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Collecting Accounts and Notes Receivable

(1) As directed by Oregon State Board of Higher Education Administrative Rule OAR 580-041-0010(1), the Department of Business Services at Southern Oregon University exercises diligence in collecting accounts and notes receivable due it by following, as appropriate, these remedies:

(a) Withholds transcript service, placement service and other applicable campus services;

(b) Denies or cancels registration;

(c) Withholds further account receivable privileges;

(d) With employee's approval, withholds wages;

(e) Applies any non-exempt credits in favor of debtor to debt;

(f) Adds penalties, interest, and collection costs as permitted by law;

(g) Sends regular billings and past due notices;

(h) Utilizes telephone inquiries;

(i) Sends letter of demand;

(j) Uses "skip trace" information as permitted by law;

(k) Utilizes offset procedures with other state agencies;

(l) Utilizes Department of Revenue as a collection agent;

(m) Utilizes various commercial collection agencies, by contract, as permitted by law;

(n) Institutes legal action as permitted by law;

(o) Uses commercial credit reporting agencies by contract and as permitted (or required by law);

(p) Seeks collection on judgments as permitted by law.

(2) The Director of Business Services, Southern Oregon University, may waive any of the above remedies only in those circumstances which serve the best interests of the institution, the state, or the federal government, or where required by state or federal statutes. (The discharge of debt through bankruptcy prevents the taking of any further action to collect.)

(3) The procedures are in conformity with the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations and were formally adopted as a rule after public hearing under the Administrative Procedure Act.

(4) The Southern Oregon University Department of Business Services will grant hearings to any individual requesting information or expressing concern about the amount owed or circumstances related thereto. The written procedures to be followed in requesting a hearing are available at the Department of Business Services.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351,070
Hist.: SOSC 1-1979, f. & ef. 6-20-79; SOSC 5-1985, f. & ef. 6-3-85; SOU 1-1998, f. & cert. ef. 4-23-98


Southern Oregon State College Revolving Charge Account Plan

(1) Southern Oregon University adopts the Revolving Charge Account program as permitted by OAR 580-040-0041, as amended.

(2) The following are eligible to participate in the Revolving Charge Account program:

(a) Students enrolled at Southern Oregon University;

(b) Any person who incurs charges, fines, or penalties at Southern Oregon University, including, but not limited to library fines, parking tickets, facilities rental charges, program user charges, and lease agreements.

(3) The terms and conditions of the program are set out in the document entitled "Southern Oregon University Revolving Charge Account Plan", the most recent of which is hereby adopted by reference as a permanent rule and is available on file in the Department of Business Services.

(4) Participants in the program shall sign an agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of the program, except for debts arising from fines, penalties, and the like.

[Publications: The publication(s) referred to or incorporated by reference are available from the agency.]

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351,070
Hist.: SOSC 1-1979, f. & ef. 6-20-79; SOSC 5-1985, f. & ef. 6-3-85; SOSC 4-1990(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 12-14-90; SOSC 2-1991, f. & cert. ef. 5-30-91; SOSC 2-1992, f. & cert. ef. 6-22-92; SOU 1-1998, f. & cert. ef. 4-23-98

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