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Response to Complaints

(1) The Board will review and accept for consideration a complaint filed by any person, group of persons, or the Board on its own action that is specific as to the conduct upon which the complaint is based. A complaint will be rejected if it does not allege a violation for which the Board has the grounds to impose sanctions pursuant to ORS 675.745 or 675.825.

(2) A complaint that a licensee, registered intern or applicant for licensure is incompetent or has committed an act or acts in violation of the law or rules adopted by the Board including the Code of Ethics will be considered a complaint of professional misconduct. A complaint that an unlicensed person has practiced or used a title in violation of ORS 675.825 will be considered a complaint of unlicensed practice.

(3) The Board will make forms available to the public and encourage complainants to use the Board's investigation request form. If a complaint is first made in verbal form, or does not contain information substantially equivalent to the Board’s form, then the Board’s representative may require the complainant to use the Board’s form to initiate an investigation. If the complainant is a client or former client of the respondent, then the complainant should sign a release form allowing the Board and its legal counsel access to records and other materials that are the ethical and legal responsibility of the respondent. Refusal by a complainant to comply with this requirement may result in dismissal of the complaint.

(4) Upon receipt of a valid complaint, a complaint file will be opened. A preliminary investigation or review will be conducted to determine if additional investigation and the assignment of additional investigators is necessary, or whether to file a report with the Board recommending the complaint be dismissed without further action. If additional investigation is deemed necessary, then the subject of the complaint will be notified that he/she is under investigation and provided with general information regarding the allegations being investigated. Notification may request a written response.

(5) Failure to cooperate with Board representatives during an investigation constitutes unprofessional conduct which may subject a licensee, intern or applicant to disciplinary action. Cooperation includes:

(a) Submitting client records to the Board’s representative, with or without a signed release by the client, for a full investigation of the allegations;

(b) Sending a complete case file to the Board’s representative;

(c) Being available for a personal interview with the Board’s representative; and

(d) Responding to questions presented by the Board’s representative.

(6) The Board may delay approving a licensure application or issuing an intern registration or license until a complaint has been resolved.

(7) The investigator shall collect evidence and interview witnesses. At the conclusion of the investigation, a report will be filed with the Board in accordance with the timelines and procedures outlined in ORS 676.160–676.180. The report will clearly set forth the issues on which the Board should consider possible action.

(8) The Board will maintain written procedures for handling complaints, which will be available through the Board office.

(9) Complaint and information gathered by investigation into licensee or applicant competency or conduct will be kept confidential in accordance with ORS 676.160–676.180.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 675.785 - 675.835 & 676.160 - 676.180
Stats. Implemented: ORS 675.785 - 675.835
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Complaint Disposition

(1) Following review of the investigation report, the Board may:

(a) Dismiss the complaint;

(b) Continue the investigation;

(c) Issue a notice of proposed action;

(d) Propose non-disciplinary action; or

(e) Negotiate a stipulated agreement in lieu of hearing, default, or disciplinary action.

(2) Board discussions will be held in executive session, closed to the public. Decisions as to action will be voted upon during a public meeting, but case numbers will be used. Decisions to propose enforcement action will be made known to the public if adopted by a majority vote of the Board. A notice of intent to propose enforcement action with opportunity for hearing will be issued by the Board Administrator and served upon the applicant or licensee, and may be provided to the complainant.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 675.785 - 675.835 & 676.160 - 676.180
Stats. Implemented: ORS 675.785 - 675.835
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