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Ground Water Advisory Committee: Appointments, Terms, and Qualifications

(1) There is created the Ground Water Advisory Committee consisting of nine members appointed by the Commission: Three of whom shall be individuals actively engaged in some aspect of the water supply or monitoring well drilling industry. Members shall be residents of Oregon.

(2) Each member shall be appointed for a term of up to three years. When a vacancy occurs before the expiration of a term, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term only. Terms shall be staggered. Three of the terms shall expire each year.

(3) The Commission shall consider geographic representation, population representation, as well as a range of interests and expertise in the selection of members. The committee shall be composed of individuals with expertise in and representing interests of one or more of the following: well drilling industry, hydrogeology, irrigation, local government, Indian Tribes, environment, public health, industry, commerce, water project development, watershed enhancement, instream flow, agriculture, well pump installation, exempt ground water users, any other category with a ground water interest. The Commission shall give consideration to individuals with multiple category backgrounds.

(4) Officers of Committee: The Committee shall select one of its members as Chair and another as Vice-Chair. Maximum terms of officers shall be two years for each position within six consecutive years.

(5) Meetings of the Committee: The Committee shall meet at least once every three months at locations specified by the Director.

(6) Members may receive travel expenses subject to ORS 292.495.

(7) The Department shall solicit candidates for the committee in anticipation of an appointment. The Department shall mail notice seeking candidates to all persons and organizations which have filed with the Department a written request to be included on the mailing list maintained for the Ground Water Advisory Committee. Appointments to the committee are not limited to individuals submitted for consideration as a result of the solicitation process set forth above.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 536.090
Stats. Implemented: ORS 536.090
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Ground Water Advisory Committee Duties

The Committee shall consider and advise the Commission on all matters relating to:

(1) Rules, legislation, and public policy for the development, securing, use, and protection of groundwater.

(2) Licensing of well constructors, including the examination of such persons for license.

(3) Review the proposed expenditure of all revenues generated under ORS 537.762(5). At least once a year, and before the expenditure of such funds on new program activities, the Water Resources Department and the Committee shall develop jointly a proposed expenditure plan for concurrence by the Water Resources Commission. The plan may be modified, if necessary, upon the joint recommendation of the Department and the Committee with concurrence by the Commission.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 536.090 & ORS 537.505 - ORS 537.795
Stats. Implemented: ORS 536.090 & ORS 537.505 - ORS 537.795
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