The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Department of Consumer and Business Services

Insurance Regulation

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836-001-0001 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-001-0005 Insurance Code Definitions Adopted



836-005-0105 Notice to Interested Persons of Rulemaking

836-005-0107 Model Rules of Procedure Governing Rulemaking

836-005-0112 Persons Represented by Authorized Representative

836-005-0400 Annual Complaint Report

836-005-0405 Disclosure of Information about Complaints Regarding Unlawful Claims Settlement Practices




836-006-0010 Payment of Transition and Retaliatory Taxes

836-006-0021 Allocation of Consolidated Excise Tax for Purpose of Offsetting Retaliatory Taxes



836-007-0001 Actions by Director for Restitution or Other Equitable Relief



836-009-0001 Purpose

836-009-0007 Fees

836-009-0008 Mailing List Fee

836-009-0011 Assessments Against Insurers

836-009-0015 Refunds



Rates and Forms

836-010-0000   Statutory Authority and Implementation

836-010-0011   Filing, Review of Rates and Forms

836-010-0013   Additional Filing Requirements for Transitional Health Benefit Plans

836-010-0021   Required Actuarial Data

Insurer Reporting or Response to Insurance Division

836-010-0051 Requirements for Electronic Reporting or Response

Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements

836-010-0130 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-010-0135 Definitions

836-010-0140 Title Plant Standards

836-010-0150 Marriage of Same-Gender Couple Validly Performed

836-010-0155 Gender Specific Contract Language



836-011-0000 Annual Statement Blank and Instructions

836-011-0015 Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion of Reserves and Supporting Documentation

836-011-0030 Own Risk and Solvency Assessment

836-011-0050 Requirements for Segregation of Premium Received for Coverage Not Eligible for Federal Subsidies

836-011-0100 Authority; Purpose; Scope

836-011-0110 Definitions

836-011-0120 Filing and Extensions for Filing of Annual Audited Financial Reports

836-011-0130 Exemptions

836-011-0140 Contents of Annual Audited Financial Report

836-011-0150 Designation of Independent Certified Public Accountant

836-011-0160 Qualifications of Independent Certified Public Accountant

836-011-0170 Consolidated or Combined Audits

836-011-0180 Scope of Audit and Report of Independent Certified Public Accountant

836-011-0190 Notification of Adverse Financial Condition

836-011-0200 Communication of Internal Control Related Matters Noted in an Audit

836-011-0210 Accountant’s Letter of Qualifications

836-011-0220 Certified Public Accountant Workpapers

836-011-0223 Requirements for Audit Committees

836-011-0225 Conduct of Insurer in Connection with the Preparation of Required Reports and Documents

836-011-0227 Management’s Report of Internal Control over Financial Reporting

836-011-0230 Canadian and British Companies

836-011-0235 Effective Dates

836-011-0250 Authority; Purpose; Scope

836-011-0253 Definitions

836-011-0255 Reserve Adequacy

836-011-0258 Unallocated Reserve Account

836-011-0260 Distribution of Annual Financial Statement

836-011-0300 Statutory Authority; Statutes Implemented

836-011-0305 Definitions

836-011-0310 RBC Reports

836-011-0320 Company Action Level Event

836-011-0330 Regulatory Action Level Event

836-011-0340 Authorized Control Level Event

836-011-0350 Mandatory Control Level Event

836-011-0360 Hearings

836-011-0380 Supplemental Provisions; Exemption

836-011-0390 Foreign Insurers

836-011-0430 Scope and Authority

836-011-0440 Report

836-011-0450 Acquisitions and Dispositions of Assets

836-011-0460 Nonrenewals, Cancellations or Revisions of Ceded Reinsurance Agreements

836-011-0500 Application; Statutory Authority; Statutes Implemented

836-011-0505 Definitions

836-011-0510 RBC Reports

836-011-0515 Company Action Level Event

836-011-0520 Regulatory Action Level Event

836-011-0525 Authorized Control Level Event

836-011-0530 Mandatory Control Level Event

836-011-0535 Hearings

836-011-0540 Supplemental Provisions; Rules; Exemption

836-011-0545 Foreign Health Care Service Contractors

836-011-0600 Report on Services Provided by Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists




836-012-0000 Authority

836-012-0011 Credit for Reinsurance -- Reinsurer Authorized in this State

836-012-0021 Credit for Reinsurance -- Accredited Reinsurers

836-012-0031 Credit for Reinsurance -- Reinsurer Domiciled and Licensed in Another State

836-012-0041 Credit for Reinsurance -- Reinsurers Maintaining Trust Funds

836-012-0051 Credit for Reinsurance Required by Law

836-012-0060 Reduction from Liability for Reinsurance Ceded to an Unauthorized Assuming Insurer

836-012-0070 Trust Agreements Qualified Under OAR 836-012-0060

836-012-0080 Letters of Credit Qualified Under OAR 836-012-0060

836-012-0090 Other Security

836-012-0100 Reinsurance Contract

836-012-0110 Contracts Affected

Life Reinsurance Agreements

836-012-0300 Authority; Statement of Purpose; Director's Authority

836-012-0310 Accounting Requirements

836-012-0320 Written Agreements

836-012-0332 Existing Agreements



Director's Authority to Take Corrective Action

836-013-0100 Authority

836-013-0110 Standards

836-013-0120 Director's Authority



Legal Expense Organizations

836-014-0001 Purpose, Authority and Effective Date

836-014-0005 Applicability and Scope

836-014-0010 Required Capitalization

836-014-0015 Annual Financial Statement

836-014-0020 Deposits

836-014-0025 Bond

836-014-0030 Sales Representatives

836-014-0035 Registration of Legal Expense Organization

836-014-0040 Amendments to Registration

836-014-0042 Renewal of Legal Expense Organization Registration

836-014-0045 Unfair Trade Practice

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements

836-014-0100 Actuarial Certification; Guidelines

Life Settlements

836-014-0200 Statutory Authority and Implementation

836-014-0205 Definitions

836-014-0210 License Fees

836-014-0220 Life Settlement Provider License Requirements

836-014-0226  Life Settlement Investment Agent Licensing Requirements

836-014-0230 Renewal Requirements

836-014-0240 Filing Requirements, Life Settlement Contracts and Disclosure Statement Forms; Promotional, Advertising and Marketing Materials

836-014-0250 Contents of Life Settlement Contracts

836-014-0260 Rights and Duties of Parties to Life Settlement Contract

836-014-0263 Request to Insurer for Verification of Coverage

836-014-0265 Response by Insurer

836-014-0270 Standards for Evaluation of Reasonable Payments; Definition of “Terminal Illness or Condition”

836-014-0280 Disclosure Required

836-014-0285 Disclosures to Insurer

836-014-0290 Contacts by Life Settlement Provider or Broker

836-014-0300 Advertising Standards

836-014-0310 Reporting Requirements

836-014-0320 Requirements for Brokers

836-014-0325 Disclosures Required by Life Insurers

836-014-0330 Unfair Trade Practices



836-020-0200 Purpose and Authority

836-020-0205 Applicability

836-020-0210 Definitions

836-020-0215 Method of Disclosure of Required Information

836-020-0220 Form and Content of Advertisements

836-020-0225 Advertisements of Benefits Payable, Losses Covered, or Premiums Payable

836-020-0230 Necessity for Disclosing Policy Provisions Relating to Renewal, Cancellation, and Termination

836-020-0235 Testimonials or Endorsements by Third Parties

836-020-0240 Use of Statistics

836-020-0245 Identification of Plan or Number of Policies

836-020-0250 Disparaging Comparisons and Statements

836-020-0255 Licensed Jurisdictions and Status of Insurer

836-020-0260 Identity of Insurer and Policy

836-020-0265 Group or Quasi-Group Implication

836-020-0270 Introductory, Initial, or Special Offers

836-020-0275 Statements About an Insurer

836-020-0280 Enforcement Procedures

836-020-0285 Prior Approval

836-020-0290 Severability

836-020-0295 Effective Date

Disclosure of Health Insurance Coverages

836-020-0300 Statutory Authority

836-020-0305 Disclosure; Application for Coverage

Use of Coordination of Benefits Provisions

836-020-0770 Authority, Purpose and Effective Date of OAR 836-020-0770 to 836-020-0806

836-020-0775 Definitions

836-020-0780 Use of Model COB Contract Provision

836-020-0785 Rules for Coordination of Benefits

836-020-0791 Procedure to be Followed by Secondary Plan to Calculate Benefits and Pay a Claim

836-020-0796 Notice to Covered Persons

836-020-0801 Miscellaneous Provisions

836-020-0806 Effective Date for Existing Contracts



Shares, Shareholders, and Members

836-024-0003 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-024-0004 Application of OAR 836-024-0003 to 836-024-0055

836-024-0006 Definitions

836-024-0008 Solicitations to which OAR 836-024-0003 to 836-024-0055 Apply

836-024-0026 Information to Be Furnished to Security Holders

836-024-0031 Requirements as to Proxy

836-024-0033 Presentation of Information in Proxy Statement

836-024-0036 Material Required to Be Filed

836-024-0038 Mailing Communications for Security Holders

836-024-0039 Proposals of Security Holders

836-024-0041 False or Misleading Statements

836-024-0046 Prohibition of Certain Solicitations

836-024-0051 Special Provisions Applicable to Election Contests; Definition

836-024-0053 Filings Required in an Election Contest

836-024-0054 Counter Solicitations Prior to Furnishing Required Written Proxy Statement

836-024-0055 Filing Requirements for Preliminary Solicitation Material

836-024-0100 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-024-0105 Definitions

836-024-0110 Securities "Held of Record" for Purpose of ORS 732.425

836-024-0115 Filing of Statements

836-024-0120 Ownership of More than 10 Percent of an Equity Security

836-024-0125 Disclaimer of Beneficial Ownership

836-024-0130 Exemptions from ORS 732.430 and 732.435

836-024-0135 Exemptions from ORS 732.420 to 732.455 of Securities Purchased or Sold by Odd-lot Dealers

836-024-0140 Certain Transactions Subject to ORS 732.430

836-024-0145 Ownership of Securities Held in Trust

836-024-0150 Exemption for Small Transactions

836-024-0155 Exemption from ORS 732.435 That Need not be Reported Under ORS 732.430

836-024-0160 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Certain Transactions Effected in Connection with a Distribution

836-024-0165 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Acquisitions of Shares of Stock and Stock Options under Certain Stock Bonus, Stock Option or Similar Plans

836-024-0170 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Certain Transactions in Which Securities are Received by Redeeming other Securities

836-024-0175 Exemption of long Term Profits Incident to Sales Within Six Months of the Exercise of an Option

836-024-0180 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Certain Acquisitions and Dispositions of Securities Pursuant to Merger or Consolidation

836-024-0185 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Transactions Involving the Deposit or Withdrawal of Equity Securities Under a Voting Trust or Deposit Agreement

836-024-0190 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Certain Transactions Involving the Conversion of Equity Securities

836-024-0200 Exemption from ORS 732.435 of Certain Transactions Involving the Sale of Subscription Rights

836-024-0205 Exemption of Certain Securities from ORS 732.440

836-024-0210 Exemption from ORS 732.440 of Certain Transactions Effected in Connection with a Distribution

836-024-0215 Exemption from ORS 732.440 of Sales of Securities to be Acquired

836-024-0220 Arbitrage Transactions under ORS 732.450



Holding Company Systems

836-027-0001 Statutory Authority and Purpose of OAR 836-027-0005 to 836-027-0180

836-027-0005 Definitions


836-027-0010 Registration of Insurers -- Statement Filing

836-027-0012 Summary of Registration -- Statement Filing

836-027-0020 Alternative and Consolidated Registrations

836-027-0025 Disclaimers and Termination of Registration

Forms Generally

836-027-0030 Forms; General Requirements

836-027-0035 Forms; Incorporation by Reference, Summaries, and Omissions

836-027-0040 Forms; Information Unknown or Unavailable and Extension of Time to Furnish

836-027-0045 Forms; Additional Information and Exhibits

836-027-0050 Instructions; Amendments

Subsidiaries of Domestic Insurers

836-027-0070 Subsidiaries of Domestic Insurers

Acquisitions and Mergers

836-027-0100 Acquisition of Control -- Statement Filing

836-027-0110 Amendments to Form A

836-027-0120 Acquisition of Certain Persons Considered to Be Insurers

836-027-0125 Pre-Acquisition Notification

836-027-0130 Information to Be Included in Statement Required by ORS 732.517 to 732.592

836-027-0140 Enterprise Risk Report

Internal Transactions and Extraordinary Dividends

836-027-0160 Transactions Subject to Prior Notice -- Notice Filing

836-027-0170 Extraordinary Dividends and Other Distributions

836-027-0180 Adequacy of Surplus

Corporate Procedures Generally

836-027-0200 Custodial Arrangements

Securities Lending Transactions

836-027-0300 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-027-0310 Definitions

836-027-0320 Authorization by Board of Directors

836-027-0330 Agreement with Borrower

836-027-0340 Agreement with Agent as Alternative to Written Agreement

836-027-0350 Limitation

836-027-0360 Type of Borrower, Investment of Collateral, Valuation and Reporting



836-028-0005 Statutory Authority, Purpose

836-028-0008 Unfair Trade Practice

836-028-0010 Registration of Purchasing Groups: Forms

836-028-0013 Permitted Insurers

836-028-0016 Amendments to Registration by Purchasing Group

836-028-0020 Use of Insurance Producers by Purchasing Groups

836-028-0035 Registration of Foreign Risk Retention Groups; Forms

836-028-0040 Amendments to Registration by Foreign Retention Groups

836-028-0045 Financial Statement of Foreign Risk Retention Group; Audit



836-029-0000 Authority

836-029-0005 Purpose and Scope

836-029-0010 Definitions

836-029-0015 Annual Reporting Requirements

836-029-0020 Risk Limitation

836-029-0025 Annual Audit

836-029-0030 Management’s Report of Internal Control over Financial Reporting

836-029-0035 Communication of Internal Control Related Matters Noted in an Audit

836-029-0040 Designation of Service Providers

836-029-0045 Notification of Material Misstatement of Financial Condition

836-029-0050 Additional Deposit Requirement

836-029-0055 Availability and Maintenance of Working Papers of the Independent Certified Public Accountant

836-029-0060 Documentation Required to be Held in Oregon by Licensed Captives

836-029-0065 Reinsurance

836-029-0070 Service Providers

836-029-0075 Directors

836-029-0080 Conflict of Interest

836-029-0085 Acquisition of Control of or Merger with Domestic Captive insurer

836-029-0090 Suspension or Revocation

836-029-0095 Standards

836-029-0100 Director's Authority

836-029-0105 Change of Information in Initial Application

836-029-0110 Application

836-029-0115 Fees

836-029-0120 Authorized Forms



Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts

836-031-0200 Scope, Authority; Statutes Implemented; Application

836-031-0210 Definitions, Application and Explanation of Technical Terms Used

836-031-0220 Principles Governing Reserves

836-031-0230 Claim Reserves

836-031-0240 Premium Reserves

836-031-0250 Contract Reserves

836-031-0260 Reinsurance

836-031-0270 Specific Standards for Morbidity

836-031-0280 Specific Standards for Interest

836-031-0290 Specific Standards for Mortality

836-031-0300 Reserves for Waiver of Premium

836-031-0400 Allowed Assets

836-031-0410 Title Insurance Unearned Premium Reserve

836-031-0600 Purpose

836-031-0605 Valuation Manual

836-031-0610 Authority

836-031-0620 Scope

836-031-0630 Definitions

836-031-0640 General Requirements

836-031-0670 Statement of Actuarial Opinion Based on an Asset Adequacy Analysis

836-031-0680 Description of Actuarial Memorandum Including an Asset Adequacy Analysis and Regulatory Asset Adequacy Summary

836-031-0690 Additional Considerations for Analysis

836-031-0750 Purpose, Authority and Applicability

836-031-0755 Applicability

836-031-0760 Definitions

836-031-0765 General Calculation Requirements for Basic Reserves and Premium Deficiency Reserves

836-031-0770  Calculation of Minimum Valuation Standard for Policies with Guaranteed Nonlevel Gross Premiums or Guaranteed Nonlevel Benefits (Other than Universal Life Policies)

836-031-0775 Calculation of Minimum Valuation Standard for Flexible Premium and Fixed Premium Universal Life Insurance Policies that Contain Provisions Resulting in the Ability of a Policyowner to Keep a Policy in Force Over a Secondary Guarantee Period

836-031-0800 Purpose, authority

836-031-0805 Definitions

836-031-0810 2001 CSO Preferred Class Structure Table

836-031-0815 Conditions

836-031-0855 Recoupment of Assessments by Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association



INVESTMENTS (ORS 733.510 TO 733.780)

836-033-0105 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-033-0110 "Amply Secured Obligations" Defined

836-033-0120 Purpose and Authority; Definition

836-033-0130 Investments in Medium Grade and Lower Grade Obligations



836-042-0001 Statutory Authority; Purpose and Effective Date

836-042-0005 Definitions

836-042-0015 Workers' Compensation Filings -- Procedural Rules for Insurers and Rating Organizations

836-042-0020 Insurers Must Demonstrate Statistical Reporting Ability

836-042-0025 Workers' Compensation Filings Standards for Unfair Discrimination

836-042-0035 Workers' Compensation Policy Forms Filings by Insurers

836-042-0040 Statutory Authority; Purpose and Effective Date

836-042-0043 Definition

836-042-0045 Workers’ Compensation Statistical Plan

836-042-0050 Statutory Authority; Purpose and Applicability

836-042-0055 Definitions

836-042-0060 Conditions for Division of Payroll of Individual Employees

Workers' Compensation Large Deductible Provisions

836-042-0070 Statutory Authority and Purpose

836-042-0075 Definitions

836-042-0080 Rate Filing Requirements and Standards

836-042-0085 Statistical Data Maintenance and Reporting Requirements

836-042-0090 Trade Practices Found Injurious to the Insurance-Buying Public

Workers’ Compensation Large Risk Alternative Rating Plans

836-042-0100 Statutory Authority and Purpose

836-042-0105 Definitions

836-042-0110 Rate Filing Requirements

836-042-0115 Trade Practices Found Injurious to the Insurance Buying Public

836-042-0201 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Effective Date

836-042-0205 Definitions

836-042-0210 Rating Plans for Which Employers May be Combined; Retrospective Rating Deposit Required; When Group Rating May be Applied

Employer Rating Groups

836-042-0215 Consent to Group Rating Required Before Policy Issuance; Provision Required in Consent Form; Contents of Consent Form

836-042-0220 Filing Requirements and Procedural Rules

836-042-0225 Criteria for Grouping; Criteria for Substantially Similar Occupations Within Organization; Open Enrollment Required

836-042-0300 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability; Effective Date

836-042-0302 Definitions

836-042-0304 Fictitious Arrangement Prohibited

836-042-0306 Premium Rates

836-042-0308 Statistics

836-042-0310 Producers

836-042-0312 Compulsory Participation Prohibited

836-042-0314 Tie-In Sales Prohibited

836-042-0316 Disclosure Required

836-042-0318 Underwriting Standards

836-042-0320 Cancellation and Non-Renewal

836-042-0322 Compulsory Facilities

836-042-0400 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability; Effective Date

836-042-0405 Definitions

836-042-0410 Commercial Risks; Prohibition; Requirements; Filing

836-042-0415 Day Care Facilities; Prohibition; Requirements; Filing

836-042-0420 Anniversary Filings

836-042-0425 Statistics

836-042-0430 Disclosure Required for Day Care Facilities

Rates and Ratemaking

836-042-0501 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability; Effective Date

836-042-0505 Definitions

836-042-0510 Rates, Rating Plans System -- Prior Review

836-042-0512 Specified Commercial Liability Markets

836-042-0515 Commercial Liability Filings -- Procedural Rules for Insurers and Rating Organizations

836-042-0520 Supporting Data



836-043-0001 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-043-0005 Definitions for the Workers' Compensation Insurance Plan

836-043-0009 Participation by Insurers and Insurance Producers

836-043-0017 Plan Administrator

836-043-0021 Servicing Carriers

836-043-0024 Right to Apply

836-043-0028 Application by Electronic Transmission or Telephone

836-043-0032 Nonelectronic Application

836-043-0034 Surety Bonds

836-043-0041 Application Review

836-043-0044 Binding Coverage

836-043-0046 Rates and Forms, Policy Term, Additional Coverages and Other Provisions

836-043-0048 Additional States' Coverage

836-043-0050 Interstate Assignments

836-043-0053 Premium Obligations

836-043-0056 Insurer Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policies or Surety Bonds

836-043-0060 Assignment Formula

836-043-0062 Issuance and Continuation of Policy

836-043-0064 Renewal, Nonrenewal

836-043-0066 Reassignment

836-043-0068 Cancellation

836-043-0071 Dispute Resolution Procedures

836-043-0072 Voluntary Coverage

836-043-0076 Takeout Credit

836-043-0079 Notification of Outstanding Premium

836-043-0082 Policyholder Services

836-043-0087 Producer Changes and Compensation

836-043-0089 Confidentiality of Information

836-043-0091 Self-Funded Plan

Rating and Rating Organization Workers' Compensation Premium Audit Program System

836-043-0101 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-043-0105 Definitions

836-043-0110 Insurer Premium Audit Program

836-043-0115 Insurer Audit Procedure Guide

836-043-0120 Minimum Standards of Employer Education Program

Test Audit Program

836-043-0125 Purpose

836-043-0130 Selection of Risks for Test Audit

836-043-0135 Test Audits

836-043-0145 Disposition of Test Audits

836-043-0150 Summary of Test Audit Results

836-043-0155 Test Audit Standards

836-043-0165 Monitoring Audits Program System

836-043-0170 Premium Audit Hearings

Rating and Rating Organization Workers' Compensation Insurance Classification Notice

836-043-0175 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-043-0180 Definitions

836-043-0185 Insurer Classification Notice

Rates and Rating Organizations Workers' Compensation Rating System
Review and Advisory Committee

836-043-0200 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-043-0210 Definitions

836-043-0220 Committee Participation

836-043-0230 Committee Operating Rules

836-043-0240 Committee Activities

Rating and Rating Organizations

836-043-0300 Qualifications for Workers' Compensation Rating Organizations

836-043-0310 Exchange of Data Among Workers' Compensation Rating Organizations

836-043-0320 Competive Selection Process; Designation of a Workers' Compensation Statistical Agent



Assumption Reinsurance

836-050-0000 Purpose, Statutory Authority and Implementation

836-050-0010 Notice of Transfer

836-050-0020 Notice of Rejection

836-050-0105 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-050-0110 Uniform Claim Forms

836-050-0115 Permitted Modifications to Uniform Forms

Notice of Advance Payment for Death or Personal Injury or Destruction of
Property on Running of Period of Limitation

836-050-0150 Advance Payments

Life and Health Insurance Benefit Provisions Relating to HIV Infection

836-050-0200 Purpose, Scope and Definitions

836-050-0205 Authority

836-050-0207 Unfair Trade Practices

836-050-0210 General Exclusions

836-050-0215 Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions; Health Insurance

Application Questions and Underwriting Practice Relating to HIV Infection

836-050-0230 Purpose, Scope and Definitions

836-050-0235 Rulemaking Authority

836-050-0237 Unfair Trade Practices

836-050-0240 General Principles

836-050-0245 Medical and Lifestyle Application Questions and Underwriting Standards

836-050-0250 Testing for HIV Infection

836-050-0255 Inquiries Regarding Past Test Results

Group Policyholders

836-050-0275 Credit Unions as Association; Group Life Insurance

836-050-0280 Credit Unions as Association; Group Health Insurance

Emergency Authority

836-050-0300 Purpose, Authority, Application

836-050-0305 Criteria for orders



Life Disclosure Requirements

836-051-0005 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-051-0010 Definitions

836-051-0015 Disclosure Requirements

836-051-0020 General Requirements

Disclosure for Small Face Amount Life Insurance Policies

836-051-0030 Purpose and Applicability

836-051-0032 Definition

836-051-0034 Exemptions

836-051-0036 Disclosure Requirements

836-051-0038 Insurer Duties

836-051-0040 Trade Practice Regulation

Mortality Tables Authorized for Use in Determining Non-Forfeiture and Reserve Values

836-051-0101 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability; and Effective Date

836-051-0106 Life Insurance Valuation and Nonforfeiture Standards

836-051-0110 Life Insurance Nonforfeiture Standards for Men and Women

836-051-0115 Smoker/Nonsmoker Mortality Tables

836-051-0150 Individual Deferred Annuities Surrender Charge

836-051-0153 Limitations on Surrender Charge Scales

836-051-0156 Fair Surrender Charges

Annuity Mortality Tables

836-051-0200 Authority; Effective Date

836-051-0210 Purpose

836-051-0220 Definitions

836-051-0230 Individual Annuity or Pure Endowment Contracts

836-051-0235 Application of the 2012 IAR Mortality Table

836-051-0240 Group Annuity or Pure Endowment Contracts

836-051-0250 Application of the 1994 GAR Table

Accelerated Benefits Provision for Life Products

836-051-0300 Statutory Authority; Effective Date; Applicability

836-051-0310 Acknowledgement of Concurrence for Payout from Assignee or Beneficiary

836-051-0320 Payment Options; Filing of Claims; Remaining Benefits

836-051-0330 Disclosure

836-051-0340 Exercise of the Accelerated Benefit

836-051-0350 Waiver of Premiums

836-051-0360 Discrimination

836-051-0370 Minimum Benefit Standards

836-051-0380 Actuarial Disclosure and Reserves

Life Insurance Illustrations

836-051-0500 Purpose; Authority

836-051-0510 Applicability and Scope

836-051-0520 Definitions

836-051-0530 Policies to Be Illustrated

836-051-0540 General Rules and Prohibitions

836-051-0550 Standards for Basic Illustrations

836-051-0560 Standards for Supplemental Illustrations

836-051-0570 Delivery of Illustration and Record Retention

836-051-0580 Annual Report; Notice to Policy Owners

836-051-0590 Annual Certifications

836-051-0600 Trade Practice Regulation

Authorization, Genetic Testing

836-051-0700 Authorization, Genetic Testing

Preneed Life Insurance Minimum Standards for Determining
Reserve Liability and Nonforfeiture Value

836-051-0750 Purpose; Authority; Applicability; and Effective Date

836-051-0755 Definitions

836-051-0760 Minimum Valuation Mortality Standards

836-051-0765 Minimum Valuation Interest Rate Standards

836-051-0770 Minimum Valuation Method Standards

836-051-0775 Transition Rules

836-051-0900 Purpose; Authority

836-051-0905 Applicability and Scope

836-051-0910 Definitions

836-051-0915 Standards for the Disclosure Document and Buyer’s Guide

836-051-0920 Report to Contract Owners

836-051-0925 Trade Practice Regulation



Medicare Supplement Insurance

836-052-0103 Purpose

836-052-0107 Authority

836-052-0114 Applicability and Scope

836-052-0119 Definitions

836-052-0124 Policy Definitions and Terms

836-052-0129 Policy Provisions

836-052-0132 Benefit Standards for 2010 Standardized Medicare Supplement Benefit Plan Policies or Certificates Issued for Delivery with an Effective Date of Coverage on or After June 1, 2010

836-052-0133 Benefit Standards for 1990 Standardized Medicare Supplement Benefit Plan Policies or Certificates Issued for Delivery on or After July 1, 1992 and with an Effective Date of Coverage Prior to June 1, 2010

836-052-0134 Minimum Benefit Standards for Policies or Certificates Issued for Delivery Prior to July 1, 1992

836-052-0136 Standard Medicare Supplement Benefit Plans for 1990 Standardized Medicare Supplement Benefit Plan Policies or Certificates Issued for Delivery on or After July 1, 1992 and with an Effective Date of Coverage Prior to June 1, 2010

836-052-0138 Open Enrollment

836-052-0139 Medicare Select Policies and Certificates

836-052-0140 Standards for Claims Payment

836-052-0141 Standard Medicare Supplement Benefit Plans for 2010 Standardized Medicare Supplement Benefit Plan Policies or Certificates with an Effective Date of Coverage on or After June 1, 2010

836-052-0142 Guaranteed Issue for Eligible Persons

836-052-0143 Annual Opportunity to Select Another Medicare Supplement Policy or Certificate

836-052-0145 Loss Ratio Standards and Refund or Credit of Premium

836-052-0151 Filing and Approval of Policies and Certificates and Premium Rates

836-052-0156 Permitted Compensation Arrangements

836-052-0160 Required Disclosure Provisions

836-052-0165 Requirements for Application Forms, Replacement Coverage

836-052-0170 Filing Requirements for Advertising

836-052-0175 Standards for Marketing

836-052-0180 Appropriateness of Recommended Purchase and Excessive Insurance

836-052-0185 Reporting of Multiple Policies

836-052-0190 Prohibition Against Preexisting Conditions, Waiting Periods, Elimination Periods and Probationary Periods in Replacement Policies and Certificates

836-052-0192 Prohibition Against Use of Genetic Information and Requests for Genetic Testing

836-052-0194 Separability

Long Term Care Insurance General Terms

836-052-0500 Statutory Authority; Applicability

836-052-0508 Definitions

Long Term Care Insurance Policy Terms

836-052-0516 Policy Definitions

836-052-0526 Policy Practices and Provisions

836-052-0531 Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

836-052-0546 Required Policy Provisions

836-052-0556 Required Disclosure of Rating Practices to Consumers

Long Term Care Insurance Practices

836-052-0566 Initial Rate Filing Requirements

836-052-0576 Prohibition Against Post-Claims Underwriting, Applications

Long Term Care InsuranceBenefits and Service Standards

836-052-0586   Minimum Standards for Home Health and Community Care Benefits in Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

836-052-0596   Standards for Covered Services

836-052-0606   Use and Definition of “Home” or Similar Wording

836-052-0616   Requirement to Offer Inflation Protection

836-052-0626   Requirements for Application Forms and Replacement Coverage

836-052-0636   Reporting Requirements

836-052-0637   Annual Rate Certification Requirements

836-052-0639   Training for Insurance Producers

836-052-0646   Benefits Provided Through Advancement of Life Insurance Proceeds

836-052-0656   Reserve Standards

Long Term Care Insurance Loss Ratio, Rate Filings

836-052-0666   Loss Ratio

836-052-0676   Premium Rate Schedule Increases

836-052-0680   Premium Rate Schedule Increases for Policies Subject to Loss Ratio Limits Related to Original Filings

836-052-0686   Filing Requirements for Out-of-State Group Policies

Long Term Care Insurance Sales

836-052-0696 Filing Requirements for Advertising

836-052-0706 Standards for Marketing

836-052-0716 Disclosure Statement

836-052-0726 Suitability

836-052-0736 Prohibition Against Preexisting Conditions, Waiting Periods and Probationary Periods in Replacement Policies and Certificates

836-052-0738 Availability of New Services or Providers

836-052-0740 Right to Reduce Coverage and Lower Premiums

Nonforfeiture Benefit; Benefit Triggers

836-052-0746   Nonforfeiture Benefit Requirement

836-052-0756   Standards for Benefit Triggers

836-052-0766   Additional Standards for Benefit Triggers for Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts

836-052-0768   Appealing An Insurer’s Determination That The Benefit Trigger Is Not Met

836-052-0770   Prompt Payment of Clean Claims

Long Term Care Insurance Outline of Coverage and Shopper’s Guide

836-052-0776 Standard Format Outline of Coverage

836-052-0786 Requirement to Deliver Shopper’s Guide

836-052-0790 Disclosure of Benefits Paid

Long Term Care Insurance Outline of Coverage and Shopper's Guide

836-052-0776 Standard Format Outline of Coverage

836-052-0786 Requirement to Deliver Shopper's Guide

836-052-0790 Disclosure of Benefits Paid

Notice of Termination of Group Health Insurance

836-052-0800 Purpose; Applicability

836-052-0810 Replacement Upon Termination

836-052-0840 Termination of Coverage

836-052-0850 Multiple Employer Trusts

836-052-0860 Form of Notice to Group Policyholder

Mandated Benefits

836-052-1000 Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices



836-053-0000 Applicability of January 1, 2014 Amendments to OAR Chapter 836, Division 53

836-053-0001 Modification of Health Benefit Plan Not Subject to Level of Coverage Requirements

836-053-0002 Modification of a Health Benefit Plan Subject to Levels of Coverage Requirements

836-053-0003 Prohibition of Exclusion Period for Pregnancy

836-053-0004 Compliance with Federal and State Law

836-053-0005 Prescription Drug Identification Cards

836-053-0007 Approval and Certification of Associations, Trusts, Discretionary Groups and Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements

836-053-0008 Essential Health Benefits for Plan Years 2014, 2015 and 2016

836-053-0009 Oregon Standard Bronze and Silver Health Benefit Plans for Plan Years 2014, 2015 and 2016

836-053-0012 Essential Health Benefits for Plan Years Beginning on and after January 1, 2017

836-053-0013 Oregon Standard Bronze and Silver Health Benefit Plans for Plan Years Beginning on and after January 1, 2017

836-053-0015 Definition of Small Employer

836-053-0019 Purpose; Statutory Authority; Enforcement

836-053-0021 Plans Offered to Oregon Small Employers

836-053-0030 Marketing of a Health Benefit Plan to Small Employers

836-053-0050 Trade Practices Relating to Small Employer Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0063 Rating for Nongrandfathered Small Group Plans

836-053-0065 Rating for Grandfathered Small Group Plans

836-053-0066 Rating for Transitional Health Benefit Plans Offered to Small Employers

836-053-0070 Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements

Work Related Injuries or Disease

836-053-0100 Work Related Injuries or Disease

836-053-0105 Coordination of Payment for Interim Medical Services

Group Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0211 Underwriting, Enrollment and Benefit Design Requirements Applicable to A Group Health Benefit Plan Including A Small Group Health Benefit Plan

836-053-0221 Participation, Contribution, and Eligibility Requirements for Group Health Benefit Plans Including Small Group Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0230 Underwriting

  1. Network Adequacy

836-053-0300 Purpose; Statutory Authority; Applicability of Network Adequacy Requirements

836-053-0310 Network Adequacy Definitions for OAR 836-053-0300 to 836-053-0350

836-053-0320 Annual Report Requirements for Network Adequacy

836-053-0330 Nationally Recognized Standards for Use in Demonstrating Compliance with Network Adequacy Requirements

836-053-0340 Factor-Based Evidence of Compliance with Network Adequacy Requirements

836-053-0350 Provider Directory Requirements for Network Adequacy


Individual Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0410 Purpose; Statutory Authority; Enforcement

836-053-0415 Cancellation of an Individual Health Benefit Plan Coverage

836-053-0431 Underwriting, Enrollment and Benefit Design

836-053-0465 Rating for Individual Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0472 Statutory Authority and Implementation

836-053-0473 Required Materials for Rate Filing for Individual or Small Employer Health Benefit Plans

836-053-0475 Approval, Disapproval or Modification of Premium Rates for Individual or Small Employer Health Benefit Plan

836-053-0510 Evaluating the Health Status of an Applicant for Individual Health Benefit Plan Coverage

Oregon Confidential Communications Request Form

836-053-0600 Purpose; Statutory Authority; Applicability

836-053-0605 Definitions for OAR 836-053-0600 to 836-053-0615

836-053-0610 Carrier Response to Request for Confidentiality

836-053-0615 Carrier Reporting Requirements

Rescission of Health Benefit Plan

836-053-0825 Rescission of a Group Health Benefit Plan

836-053-0830 Rescission of an Individual Health Benefit Plan or Individual Health Insurance Policy

836-053-0835 Rescission of an Individual’s Coverage under a Group Health Benefit Plan or Group Health Insurance Policy

State Continuation of Health Insurance

836-053-0851 Purpose; Authority; Applicability and Enforcement

836-053-0857 Definitions

836-053-0863 Notifications

Quality Assessment and Improvement

836-053-0900 Purpose; Statutory Authority

836-053-0910 Rate Filing

836-053-1000 Statutory Authority and Implementation

836-053-1010 Insurer Policies

836-053-1020 Drug Formularies

836-053-1030 Written Information to Enrollees

836-053-1033 Cultural and Linguistic Appropriateness

836-053-1035 Summary of Benefits and Explanation of Coverage

836-053-1060 Definitions

836-053-1070 Reporting of Grievances; Format and Contents

836-053-1080 Tracking Grievances

836-053-1090 Assistance in Filing Grievances

836-053-1100 Internal Appeals Process

836-053-1110 Notice of Complaint Filing with Director

836-053-1130 Annual Summary, Utilization Review

836-053-1140 Appeal and Utilization Review Determinations

836-053-1170 Annual Summary, Quality Assessment Activities

836-053-1180 Format and Instructions for Report Required by ORS 743.818

836-053-1190 Annual Summary, Uniform Indicators of Network Adequacy

836-053-1200 Prior Authorization Requirements

836-053-1205   Uniform Prescription Drug Prior Authorization Request Form

External Review

836-053-1300 Purpose and Scope; Application

836-053-1305 Definitions; Authority to Act for Enrollee

836-053-1310 Contracting Requirements

836-053-1315 Performance Criteria

836-053-1317 Professional Qualifications

836-053-1320 Conflict of Interest

836-053-1325 Procedures for Conducting External Reviews

836-053-1330 Criteria and Considerations for External Review Determinations

836-053-1335 Procedures for Complaint Investigation

836-053-1337 Preliminary Review by Insurer

836-053-1340 Timelines and Notice for Dispute That is Not Expedited

836-053-1342 Timelines and Notice for Expedited Decision-Making

836-053-1345 Quality Assurance Mechanisms

836-053-1350 Ongoing Requirements for External Review Organizations

836-053-1355 Synopses

836-053-1360 External Review Reporting

836-053-1365 Fees for External Reviews

Annual Reporting Requirements

836-053-1400 Format and Instructions for Report Required by ORS 743.748

Coverage of Mental or Nervous Conditions; Mental Health Parity

836-053-1404 Definitions; Noncontracting Providers; Co-morbidity Disorders

836-053-1405 General Requirements for Coverage of Mental or Nervous Conditions and Chemical Dependency

836-053-1407 Prohibited Exclusions

836-053-1408 Required Disclosures

836-053-1409 Definitions

Cost Estimates

836-053-1410 Procedures

836-053-1415 Instructions

Primary Care Services Reporting

836-053-1500   Purpose; Statutory Authority; Applicability

836-053-1505   Definitions for OAR 836-053-1500 to 836-053-1510

836-053-1510   Prominent Carrier Reporting Requirements



Property and Casualty Product Liability

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

836-054-0000 Election of Lower Limits for Uninsured Motorist Coverage

836-054-0020 Timely Notice of Denial of Charges to Provider

Workers' Compensation Large Deductible Provisions

836-054-0201 Statutory Authority and Purpose

836-054-0205 Definitions

836-054-0210 Required Content of Large Deductible Provisions

Mortgage Insurance

836-054-0300 Loan to Value



836-058-0010 Permitted Reasons to Exclude Named Person

836-058-0020 Exclusion from Excess Coverage



Credit Life and Credit Health Insurance

836-060-0000 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Effective Date

836-060-0005 Definitions

836-060-0011 Rights and Treatment of Debtors

836-060-0016 Policy Forms and Related Material

836-060-0021 Determination of Reasonableness of Benefits in Relation to Premium Charge

836-060-0026 Credit Life Insurance Rates

836-060-0027 Credit Life Reserves

836-060-0031 Credit Health Insurance Rates

836-060-0036 Refund Formulas

836-060-0041 Experience Reports

836-060-0043 Use of Rates -- Direct Business Only

836-060-0046 Supervision of Credit Insurance Operations

836-060-0055 Prohibited Transactions

836-060-0060 Disclosure



836-062-0001 Statutory Authority; Effective Date

836-062-0005 Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Only Policies; Required Notice

836-062-0010 Vendor Single Interest Policies; Required Notice



Insurance Producers, Adjusters and Insurance Consultants

836-071-0101 Adjuster and Insurance Consultant License Application; Required Information

836-071-0105 Additional Application Information

836-071-0108 Limited Class Insurance Licenses

836-071-0110 Fingerprints

836-071-0112 Social Security Numbers; Insurance Producer Applications

836-071-0113 Crop Insurance

836-071-0115 Satisfaction of Qualifications for Classes of Insurance

836-071-0117 Managing General Agents; Amount of Claims Adjustment or Payment for Purposes of Statutory Definition

836-071-0118 Requirements That Must Be Completed Prior to Submitting Licensing Application to Director

836-071-0120 Examination Procedure

836-071-0125 Period for Completion of License Application

836-071-0127 Examination Scores

836-071-0130 Adjuster or Insurance Consultant License Renewal

836-071-0135 Renewal of Expired Adjuster or Insurance Consultant License

836-071-0140 License Amendment

836-071-0145 Amended License Issuance

836-071-0146 Individual Insurance Producer License Expiration Date

836-071-0148 Extended License Expiration Date, Agents Called into Active Military Duty

836-071-0150 Errors and Omissions Insurance; Insurance Consultants; Managing General Agents

836-071-0160 Errors and Omissions Insurance; Reinsurance Intermediary Managers

Training and Examinations

836-071-0180 Insurance Producer Pre-Examination Requirements

836-071-0185 Qualification of Agents Selling Variable Life Insurance, Including Annuities

836-071-0190 Registration of a School

836-071-0195 Revocation of Registration of a School; Reinstatement

Continuing Education

836-071-0210 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-071-0215 Continuing Education Requirements for Insurance Producers; Hours; Credit for Experience and Coursework

836-071-0220 Continuing Education; Documentation

836-071-0225 Continuing Education; Standard for Granting Credit Hours

836-071-0230 Continuing Education; Course Qualification Guidelines

836-071-0235 Provider Registration

836-071-0240 Course Registration

836-071-0242 Provider Trade Practices

836-071-0245 Revocation of Provider Registration

836-071-0247 Requirements for Granting Credit; Attendance Records

836-071-0250 Credit for Unregistered Courses

Fees and Disclosure; Incidental Charges

836-071-0260 Fees Charged by Insurance Producers

836-071-0263 Fees Charged by Insurance Consultants or Insurance Producers

836-071-0267 Incidental Charges for Customer Services; Personal, Commercial Lines

Insurance Producer Service Fees

836-071-0269 Purpose and Authority

836-071-0272 Scope of OAR 836-071-0269 to 836-071-0277; Definitions

836-071-0274 Service Fees Prohibited on Personal Lines

836-071-0277 Service Fees Allowed on Commercial Lines; Conditions

Regulation Generally

836-071-0280 Permitted and Prohibited Activities of Insurance Personnel Exempt from Insurance Producer License Requirement

836-071-0285 Agent Review of Applications

836-071-0287 Transaction of Group Life, Health Insurance by Insurance Producer without Appointment

836-071-0291 Certificate of Deposit in Lieu of Trust Account

836-071-0295 Transaction of Insurance by Individual Insurance Producer for Appointed Firm or CorporateInsurance Producer

836-071-0297 Permitted Transaction of Insurance by Unappointed Insurance Producer

836-071-0300 Requirement of Contract with or Employment of Licensee

836-071-0310 Referral Fee from Oregon Medical Insurance Pool

836-071-0315 Managing General Agents; Dollar Amounts Governing Settlement Authority Procedures Under Contract with Insurer

836-071-0320 Managing General Agents; Designation of Associations of Actuaries

836-071-0321 Terms for OAR 836-071-0323 to 836-071-0346

836-071-0323 License Applicants and Licensees with Prior Convictions

836-071-0326 Application by Person under OAR 836-071-0323

836-071-0328 Unlicensed Individuals with Prior Convictions Who are Engaged or Participate in Business of Insurance

836-071-0331 Director's Procedures, Application for Consent

836-071-0336 Factors to be Considered by the Director

836-071-0341 Issuance of Written Consent

836-071-0346 Denial of Consent

836-071-0351 Subsequent Conviction of Person Previously Granted Written Consent

Limited License, Rental Companies

836-071-0354   Designated Agent

836-071-0355   Limited License Application, Rental Companies; Required Information

836-071-0360   License Renewal

836-071-0370   List of Employees and Designated Agents Selling Coverage; Continuing Education

836-071-0380   Course of Training for Training Program and for Continuing Education

836-071-0390   Statewide Filing Officer

836-071-0400   Applicable Insurance Code Statutes

Self-Service Storage Limited License

836-071-0405 Statutory Purpose and Authority

836-071-0410 Limited License Application, Self-Service Storage Facility; Required Information

836-071-0415 Materials and Requirements of Application

836-071-0420 Requirements for Limited Licensee, List of Employees Selling Coverage; Training Program

836-071-0425 Limited License Renewal

836-071-0430  Remission to Insurer; Funds Held in Trust; Compensation

836-071-0450 Requirements for Limited Travel Insurance Producer and Travel Retailer

Surplus Lines

836-071-0500   Nonresident Licensing and Placement Requirements

836-071-0501   Allocation of Coverage Totals on Multi-state Policies

836-071-0550   Statutory Purpose and Authority

836-071-0560   Limited License Application, Portable Electronics Insurance Coverage; Required Information

836-071-0565   Limited License Renewal

836-071-0570   List of Employees Selling Coverage; Training Program



Criminal Records Check

836-072-0001 Applicability of and authority for OAR 836-072-0001 to 836-072-0045

836-072-0005 Definitions

836-072-0010 Criminal Records Check Process

836-072-0015 Fitness Determination

836-072-0020 Crimes Relevant to a Fitness Determination

836-072-0025 Incomplete Fitness Determination

836-072-0030 Notice to Applicant of Fitness Determination

836-072-0035 Appealing a Fitness Determination

836-072-0040 Recordkeeping and Confidentiality

836-072-0045 Authorized Designees



836-074-0005 Statutory Authority; Effective Date

836-074-0010 Definitions

836-074-0015 Director's Enforcement Authority

836-074-0017 Exemptions

836-074-0020 Premium Funds Trust Account

836-074-0025 Deposit and Payment of Funds

836-074-0030 Advancing Return Premiums

836-074-0035 Other Permissible Funds

836-074-0040 Interest on Trust Funds

836-074-0045 Accounting Records; Inspection

836-074-0047 Examinations and Audits

836-074-0048 Other Trust Account Requirements

836-074-0050 Single Account for Affiliated Persons



836-075-0000 Third Party Administrators; License Application; Required Information

836-075-0010 Completion of Application

836-075-0020 Amendment of License Application Information

836-075-0030 Third Party Administrator License Renewal

836-075-0040 Annual Report Requirements

836-075-0045 Format and Instructions for Report Required by ORS 743.818

836-075-0050 Exemptions from Third Party Administrator License Requirements

836-075-0060 ERISA Exemption Registration

836-075-0070 Errors and Omissions Insurance; Third Party Administrators



Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities

836-080-0001 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-080-0005 Definitions

836-080-0014 Duties of Agent

836-080-0022 Duties of Insurers that Use Agents Insurance Producers

836-080-0029 Duties of Replacing Insurers that Use Agents

836-080-0034 Duties of the Existing Insurer

836-080-0039 Duties of Insurers with Respect to Direct Response Solicitations

836-080-0043 Violations and Penalties

Unfair Discrimination Based on Sex, Sexual Orientation or Marital Status

836-080-0050 Authority; Purpose and Scope

836-080-0055 Unfair Discrimination Identified

Payment of Health Insurance Claims (Sampling Method)

836-080-0080 Definition, Claims Handling Services; Claims Procedures and Information

836-080-0085 Annual Report; Sampling


836-080-0090 Suitability in the Sale of Life Insurance

General (ORS 746.005 to 746.270)

836-080-0105 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Effective Date

836-080-0110 Applicability

836-080-0115 Definitions

836-080-0120 Statement as to Participation Required Upon Request Before Delivery of Policy; Provision Required in Participating Policy; Contents of Provision

836-080-0125 Prohibited Representations Regarding Participation Rights

836-080-0130 Dividend Statement Permitted; Required to Be Written; Prohibited and Permitted Advice

836-080-0135 Dividend Rights Accrue Upon Declaration of Dividends; Contents of Dividend Declaration Resolution

836-080-0140 Unfair Discrimination in Allocation of Dividends Prohibited; Criteria for Allocation; Prima Facie Evidence of Unfair Discrimination

836-080-0145 Unfair Forfeiture of Dividend for Failure to Renew Prohibited

836-080-0150 Policyholder Dividend Rights of Group Members and Dividend Group Policyholders; Reduction or Denial without Prior Advice Prohibited; "Dividend Group" Defined; Standards for Dividend Groups

836-080-0155 False or Deceptive Publications by Insurer Prohibited

836-080-0160 Use of Special Certifications and Professional Designations by Insurance Producers

Sales of Individual Annuities

836-080-0165 Notice of Insurance Division Assistance

Suitability in Annuity Transactions

836-080-0170 Statutory Authority; Purpose

836-080-0172 Applicability

836-080-0175 Exemptions

836-080-0178 Definitions

836-080-0180 Duties of Insurers and of Insurance Producers

836-080-0183 Insurance Producer Training

836-080-0185 Compliance Mitigation; Penalties

836-080-0188 Recordkeeping

836-080-0190 Annuity Sales; Disclosure Not a Defense

836-080-0193 Effective Date and Operative Date

836-080-0200 Electronic Payment of Claims

836-080-0205 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-080-0210 Definitions

836-080-0215 Claim Files

836-080-0220 Misrepresentation and Other Prohibited Claim Practices

836-080-0225 Required Claim Communication Practices

836-080-0230 Standard for Prompt Claim Investigation

836-080-0235 Standards for Prompt and Fair Settlements -- Generally

836-080-0240 Standards for Prompt and Fair Settlements -- Automobile Insurance

836-080-0250 Workers' Compensation Insurance Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Standards

836-080-0305 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-080-0310 Definitions

836-080-0315 Providing Things of Value to Intermediaries Generally Prohibited

836-080-0320 Miscellaneous Things of Value

836-080-0325 Business Development Activities

836-080-0335 Gifts

836-080-0337 Real Property Information

836-080-0340 Assistance in Qualifying a Subdivisions

836-080-0345 Automatic Change in Monetary Limits

836-080-0355 Title Insurer Responsible for Violations by Agent

836-080-0360 Use by Title Company of an Intermediary's Office

836-080-0365 Filing Escrow Rates Required

836-080-0370 Instruction of Title Company Employees About Rules Required

Use of Insurance Scores and Credit History

836-080-0425 Applicability; Definitions

836-080-0430 Disclosure of Use of Credit History or Insurance Scores

836-080-0435 Policies Governing Credit Histories and Insurance Scores

836-080-0436 Absence of or Inability to Determine Credit History; Relation to Risk to Insurer

836-080-0438 Definition of Adverse Underwriting Decision; Notice

836-080-0440 Unfair Insurance Trade Practice

Privacy of Personal Information (ORS 746.600 to 746.690)

836-080-0501 Authority; Rule of Construction; Applicability

836-080-0506  Definitions and Examples

836-080-0511 Application of Notice Requirements

836-080-0516 Initial Notice to Consumers

836-080-0519 Information To Be Included In Privacy Notices

836-080-0523 Annual Notice

836-080-0526 Information to be Included in Annual Notice

836-080-0531 Revised Privacy Notices

836-080-0536 Delivery

836-080-0541 Opt In Notice; Form of Opt Out Notice to Consumers and Opt Out Methods for Purpose of ORS 746.665(1)(k)

836-080-0546 Limits on Sharing Account Number Information for Marketing Purposes

836-080-0551 Authorization Request Delivery

Privacy of Health Insurance-Related Information


836-080-0600 Authority; Rule of Construction; Applicability

836-080-0610 Definitions and Examples

Notice of Information Practices

836-080-0615 Personal Information Notice

836-080-0620 Notice of Personal Financial Information Practices

836-080-0625 Alternative Procedures

836-080-0630 Application of Notice Requirements

836-080-0635 Initial Notice to Consumers

836-080-0640 Information to Be Included in Initial Privacy Notice

836-080-0645 Annual Notice

836-080-0650 Information to Be Included in Annual Notice

836-080-0655 Revised Privacy Notices

836-080-0660 Delivery

Disclosure of Personal, Privileged Information

836-080-0665 Authorization

836-080-0670 Authorization Exemptions

836-080-0675 Disclosure Without Authorization

836-080-0680 Opt in Notice; Form of Opt Out Notice to Consumers and Opt Out Methods for Purpose of OAR 836-080-0675

836-080-0685 Limits on Sharing Account Number Information for Marketing Purposes

836-080-0690 Authorization Request Delivery

836-080-0695 Access to Recorded Personal Information

836-080-0700 Correction, Amendment or Deletion of Recorded Personal Information

Military Sales Practices

836-080-0750 Purpose; Statutory Authority

836-080-0755 Application of OAR 836-080-0750 to 836-080-0775

836-080-0760 Definitions for OAR 836-080-0750 to 836-080-0775

836-080-0765 Practices Declared false, Misleading, Deceptive or Unfair on a Military Installation

836-080-0770 Practices Declared False, Misleading, Deceptive or Unfair, Regardless of Location

836-080-0775 Severability

Commercial Loss Runs

836-080-0800 Definitions

836-080-0805 Statutory Authority, Purpose, and Applicability

836-080-0810 Provision of Commercial Loss Runs



836-081-0005 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Definitions

836-081-0010 Unfair Discrimination -- Insurance Other Than Life or Health Insurance

Unfair Discrimination on the Basis of Blindness or Partial Blindness

836-081-0020 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-081-0030 Unfair Discrimination Acts or Practices

Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information

836-081-0101 Purpose, Policy, Authority and Effective Date

836-081-0106 Definitions

836-081-0111 Information Security Program

836-081-0116 Objectives of Information Security Program

836-081-0121 Examples of Methods of Development and Implementation

836-081-0126 Unfair Insurance Trade Practice



836-082-0050 Statutory Authority

836-082-0055 Continuance of Group Health Insurance Coverage in Situations Involving Replacement



Midterm Cancellation, Midterm Premium Increases, and Nonrenewal Notice

836-085-0001 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-085-0005 Definitions

836-085-0010 Midterm Cancellation

836-085-0011 Hearing on Cancellation

836-085-0015 Longterm Cancellation

836-085-0025 Renewal with Altered Terms

836-085-0035 Cancellation or Nonrenewal Notice

836-085-0040 Cancellation for Nonpayment of Premium

836-085-0045 Unfair Trade Practices

836-085-0050 Proof of Notice

836-085-0055 Cancellation of Commercial Package Policies

Practices Injurious to Public or Free Competition

836-085-0201 Statutory Authority; Purpose; Applicability

836-085-0205 Definitions

836-085-0210 Adjustment for Experience of Employer; Calculation of Tentative Modification Factors

836-085-0215 Insurer Implementation of Employer Experience Rating Modifications

836-085-0217 Employer Failure to Cooperate; Appeal

836-085-0225 Unfair Trade Practices

836-085-0230 Penalties for Late Submission of Rating Data



Administrative Streamlining and Simplification

836-100-0100 Authority; Purpose; Scope

836-100-0105 Definitions

836-100-0110 Adoption of Standards

836-100-0115 Waiver

836-100-0120 Review and Update of Standards



Service Contracts

836-200-0000 Statutory Authority; Registration; Fees; Expiration; Renewal

836-200-0010 Assessments

836-200-0020 Filing Procedures

836-200-0030 Form 10K and Other Financial Stability Filings

836-200-0040 Reimbursement Insurance Policy

836-200-0050 Registration Requirements Not Exclusive

836-200-0055 Annual Report

836-200-0060 Service on Registrant

836-200-0100 Notice, Collision Damage Waivers

Vehicle Protection Product Warranties

836-200-0105 Statutory Authority; Registration; Fees; Expiration; Renewal

836-200-0110 Registration Procedures

836-200-0120 Warranty

836-200-0130 Reimbursement Insurance Policy

836-200-0140 Registration Requirements Not Exclusive

Discount Medical Plan Organizations

836-200-0200 License, Discount Medical Plan Organization; Renewal

836-200-0210 Renewal of expired license

836-200-0215 One-time Processing Fee, Cancelled Application

836-200-0220 License Requirement Not Exclusive

836-200-0250 Purpose and Authority

836-200-0255 Registration of Contracting Entity

Retainer Medical Practices

836-200-0300 Statement of Purpose; Authority

836-200-0305 Retainer Medical Practice Application for Certification

836-200-0310 Retainer Medical Practice Application for Renewal

836-200-0315 Disclosures; Form and Contents

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

836-200-0401 Statement of Purpose; Authority; Applicability

836-200-0406 Application Requirements for Pharmacy Benefit Manager

836-200-0411 Renewal of Pharmacy Benefit Registration

836-200-0416 Registration Requirements Not Exclusive

836-200-0421 Service on Registrant

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