communications

839-050-0320 Official Notice

839-050-0330 Default

839-050-0340 Relief from Default

839-050-0350 Record of Proceeding

839-050-0360 Post-Hearing Briefs

839-050-0370 Proposed Orders

839-050-0380 Exceptions to Proposed Order

839-050-0400 Agency Policy

839-050-0410 Reopening the Contested Case Record

839-050-0420 Final Order

839-050-0430 Final Order by Default

839-050-0445 Hearings on Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations



839-051-0010 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications

839-051-0020 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Workplace Interpersonal Dispute Mediation

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