The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through April 15, 2017


Landscape Contractors Board



808-001-0000 Notice

808-001-0002 Temporary Rule

808-001-0005 Model Rules

808-001-0008 Operating Budget

808-001-0015 Election of Officers

808-001-0020 Charges for Documents; Refunds

808-001-0030 When Mail Deemed Delivered; Response Time to Notices

808-001-0050 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications

808-001-0060 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Workplace Interpersonal Dispute Mediation Communications



808-002-0020 Minimum Standards for Written Contracts and Billings

808-002-0100 Definitions Generally

808-002-0120 Action on the Bond or Deposit

808-002-0130 Administrative Law Judge

808-002-0140 Agency

808-002-0145 Agriculture Exemption

808-002-0150 Backflow Assembly

808-002-0155 Bid

808-002-0160 Board

808-002-0200 Casual, Minor, or Inconsequential

808-002-0205 Charges

808-002-0210 Claimant

808-002-0220 Claims

808-002-0240 Compensation

808-002-0260 Court, Arbitrator or Other Entity

808-002-0278 Project

808-002-0280 Date Work Completed

808-002-0290 Days

808-002-0300 Defective Materials

808-002-0320 Defective Work

808-002-0325 Direct Contractual Relationship

808-002-0328 Direct Supervision

808-002-0330 Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct

808-002-0338 Drainage Systems

808-002-0340 Employ

808-002-0360 Employee

808-002-0390 Family Members

808-002-0420 Full Year of Training

808-002-0440 Given Job Site

808-002-0455 Install

808-002-0480 Irrigation Systems

808-002-0490 Landscape Edging

808-002-0495 Landscape Job

808-002-0500 Landscaping Work

808-002-0520 Landscaping Work on Residential Property

808-002-0540 Last-Known Address of Record

808-002-0560 Legal Entity

808-002-0580 Legal Holiday

808-002-0590 Lienor

808-002-0620 Landscape Maintenance

808-002-0623 Manages or Shares In the Management

808-002-0625 Managing Employee

808-002-0650 Minority Shareholder

808-002-0665 Monetary Damages

808-002-0680 Nature and Complexity

808-002-0725 Office of Administrative Hearings

808-002-0730 Ornamental Water Features

808-002-0734 Owner

808-002-0755 Patio

808-002-0760 Person

808-002-0775 Piping

808-002-0780 Plan and Install

808-002-0785 Primary Contractor

808-002-0800 Renew License

808-002-0808 Repair or Maintenance Work on Piping for an Irrigation System

808-002-0820 Residential Dwelling

808-002-0840 Residential Property

808-002-0870 Respondent

808-002-0875 Rough Grading

808-002-0880 Sod and Seed

808-002-0882 Under Contract for the Construction of a New Dwelling

808-002-0885 Valid

808-002-0890 Warranty Work

808-002-0895 With the Intent of Offering for Sale

808-002-0920 Work Period



808-003-0010   Written Advertising

808-003-0015   Application for Landscape Contracting Business and Landscape Construction Professional License

808-003-0018   Supervisory Responsibilities; Employment

808-003-0020   Business Names

808-003-0025   Alternative Experience

808-003-0030   Expiration of Application; Change of Application

808-003-0035   License Categories

808-003-0040   Scope of License and Subcontracting

808-003-0045   Change to Limited Licenses; Removal from Probationary Status

808-003-0070   Exam Failure and Retake

808-003-0090   Employer Status

808-003-0095   Liability Insurance

808-003-0100   Licenses; License Cards

808-003-0112   Social Security Number

808-003-0125   Notification of Change of Address, Employment, Partners or Owners or Ownership Interest

808-003-0126   Permits and Other Requirements for Work Performed by a Landscape Contracting Business

808-003-0130   Fees

808-003-0135   Date of Issue/Expiration

808-003-0210   Value of Landscaping Work Performed by a Residential General Contractor

808-003-0220   Voluntary Surrender/Resignation of License

808-003-0225   Terms of Probation

808-003-0230   Renewal of Landscaping Contracting Business and Landscape Construction Professional License

808-003-0231   Restoration of a License that has not been Permanently Revoked

808-003-0234   Inactive Military Status

808-003-0235   Inactive Status Generally

808-003-0240   Inactive Status Request at Renewal

808-003-0245   Inactive Status Request Other than at Renewal

808-003-0250   Renewal of Inactive Status

808-003-0255   Converting from Inactive to Active Status

808-003-0260   Independent Contractor

808-003-0440   Notification of Conviction of a Crime

808-003-0450   License Fitness Standards

808-003-0610   Bonds, Generally

808-003-0611   Letters of Credit or Deposits, Generally

808-003-0612   Entity Name Required on Bond, Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit

808-003-0613   Bond, Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit Amounts

808-003-0614   Effective and Cancellation Dates of the Bond, Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit

808-003-0615   New Bond, Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit Required for Change in Entity

808-003-0616   Restoration of Bond, Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit after Payment on Claim

808-003-0620   Workers’ Compensation Insurance

808-003-0700   Applications, Generally

808-003-0710   Fees

808-003-0720   Change to Limited Licenses, Generally

808-003-0730   Passing Scores, Probationary and Owner, Managing Employee

808-003-0740   Translation of Exam

808-003-0750   Combination of Written Exam Sections and Practical Skills Modules and Written Modules

808-003-0760 Required Identification at Examination Sites

808-003-0800   Written Examination Sections

808-003-0810   Written Examination Testing Requirements

808-003-0820   Scoring of Written Examinations

808-003-0830   Written Examination Retakes

808-003-0840   Appeal of Written Exam Results

808-003-0850   Cheating on the Exam

808-003-0900   Practical Skills Testing, Generally

808-003-0910   Registration for the Practical Skills Test

808-003-0920   Practical Skills Test Modules

808-003-0930   Scoring of Practical Skills Test Modules

808-003-0940   Practical Skills Test Retakes

808-003-0950   Cheating on Any Portion of the Practical Skills Test

808-003-0960   Transfer and Conversion of Exam Scores

808-003-0970   Appeal of Practical Skills Test Results

808-003-0980   Business Practices Class Requirement

808-003-0985   Business Practices Class

808-003-0990   Requirements of Provider of Business Practices Class

808-003-0995   Business Practices Class Material and Subjects



808-004-0120   Liability of Landscape Contracting Business

808-004-0160   Establishment of Co-Claimant

808-004-0195   Exhibits

808-004-0211   Address of Claimant and Respondent

808-004-0250   Exclusion of Certain Damages from Award

808-004-0260   Order Dismissing a Claim

Filing of Claims

808-004-0300   Filing Date of Claim

808-004-0310   Notice Required by ORS 671.700

808-004-0320   Jurisdictional Requirements

808-004-0340   Form of Claims

808-004-0350   Procedure if Information on Statement of Claim is Incomplete

Administrative Processing of Claims

808-004-0400   Initial Administrative Processing of Claims

808-004-0420   Processing Owner and Primary Contractor Claim Together

808-004-0440   Contracts With Mediation or Arbitration Agreements

808-004-0450   On-site Meeting and Attendance

808-004-0480   Resolution by Settlement and Construction of Settlement Agreement

808-004-0500   Closure of Claim After Settlement

808-004-0510   Court Judgments and Other Authorized Entry Determinations

808-004-0520   Processing of Claim Submitted to Court, Arbitrator or Other Entity

808-004-0530   Construction Lien Claims

808-004-0540   Establishing Monetary Damages, Issuing Proposed Default Order or Referring Claim for Hearing

808-004-0590   Referral of Claim to Arbitrator or Contested Case Hearing or Removal to Court

808-004-0600   Payment from Bond, Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Other Security



808-005-0020 Schedule of Civil Penalties and Suspensions

808-005-0030 Civil Penalty Collections



808-008-0020 Applicability of Rules; Application of ORS 36.600-36.740

808-008-0030 Incorporation of Office of Administrative Hearings Rules

808-008-0040 Arbitration of Disputes Outside Jurisdictional Requirements

808-008-0051 Application for Judicial Relief

808-008-0060 Appointment of Arbitrator

808-008-0080 Delegation of Duties

808-008-0085 Filing and Service of Pleadings and Other Documents

808-008-0090 Request for Contested Case Hearing or Removal to Court

808-008-0100 On-Site Investigation, Settlement Discussions

808-008-0110 Declaration of Damages and Amendment to Declaration of Damages

808-008-0120 Time and Place of Arbitration Hearing; Notice

808-008-0140 Qualifications of Arbitrator

808-008-0160 Substitution of Arbitrator

808-008-0180 Representation by Counsel

808-008-0200 Attendance at Hearings

808-008-0220 Postponement, Recess and Continuance

808-008-0260 Recording of Hearing

808-008-0280 Conduct of Hearing; Authority of Arbitrator

808-008-0291 Summary Disposition

808-008-0300 Arbitration in the Absence of a Party

808-008-0320 Discovery

808-008-0340 Subpoenas; Evidence

808-008-0360 Close of Hearings

808-008-0380 Waiver of Right to Object to Noncompliance with These Rules

808-008-0400 Services of Notices and Other Communications

808-008-0420 Time, Form, and Scope of Award; Limitation on Award

808-008-0425 Petition to Modify or Correct an Award; Issuance

808-008-0430 Form of Petition to Modify or Correct an Award

808-008-0440 Payments from Licensee's Bond

808-008-0460 Filing with Court; Exceptions

808-008-0480 Interpretation and Application of Rules

808-008-0500 Immunity of Arbitrator

808-008-0511 Competency of Arbitrator to Testify

808-008-0521 Attorney Fees and Costs



808-009-0010 Application of Rules

808-009-0020 Amendment to Declaration of Damages

808-009-0050 Providing Required Information to Parties

808-009-0060 Hearing Postponement

808-009-0070 Suspending Processing

808-009-0080 Administrative Law Judge

808-009-0085 Filing of Documents

808-009-0090 Authorized Representation of a Party

808-009-0095 Discovery and Subpoenas

808-009-0100 Burden of Proof and Failure to Meet Burden

808-009-0120 Determination of Validity of Claim

808-009-0140 Failure to Appear

808-009-0160 Order Based on Hearing, Limitation on Order

808-009-0180 Recording of Hearing

808-009-0200 Final Order without a Proposed Order

808-009-0220 Petition for Reconsideration or Rehearing; Request for Stay

808-009-0300 Hearing Notice and Limitation on Final Civil Penalty Order

808-009-0315 Hearing Request and Answers; Consequences of Failure to Answer

808-009-0320 Administrative Law Judge; Entry of Agency Evidence

808-009-0335 Administrative Law Judge; Entry of Agency Evidence

808-009-0340 Agency Representation by Officer or Employee

808-009-0400 Exceptions to Agency Orders, Claims

808-009-0420 Exceptions to Agency Orders, Enforcement

808-009-0430 Form of Exceptions to Agency Order

808-009-0440 Meeting of Board to Consider Appeals



808-030-0010   Owner/Managing Employee

808-030-0015   Managing Employee Requirements

808-030-0018   Managing Owner Requirements

808-030-0020   Course Requirements

808-030-0030   Requirements of Course Provider

808-030-0040   Course Material and Subjects

808-030-0050   Testing Requirements

808-030-0060   Testing Subversion

808-030-0070   Course Taking and Testing Period



808-040-0010 Continued Competency

808-040-0020 Continuing Education Biennial and Reporting Requirement

808-040-0025 Continued Education Programs

808-040-0030 Continuing Education Credit Criteria

808-040-0040 Acceptable Subject Matter

808-040-0050 Program Approval Process

808-040-0060 Continuing Education: Audit, Required Documentation and Sanctions

808-040-0070 Waivers

808-040-0080 CEH Requirement for Reinstatement to Active Status

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