The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Oregon Department of Education

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581-001-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

581-001-0002 Authorization for Employee to Appear on Behalf of Agency in Certain Hearings

581-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure

581-001-0016 Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

581-001-0053 Parking Rules (OSSD)

581-001-0100 Audit and Other Financial Appeals

581-001-0105 Establishing Fees for Public Records

581-001-0110 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications

581-001-0115 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Workplace Interpersonal Dispute Mediation Communications

581-001-0125 Administration of Intergovernmental Agreements



581-002-0090 Accountability Reporting Advisory Committee

581-002-0200 Class Size Collection

581-002-1800 Dyslexia-Related Training: Definitions

581-002-1805 Annual List of Dyslexia-Related Training Opportunities

581-002-1810 Waiver from Teacher Training Requirements



581-010-0200 Minimum Standards and Definitions Pertaining to Objectives of Reorganization



581-011-0050 Generally

581-011-0052 Accessible Instructional Materials Required

581-011-0055 Guidelines for the Selection of Instructional Materials Criteria Committees

581-011-0060 Guidelines for Criteria Development by Committees

581-011-0065 Approval of Criteria for Evaluation of Instructional Materials

581-011-0066 Appointment of Committees to Evaluate Instructional Materials for State Adoption

581-011-0067 Compensation for Evaluators of Submitted Instructional Materials

581-011-0070 Adoption Period for Instructional Materials

581-011-0071 Instructional Materials Adopted by the State Board of Education

581-011-0075 Proposal (BID) Forms

581-011-0080 Contract Forms and Authority

581-011-0086 Substitutions of New Editions or Versions of State-Adopted Instructional Materials

581-011-0087 Digital, Electronic, or Web-based Materials and Media

581-011-0090 Assessment of Submission Fees

581-011-0095 Submission of Instructional Materials

581-011-0114 Instructional Materials Caravan

581-011-0117 Criteria for the Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials



581-013-0005 Definitions

581-013-0010 Equity Lens

581-013-0015 Fund Administration

581-013-0020 Eligibility

581-013-0025 Biennial Plan

581-013-0030 Reporting

581-013-0035 Monitoring and Technical Assistance



581-015-2000 Definitions

581-015-2005 Criteria for Approving School District Special Education Programs

581-015-2010 Census and Data Reporting

581-015-2015 Compliance Monitoring

581-015-2020 Recovery of Funds for Misclassified Children

581-015-2025 Advanced Payment to School Districts for Special Education Programs

581-015-2030 Procedures for Complaints as Required by IDEA Regulations

581-015-2035 Minimum Standards for Sign Language Interpreters Serving Students in Public Schools

581-015-2040 Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and Age Ranges

581-015-2045 Age Limitations and Exceptions to FAPE

581-015-2050 Graduation

581-015-2055 Assistive Technology

581-015-2060 Accessible Materials

581-015-2065 Extended School Year Services

581-015-2070 Nonacademic Services

581-015-2075 Charter Schools

581-015-2080 Child Find

581-015-2085 Child Find for Children Attending Private Schools

581-015-2090 Consent

581-015-2095 Exceptions to Consent

581-015-2100 Responsibility for Evaluation and Eligibility Determination

581-015-2105 Evaluation and Reevaluation Requirements

581-015-2110 General Evaluation and Reevaluation Procedures

581-015-2115 Evaluation Planning

581-015-2120 Determination of Eligibility

581-015-2125 Interpretation of Evaluation Data

581-015-2130 Autism Spectrum Disorder

581-015-2135 Communication Disorder

581-015-2140 Deafblindness

581-015-2145 Emotional Disturbance Eligibility Criteria

581-015-2150 Hearing Impairment

581-015-2155 Intellectual Disability

581-015-2160 Orthopedic Impairment

581-015-2165 Other Health Impairment

581-015-2170 Specific Learning Disability

581-015-2175 Traumatic Brain Injury

581-015-2180 Vision Impairment

581-015-2190 Parent Participation - General

581-015-2195 Additional Parent Participation Requirements for IEP and Placement Meetings

581-015-2200 Content of IEP

581-015-2205 IEP Team Considerations and Special Factors

581-015-2210 IEP Team

581-015-2215 Oregon Standard IEP

581-015-2220 When IEPs Must Be In Effect

581-015-2225 Review and Revision of IEPs

581-015-2230 Transfer Students

581-015-2235 School District and Participating Agency Responsibilities for Transition Services

581-015-2240 Requirement for Least Restrictive Environment

581-015-2245 Alternative Placements and Supplementary Aids and Services

581-015-2250 Placement of the Child

581-015-2255 Nonacademic Settings

581-015-2260 Rights of Children with Disabilities in Private Schools Placed or Referred by Public Agencies

581-015-2265 Obligations of Public Agencies that Contract with Approved Private Schools

581-015-2270 Standards for Approval of Private Schools for School-age Children

581-015-2275 Standards for Approval of Private Preschools

581-015-2280 Process for Approval of Private School or Preschool as a Contractor with Public Agencies

581-015-2285 Suspension, Revocation or Refusal to Renew Approval

581-015-2290 Appeal of Denial, Suspension, Revocation or Refusal to Renew Approval

581-015-2295 Out-of-State Placements for Special Education

581-015-2300 Access to Student Education Records

581-015-2305 Independent Educational Evaluation

581-015-2310 Prior Written Notice

581-015-2315 Notice of Procedural Safeguards

581-015-2320 Surrogate Parents

581-015-2325 Transfer of Procedural Rights at Age of Majority

581-015-2330 Notice of Transfer of Rights at Majority

581-015-2335 Mediation

581-015-2340 Procedural Rules for Due Process Hearings

581-015-2345 Hearing Request and Response

581-015-2350 Sufficiency of Hearing Request

581-015-2355 Resolution Process

581-015-2360 Pre-Hearing Conference, Notice of Hearing and Hearing Rights

581-015-2365 Criteria for Administrative Law Judge

581-015-2370 Conduct of Hearing

581-015-2375 Decision of Administrative Law Judge

581-015-2380 Informal Disposition

581-015-2383 Failure to Appear at a Hearing

581-015-2385 Hearing Costs

581-015-2390 Definitions for Hearings Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

581-015-2395 Procedures for a Hearing under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

581-015-2400 Definitions

581-015-2405 Disciplinary Removals for Up to 10 School Days for Children with Disabilities

581-015-2410 Additional Disciplinary Removals of Up to 10 School Days Each (No Pattern)

581-015-2415 Disciplinary Removals of More than 10 School Days (Pattern or Consecutive)

581-015-2420 Manifestation Determination

581-015-2425 Removal to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting by School District

581-015-2430 Removal to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting by Administrative Law Judge (Injurious Behavior)

581-015-2435 Requirements of an Interim Alternative Educational Setting

581-015-2440 Protections for Children Not Yet Eligible for Special Education

581-015-2445 Expedited Due Process Hearings

581-015-2450 Definitions

581-015-2455 Provision of services for Private School Children with Disabilities

581-015-2460 Services Plan

581-015-2465 Documentation Requirements

581-015-2470 Expenditures for Parentally-Placed Private School Children

581-015-2475 Private School Child Count

581-015-2480 Consultation with Representatives of Private School Children with Disabilities

581-015-2483 Written Affirmation

581-015-2485 Complaint by Private School Official

581-015-2490 Complaints and Due Process Hearings for Private School Children

581-015-2495 Funds and Property Not to Benefit Private Schools

581-015-2500 Use of Personnel

581-015-2505 Separate Classes Prohibited

581-015-2510 Property, Equipment, and Supplies

581-015-2515 Reimbursement for Private Placement

581-015-2530 Children with Disabilities under IDEA Enrolled in Public Benefits or Insurance

581-015-2535 Children with Disabilities Covered by Private Insurance

581-015-2540 Definitions for Regional Programs

581-015-2545 Administration of Regional Programs

581-015-2550 Eligibility for Regional Services

581-015-2555 Referral for Regional Services

581-015-2560 Individualized Educational Program/Individualized Family Service Plan

581-015-2565 Regional Program Services

581-015-2570 Definitions and Purposes of Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Programs

581-015-2571 Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Education Program Eligibility and Approval

581-015-2572 Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Education Program Funding Formula

581-015-2573 Due Process Hearings for Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Education Programs

581-015-2574 Resident District Obligations for Students in Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Education Programs

581-015-2575 School Programs in Private Hospitals

581-015-2580 School Programs in State-Operated Hospitals

581-015-2585 Youth (Juvenile) Corrections Education and Juvenile Detention Education Programs

581-015-2590 Required Days of Instruction

581-015-2595 Education Programs for Children at Residential Youth Care Centers

581-015-2600 Incarcerated Youth

581-015-2605 Plans to Serve Students in Local or Regional Correctional Facilities

581-015-2610 Standards for Home, Hospital, Institutional or Other Regularly Scheduled Instruction

581-015-2700 Definitions — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2705 Establishment of Service Areas

581-015-2710 Selection of Contractor

581-015-2712 Availability of Early Intervention Services

581-015-2713 Central Directory

581-015-2715 Role of Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)

581-015-2720 Census and Data Reporting — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2725 Compliance Monitoring — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2730 Parent Consent for EI

581-015-2735 Parent Consent for ECSE

581-015-2740 Exceptions to Parental Consent — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2745 Prior Written Notice and Notice of Procedural Safeguards — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2750 Parent Participation — General — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2755 Additional Parental Participation Requirements for IFSP and Placement Meetings — EI/ECSE Program

581-015-2760 Surrogate Parents — EI/ECSE

581-015-2765 Independent Education Evaluation — ECSE

581-015-2770 Confidentiality of Records for Preschool Children with Disabilities

581-015-2774 Referral Procedures

581-015-2775 EI Evaluation

581-015-2780 EI Eligibility

581-015-2785 Provision of EI Services Before an Evaluation and Assessment Are Completed

581-015-2786 Dispute Resolution Within and Between Public Agencies — Early Intervention (EI) Services

581-015-2790 ECSE Evaluation

581-015-2795 ECSE Eligibility

581-015-2800 Termination of Eligibility — EI/ECSE

581-015-2805 EI and ECSE Transition

581-015-2810 IFSP Meeting Procedures and Timelines

581-015-2815 IFSP Content

581-015-2820 IFSP Team Consideration and Special Factors

581-015-2825 Participants for IFSP Team Meetings and Reviews

581-015-2830 Implementation of the IFSP

581-015-2835 Natural Environments in EI

581-015-2840 Service Coordination

581-015-2845 Placement and Least Restrictive Environment in ECSE

581-015-2850 Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for ECSE

581-015-2855 Extended Year Services for ECSE

581-015-2860 Assistive Technology for ECSE

581-015-2863 Procedures for EI/ECSE Complaints

581-015-2865 Mediation

581-015-2870 Due Process Hearings

581-015-2875 Discipline of Children with Disabilities for ECSE

581-015-2880 Private Placement — ECSE

581-015-2885 Preschool Children with Disabilities Covered by Public Insurance

581-015-2890 Preschool Children with Disabilities Covered by Private Insurance

581-015-2895 Health and Safety

581-015-2900 Personnel Standards

581-015-2905 Authorization of Early Childhood Specialist

581-015-2910 Authorization of Early Childhood Supervisor

581-015-2930 Employment-Related Transition Services



581-016-0520 Definitions

581-016-0526 General Placement

581-016-0536 Procedures for Referral and Placement

581-016-0537 General Obligations

581-016-0538 Resident School District Responsibility

581-016-0541 Termination of Placement and Revocation of Consent

581-016-0560 Placement Appeal Procedures -- OSD

581-016-0700 Goals for Education

581-016-0710 High School Requirements for Graduation

581-016-0720 Essential Learning Skills

581-016-0730 Career and Vocational Education

581-016-0740 Special Provisions

581-016-0750 Curriculum

581-016-0760 Required Days of Instruction

581-016-0770 Equal Educational Opportunities

581-016-0780 Personnel

581-016-0790 Daily Class Size

581-016-0800 Educational Materials

581-016-0810 Individual Student

581-016-0820 Instructional Program

581-016-0830 Related and Support Services

581-016-0840 Emergency Plans and Safety Programs

581-016-0850 Operating Policies and Procedures

581-016-0860 Records and Reports

581-016-0870 Support Services

581-016-0880 Statewide Educational Resource



581-017-0005 Definitions

581-017-0010 Equity Lens

581-017-0020 Timelines and Performance Measures

581-017-0100 Definitions

581-017-0105 Establishment

581-017-0110 Eligibility

581-017-0115 Implementation Grant Funding

581-017-0200 Definitions

581-017-0205 Establishment

581-017-0210 Eligibility

581-017-0215 Implementation of Grant Funding

581-017-0220 Timelines and Performance Measures

581-017-0287  Definitions

581-017-0291  Purpose

581-017-0294  Funding

581-017-0297  Reporting

581-017-0301 Definitions

581-017-0302 Fiscal Agent for CTE and STEM Grants

581-017-0306 Establishment of Regional STEM Hubs

581-017-0309 Eligibility of Regional STEM Hubs

581-017-0312 Criteria of Regional STEM Hubs Awards

581-017-0315 Implementation of Grant Funding of Regional STEM Hubs

581-017-0318 Reporting of Regional STEM Hubs

581-017-0321 Establishment of the STEM Innovation Grants

581-017-0324 Eligibility of STEM Innovation Grant

581-017-0327 Criteria of STEM Innovation Grant

581-017-0330 Implementation of STEM Innovation Grant

581-017-0333 Reporting of STEM Innovation Grant

581-017-0335 Definitions and Establishment of STEM Lab Schools

581-017-0338 Eligibility of STEM Lab Schools

581-017-0341 Criteria of STEM Lab Schools

581-017-0344 Implementation of Grant Funding of STEM Lab Schools

581-017-0347 Reporting of STEM Lab Schools

581-017-0350 Definitions

581-017-0353 Regional Promise Grant Program Establishment

581-017-0356 Eligibility

581-017-0359 Implementation of Grant Funding

581-017-0362 Timelines and Performance Measures

581-017-0365 Definitions

581-017-0367  Establishment

581-017-0369 Eligibility

581-017-0371 Criteria

581-017-0373 Funding

581-017-0375 Reporting

581-017-0380 Definitions

581-017-0383 Establishment

581-017-0386 Eligibility

581-017-0389 Criteria

581-017-0392 Funding

581-017-0395 Reporting

581-017-0432 Definitions

581-017-0435 Purpose

581-017-0438 Eligibility

581-017-0441 Application Process and Criteria

581-017-0444 Awarding and Using Competitive Oregon Farm to School Program Grants

581-017-0447 Performance Measures and Reporting

581-017-0450 Establishment

581-017-0453 Eligibility

581-017-0456 Criteria

581-017-0459 Funding

581-017-0462 Reporting

581-017-0466  Definitions

581-017-0470  Establishment

581-017-0474  Eligibility

581-017-0478  Criteria

581-017-0482  Funding

581-017-0486  Reporting

581-017-0550 Definitions

581-017-0553 Establishment

581-017-0556 Eligibility

581-017-0559 Criteria

581-017-0562 Funding

581-017-0565 Reporting




Guiding Principles

581-018-0005   Definitions

581-018-0010   Equity Lens

581-018-0020   Timelines and Performance Measures

School District Collaboration Grant Program

581-018-0100   Definitions

581-018-0105   Eligibility

581-018-0110   Criteria

581-018-0115   Design Grant Funding

581-018-0120   Implementation Grant Funding

581-018-0125   Reporting

Beginning Teacher and Administrator Support Program

581-018-0130   Definitions

581-018-0133   Mentoring Program Standards

581-018-0136   Pertaining to Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentorship Program

581-018-0139   The Selection, Nature and Extent of Duties of Mentor Teachers

581-018-0142   Eligibility

581-018-0145   Grant Application

581-018-0148   Funding

581-018-0151   Violation and Penalty

Closing the Achievement Gap for African American Students Grant

581-018-0200   Definitions

581-018-0205   Establishment

581-018-0210   Eligibility

581-018-0215   Criteria

581-018-0220   Funding

581-018-0225   Reporting

581-018-0250   Definitions

581-018-0255   Establishment

581-018-0260   Eligibility

581-018-0265   Criteria

581-018-0270   Funding

581-018-0275   Reporting

581-018-0300   Definitions

581-018-0305   Establishment

581-018-0310   Eligibility

581-018-0315   Criteria

581-018-0320   Grant Funding

581-018-0325   Reporting

Support for Small/Rural Districts

581-018-0327   Definitions

581-018-0330   Purpose and Eligibility

581-018-0333   Funding

581-018-0336   Reporting

Oregon Minority Educator Retention Grant

581-018-0381   Definitions

581-018-0386   Establishment

581-018-0391   Eligibility

581-018-0394   Criteria

581-018-0396   Funding

581-018-0398   Reporting

Oregon Minority Educator Pipeline Models Grant

581-018-0401   Definitions

581-018-0406   Establishment

581-018-0411   Eligibility

581-018-0416   Criteria

581-018-0421   Funding

581-018-0425   Reporting

Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning Grant

581-018-0431   Definitions

581-018-0434   Establishment

581-018-0437   Eligibility

581-018-0440   Implementation of Grant Funding

581-018-0443   Timelines and Performance Measures

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practices Grant

581-018-0500   Definitions

581-018-0503   Establishment

581-018-0506   Eligibility

581-018-0509   Criteria

581-018-0512   Funding

581-018-0515   Reporting

American Indian/Alaskan Native Culturally Relevant Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy Grant Program

581-018-0520   Definitions

581-018-0523   Establishment

581-018-0526   Eligibility

581-018-0529   Criteria

581-018-0532   Funding

581-018-0535   Reporting

English Language Proficiency Standards Professional Learning Grant

581-018-0540   Definitions

581-018-0543   Establishment

581-018-0546   Purpose of Grant

581-018-0549   Eligibility

581-018-0552   Grant Uses and Requirements

581-018-0553   Funding

Early Learning Professional Development Grant

581-018-0575   Definitions

581-018-0578   Establishment

581-018-0581   Eligibility

581-018-0584   Criteria

581-018-0587   Funding

581-018-0590   Reporting



581-019-0005 Definitions

581-019-0010 Use of Grant Funds by Grantees

581-019-0015 Eligibility Criteria for Contract Applicants

581-019-0020 Proposal Review and Contract Award

581-019-0025 Program Design

581-019-0030 Eligibility Criteria for Children Served

581-019-0035 Suspected Abuse

Preschool Promise Program

581-019-0036 Purpose

581-019-0037 Definitions

581-019-0038 Child and Family Eligibility Criteria

581-019-0039 Hub Selection Process; Fund disbursement

581-019-0040 Use of Funds by Hubs

581-019-0041 Eligibility Criteria for Preschool Promise Program Providers

581-019-0042 Provider/Hub Contracts

581-019-0043 Minimum Requirements

581-019-0044 Minimum Salary requirements for Lead Preschool Teacher

581-019-0045 Use of funds by Preschool Provider

581-019-0046 Program Monitoring and Evaluation

581-019-0047 Waiver Application Process

581-019-0048 Reporting

581-019-0049 Suspected Abuse

Parent Education

581-019-0050 Definitions

581-019-0055 Use of Grant Funds

581-019-0060 Eligibility Criteria for Contract Applicants

581-019-0065 Proposal Review and Contract Award

581-019-0070 Program Design

581-019-0075 Targeting of Services to Families

581-019-0078 Collect Data

581-019-0080 Suspected Abuse

Tax Credits for Student-Parent Programs and Child Development Programs

581-019-0100 Tax Credits for Student-Parent Programs and Child Development Programs



581-020-0005 Pertaining to School Improvement and Professional Development

581-020-0010 Definitions

581-020-0015 Eligibility

581-020-0020 Grant Application

581-020-0025 Professional Growth, Career Opportunities, and Instructional Improvement

581-020-0030 Application

581-020-0050 Evaluation

581-020-0055 Professional Development Centers

581-020-0100 Pertaining to 21st Century Schools

581-020-0105 Definitions

581-020-0110 Eligibility

581-020-0115 Application

581-020-0120 State Advisory Committee

581-020-0125 District Planning Committee

581-020-0130 21st Century Schools Council

581-020-0135 Evaluation and Annual Reports

581-020-0200 School Facility Improvement Grants

581-020-0250 Physical Education Grants

581-020-0500 OVSD Definition

581-020-0505 Online School Definition

581-020-0510 Oregon Teacher

581-020-0515 Oregon Classroom Content

581-020-0520 Required School District Guidelines for Digital Instruction

581-020-0531 Definitions

581-020-0534 Eligibility

581-020-0537 Criteria

581-020-0540 Funding

581-020-0542 Reporting and Monitoring

581-020-0600 ELL District and School Improvement: Definitions

581-020-0603 ELL District and School Improvement: Program

581-020-0606 ELL District and School Improvement: District Eligibility and Selection

581-020-0609 ELL District and School Improvement: District Selection

581-020-0612 ELL District and School Improvement: Transformation Districts

581-020-0613 Transformation District Technical Assistance

581-020-0615 Target Districts

581-020-0621  ELL District and School Improvement: District Expenditure of Moneys

581-020-0624 ELL District and School Improvement: Best Practices and Promising




School Governance

581-021-0017 Dental Screening Certification

581-021-0019 Interdistrict Transfer Agreement

581-021-0020 District School Board Proceedings

581-021-0022 Student Evaluation

581-021-0023 Mercury Elimination Policy

581-021-0026 Examination of Children Instructed by Parent, Legal Guardian or Private Teacher

581-021-0029 Home Schooling for Children with Disabilities

581-021-0030 Limitation on Administration and Utilization of Tests in Public Schools

581-021-0031 Vision Screening Certification

581-021-0033 Interscholastic Activities Eligibility Requirement for Home School Students

581-021-0037 Administration of Prescription and Nonprescription Medication to Students

581-021-0038 Minimum Requirements for School District Sexual Harassment Policies

Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity

581-021-0041 Form and Protocol for Sports Physical Examinations

581-021-0043 Displaying Sovereign Tribal Government’s Flags in Public Schools

581-021-0045 Discrimination Prohibited

581-021-0046 Program Compliance Standards

581-021-0047 Prohibits Public Schools from using Native American Mascots

581-021-0049 Hearings and Appeals

Student Conduct and Discipline

581-021-0050 Minimum Standards for Student Conduct and Discipline

581-021-0055 Standards of Conduct

581-021-0059 Model Programs for Disruptive Students

581-021-0060 Discipline Procedures, Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

581-021-0061 Corporal Punishment

581-021-0065 Suspension

581-021-0070 Expulsion

581-021-0071 District Information for Parents and Students Regarding the Availability of Alternative Education Programs

581-021-0072 Registration of Private Alternative Programs/ Schools

581-021-0073 Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Registration of Private Alternative Program/School Procedure

581-021-0075 Distribution

581-021-0076 Exemption from Compulsory Attendance

581-021-0077 Compulsory Attendance Notices and Citation

581-021-0100 School Traffic Patrols

581-021-0110 Tobacco Free Schools

581-021-0200 Standard Education for Oregon Students

581-021-0210 Evaluating Student Transcripts

581-021-0220 Definitions

581-021-0225 Records of Law Enforcement Units

581-021-0230 The Rights of Parents

581-021-0240 The Rights of Eligible Students

581-021-0250 An Educational Agency or Institution’s Policy Regarding Student Education Records

581-021-0255 Transfer of Student Education Records

581-021-0260 An Educational Agency or Institution’s Annual Notification

581-021-0265 Confidentiality of Student Education Records

581-021-0270 Rights of Inspection and Review of Education Records

581-021-0280 Fees for Copies of Education Records

581-021-0290 Limitations on the Right to Inspect and Review Records

581-021-0300 A Parent or Eligible Student’s Request for Amendment of a Student’s Education Records

581-021-0310 Right to a Hearing to Challenge Content

581-021-0320 Minimum Requirements for the Conduct of a Hearing

581-021-0330 Prior Consent to Disclose Information

581-021-0340 Exceptions to Prior Consent

581-021-0350 Limitations on the Redisclosure of Information

581-021-0360 Conditions for the Disclosure of Information to Other Educational Agencies or Institutions

581-021-0370 Conditions for the Disclosure of Information for Federal or State Program Purposes

581-021-0371 Conditions for Disclosure of Information to Comply with Judicial Order or Subpoena

581-021-0372 Conditions for the Disclosure of Information When Legal Action Initiated

581-021-0380 Conditions for the Disclosure of Information in Health and Safety Emergencies

581-021-0390 Conditions for the Disclosure of Directory Information

581-021-0391 Conditions for the Disclosure of Information to Juvenile Justice Agencies

581-021-0400 Recordkeeping Requirements

581-021-0410 Filing a Federal Complaint

581-021-0420 Civil Action

581-021-0430 The Distribution of Rules Relating to Student Records

581-021-0500 Fingerprinting of Subject Individuals in Positions Not Requiring Licensure as Teachers, Administrators, Personnel Specialists, School Nurses

581-021-0505 Radio Frequency Identification Device Policy for Student

Physical Restraint and Seclusion

581-021-0550 Definitions

581-021-0553 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion in Public Education Programs

581-021-0556 Program’s Procedures Regarding Physical Restraint & Seclusion

581-021-0559 Reporting Requirements for the Use of Physical Restraint & Seclusion

581-021-0563 Approval of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Training Programs for School Staff

581-021-0566 Required Use of Approved Restraint and Seclusion Programs

581-021-0568 Standards for Seclusion Rooms

581-021-0569 Use of Seclusion Cells Prohibited

581-021-0570 Complaint Procedures

Post Graduate Scholar Programs

581-021-0576 Definitions

581-021-0578 School District Eligibility to Offer a Post Graduate Scholar Program

581-021-0579 Student Eligibility to Participate in a Post Graduate Scholar Program

Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy

581-021-0580 Definitions

581-021-0582 Establishment

581-021-0584 Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy



581-022-0102 Definitions

581-022-0405 Career Education

581-022-0413 Prevention Education Programs in Drugs and Alcohol

581-022-0416 Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancing Substances

581-022-0421 Safety of School Sports — Concussions

581-022-0606 District Continuous Improvement Plan

581-022-0610 Administration of State Assessments

581-022-0612 Exception of Students with Disabilities from State Assessment Testing

581-022-0615 Assessment of Essential Skills

581-022-0617 Essential Skills for English Language Learners

581-022-0620 Test Development

581-022-0705 Health Services

581-022-0711 Policies on Reporting of Child Abuse

581-022-0807 Standardization

581-022-1020 State Goals for Elementary and Secondary Education

581-022-1030 Local District Goals

581-022-1060 School and District Performance Report Criteria

581-022-1130 Diploma Requirements

581-022-1131 Credit Options

581-022-1133 Extended Diploma

581-022-1134 Modified Diploma

581-022-1135 Alternative Certificate

581-022-1140 Equal Educational Opportunities

581-022-1210 District Curriculum

581-022-1215 Literacy Instruction

581-022-1310 Identification of Academically Talented and Intellectually Gifted Students

581-022-1320 Rights of Parents of Talented and Gifted Students

581-022-1330 Programs and Services for Talented and Gifted Students

581-022-1340 Special Education for Children with Disabilities

581-022-1350 Alternative Education Programs

581-022-1362 Expanded Options — Purpose

581-022-1363 Expanded Options — Definitions

581-022-1364 Expanded Options — Requirements for Oregon Public School Districts

581-022-1365 Expanded Options — Annual Notice

581-022-1366 Expanded Options — Annual Credit Hour Cap

581-022-1367 Expanded Options — Responsibilities of Eligible Students

581-022-1368 Expanded Options — State School Fund, Expenditures, Request for Waiver

581-022-1370 Expanded Options — Alternative Programs

581-022-1371 Expanded Options — Charter School Participation

581-022-1372 Expanded Options — Request for Program Waiver

581-022-1420 Emergency Plans and Safety Programs

581-022-1430 Asbestos Management Plans

581-022-1440 Human Sexuality Education

581-022-1510 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

581-022-1512 Child Development Specialist Programs

581-022-1520 Media Programs

581-022-1530 Auxiliary Services

581-022-1610 Operating Policies and Procedures

581-022-1620 Required Instructional Time

581-022-1622 Independent Adoptions of Instructional Materials

581-022-1630 Daily Class Size

581-022-1640 Instructional Materials Adoption

581-022-1650 Postponement of Purchase of State-Adopted Instructional Materials

581-022-1660 Records and Reports

581-022-1661 Report on Physical Education Data

581-022-1670 Individual Student Assessment, Recordkeeping, Grading, and Reporting

581-022-1710 Personnel

581-022-1720 Personnel Policies

581-022-1723 Teacher and Administrator Evaluation and Support

581-022-1724 Core Teaching Standards

581-022-1725 Educational Leadership — Administrator Standards

581-022-1730 Fingerprinting of Subject Individuals in Positions Not Requiring Licensure as Teachers, Administrators, Personnel Specialists, School Nurses

581-022-1910 Exemptions

581-022-1920 Waivers and Permission

581-022-1940 Appeal Procedure

581-022-1941 Complaint Procedures

581-022-2130 Kindergarten Assessment

581-022-2223 Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

581-022-2440 Teacher Training Related to Dyslexia




581-023-0006   Student Accounting Records and State Reporting

581-023-0008   Accountable Activities for Alternative Education Programs

581-023-0009   Small High School Grants

581-023-0015   Additional Remote Small School Weighting

581-023-0018   Resident Enrollment and Resident Average Daily Membership by County Lines

581-023-0019   School Census

581-023-0022   Funding for Youth Corrections and Juvenile Detention Education Programs

581-023-0035   Budgeting and Accounting for Schools

581-023-0036   Factors for when audit initiated by Department

581-023-0037   Audit Statement of Revenue and Expenditure Accounts by Fund

581-023-0038   Audit Requirements for School Food and Nutrition Services

581-023-0040   Approved Transportation Costs for Payments from the State School Fund

581-023-0041   Computation of Net Operating Expenditures

581-023-0060   State Superintendent’s Approval of Bonded Debt for Nonstandard and Conditionally Standard School Districts

581-023-0100   Eligibility Criteria for Student Weighting for Purposes of State School Fund Distribution

581-023-0102   Poverty Eligibility Determination for Purposes of State School Fund Distribution

581-023-0104   Reimbursement to School Districts for Children with High Cost Disabilities

581-023-0106   Calculation of Extended ADMw for Charter Schools

581-023-0112   School Improvement Fund

581-023-0220   State Education Lottery Bonds

581-023-0230   Facility Grant

581-023-0240   School Revenue Forecast

581-023-0250   English Language Learner Revenue and Expenditure Report Criteria



581-024-0190 Legal Name, Common Name and Annexation

581-024-0191 ESD Merger -- General Requirements

581-024-0192 Establishment of Zones for New ESD

581-024-0193 Election of Board of New ESD


581-024-0205 Definitions

Powers and Duties

581-024-0206 Powers and Duties

581-024-0208 Purpose and Goals


581-024-0210 Administration of the Standardization Requirements

581-024-0215 Assignment of Standardization Classification

Planning, Assessment and Evaluation

581-024-0226 Assessment and Evaluation of Services

581-024-0228 Review School District Operations

Instructional Services

581-024-0231 Curriculum Improvement

581-024-0235 Special Education Services

Support Services

581-024-0240 Administration

581-024-0245 Staff

581-024-0250 District Boundary Board

581-024-0252 Boundary Changes

581-024-0255 Attendance Supervision

581-024-0257 Children Instructed by Parent or Private Teacher

581-024-0260 Budgets

581-024-0262 Budget Committee

581-024-0265 Audits

581-024-0270 State Board Assistance

581-024-0275 Facilities, Safety and Emergency Planning

581-024-0280 Auxiliary Services

581-024-0285 Local Service Plans

581-024-0290 Advisors to the Board

581-024-0300 Advisory Committees

581-024-0310 Gifts and Bequests



581-025-0005 District Boundary Board Hearings

581-025-0010 Final Decision of District Boundary Board

581-025-0015 Submission of Record to the State Board of Education

581-025-0020 Procedure for Appeal to the State Board of Education of a District Boundary Board Decision



581-026-0005 Definitions

Proposal Process

581-026-0050 Public Charter School Proposal Submission and Completeness

581-026-0055 Public Charter School Proposal Review and Resubmission

581-026-0060 Public Charter School Proposal Reconsideration

581-026-0065 Appeal Process

Charter Contract Development and Timelines

581-026-0100 Development and Execution of a Charter

581-026-0110 Public Charter School Mediation Provided by the State Board of Education

581-026-0120 Charter School Development Timelines

581-026-0125 Timeline Extensions

581-026-0130 Procedure to Waive Certain Provisions of the Charter School Law


581-026-0200 Financial Management System

581-026-0210 Annual Financial Reporting

Virtual Public Charter Schools

581-026-0300 Virtual Public Charter Schools

581-026-0305 Virtual Public Charter School Student Enrollment

581-026-0310 Virtual Public Charter School Student Enrollment Appeal Procedure


581-026-0400 Process to Renew Charter

581-026-0405 Appeal of Sponsor's Decision Not to Renew a Charter


581-026-0500 Process for Sponsor to Terminate Charter

581-026-0505 Process to Appeal Decision by Sponsor to Terminate Charter

581-026-0510 Process for Charter School Governing Body to Terminate Charter and Dissolve Public Charter School

581-026-0515 Distribution of Assets of a Terminated or Dissolved Public Charter School

581-026-0600 Public Charter School Facility Location



581-027-0005 Definitions

581-027-0010 Calculations for Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program Priority List

581-027-0015 Calculations for Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program Funding Formula

581-027-0020 Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program Application

581-027-0025 Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program Grant Restrictions

Technical Assistance Grant Program Procedures

581-027-0030 Technical Assistance Grant Program Procedures

581-027-0035 Facility Assessment Requirements

581-027-0040 Long-Range Facility Plan Requirements

581-027-0045 Seismic Assessment Requirements

581-027-0050 Contractor Certification Program



581-037-0005 Definitions

581-037-0006 Qualifications of Educational Assistants

581-037-0015 Assignment and Direction and Supervision of Educational Assistants

581-037-0025 Training of Educational Assistants



Career and Technical Education Revitalization Grant Program

581-044-0210 Definitions

581-044-0220 Policy

581-044-0230 Eligibility

581-044-0240 Criteria for Grant Awards

581-044-0250 Grant Advisory Committee

581-044-0260 Method of Awarding Competitive Grants



Standards for Registration of Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

581-045-0586 Fingerprinting of Subject Individuals Employed by Private Schools in Positions Not Requiring Licensure as Teachers, Administrators, Personnel Specialists, School Nurses



581-049-0000 Purpose

581-049-0010 Definitions

581-049-0020 Standards

581-049-0030 Process of Accreditation

581-049-0040 Deficiencies



581-051-0100 School Nutrition Programs

Inspection Procedures

581-051-0305 Food Safety Inspection Definitions

581-051-0306 Food Safety Inspection Requirements

581-051-0310 Food Safety Inspection Procedures

581-051-0400 Breakfast Programs

581-051-0500 Purpose of Rules

581-051-0510 Definitions

581-051-0520 Scope of Rules

581-051-0530 Responsibilities of the Oregon Department of Education

581-051-0550 Contracts Authorized

581-051-0555 Contract Renewal

581-051-0560 Responsibilities of Sponsors

581-051-0565 Responsibilities of Food Service Management Companies

581-051-0570 Procurement Procedures Required

581-051-0580 Contract Terms Required

581-051-0590 Meal Quality



581-053-0002 Purpose and Applicability

581-053-0003 Definitions

Administration of Pupil Transportation

581-053-0004 Administration of Pupil Transportation — Generally

581-053-0010 Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Buses and School Activity Vehicles

581-053-0021 Minimum Record Retention Requirements

581-053-0031 Driving Hour Limitations

581-053-0040 Physical Examinations

581-053-0050 Driving and Criminal Records

581-053-0060 Refusals, Suspensions, Revocations and Invalid Certificates

581-053-0070 School Bus and School Activity Vehicle Acquisition, Maintenance and Inspection

Non-Driving Related Certificates

581-053-0100 Non-Driving Related Certificates — Generally

581-053-0110 Supervisor Certificate

581-053-0120 Vehicle Inspector Certificate

581-053-0130 Assistant Trainer Certificate

581-053-0135 Reference Point Trainer Certificate

581-053-0140 Behind-the-Wheel Trainer Certificate

581-053-0145 Behind-the-Wheel Probationary Trainer Certificate

581-053-0150 Third Party Examiner Training and Support

581-053-0160 Core Instructor Certificate

581-053-0170 Core Refresher Instructor Certificate

581-053-0180 Transporting Students with Special Needs Instructor Certificate

School Buses

581-053-0210 Administrative Requirements Pertaining to School Buses

581-053-0220 School Bus Driver’s Permit and Certificate

581-053-0225 Approved Training for School Bus Drivers

581-053-0230 Approved Training for School Bus Drivers

581-053-0240 Minimum Standards for School Buses

581-053-0250 Retrofit Standards for Oregon School Buses

Type 10 Activity Vehicles

581-053-0310 Administrative Requirements Pertaining to Type 10 School Activity Vehicles

581-053-0320 Type 10 Driver Training and Approval

581-053-0330 Rules Pertaining to Type 10 Drivers

581-053-0340 Minimum Standards for Type 10 School Activity Vehicles

Type 20 Activity Vehicles

581-053-0410 Transportation Entity Requirements for Type 20 School Activity Vehicle Operation

581-053-0420 Type 20 Training and Certification

581-053-0430 Rules Pertaining to Type 20 Drivers

581-053-0440 Minimum Standards for Purpose Built Type 20 Vehicles

581-053-0445 Use of a School Bus as a Type 20 Vehicle

Type 21 Activity Vehicles

581-053-0511 District Requirements for Type 21 School Activity Vehicle Operation

581-053-0521 Type 21 Driver Training and Certification

581-053-0531 Rules Pertaining to Type 21 Drivers

581-053-0540 Minimum Standards for Type 21 Vehicles

Special Pupil Activity Buses

581-053-0610 District Requirements for use of a Special Pupil Activity Bus

581-053-0615 Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Motor Carrier Requirements

581-053-0620 SPAB Driver Training and Certification

581-053-0630 Rules Pertaining to SPAB Drivers

581-053-0640 Minimum Standards for Special Pupil Activity Buses

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