The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Department of Human Services

Child Welfare Programs

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413-001-0000 Notice of Rulemaking



Confidentiality of Client Information

413-010-0000 Definitions

413-010-0010 Purpose

413-010-0030 Protection of Information

413-010-0035 Prohibited Disclosures

413-010-0045 Mandatory Disclosure

413-010-0055 Mandatory Disclosure if in the Child’s Best Interest

413-010-0065 Discretionary Disclosure

413-010-0068 Disclosure of Information Exempt Under The Public Records Law

413-010-0075 Disclosure Procedures

Rights of Children

413-010-0170 Purpose

413-010-0175 Definitions

413-010-0180 Rights of Children and Young Adults

413-010-0185 Department Responsibilities

Protecting the Rights of Children (Interrogation, Interviews, and Polygraph Tests)

413-010-0200 Purpose


413-010-0210 Department Responsibilities

413-010-0220 Interrogation/Polygraph

413-010-0230 Attorney Interview

413-010-0240 Other Interviews

Rights of Relatives

413-010-0300 Purpose

413-010-0310 Definition

413-010-0320 Relative Involvement in Case Planning and Court Hearings

413-010-0330 Communication and Visitation

413-010-0340 Department Responsibility to Make Diligent Efforts to Place a Child or Young Adult with Relatives

Complaint Review

413-010-0400 Purpose

413-010-0410 Definitions

413-010-0420 Right to Review

413-010-0430 Grievances Not Subject to These Rules

413-010-0440 Informal Grievance Review

413-010-0480 Judicial Review

413-010-0500 Purpose, Right to Request Hearing, Applicable Rules, and Computation of Time

413-010-0502 Representation

413-010-0505 Hearing Requests

413-010-0510 Notice

413-010-0515 Continuation of Benefits

413-010-0520 Informal Conference

413-010-0525 Burden of Proof

413-010-0530 Withdrawals and Dismissals

413-010-0535 Proposed and Final Orders

413-010-0700 Purpose

413-010-0705 Definitions

413-010-0710 Required Forms

413-010-0714 Department Employee -- Application of Department Employee Policies

413-010-0715 Providing Notice of a CPS Founded Disposition

413-010-0716 Providing Notice of a CPS Founded Disposition and Other Documents to a Juvenile

413-010-0717 Inquiry about a Review When a CPS Founded Disposition Was Made Prior to August 4, 2000

413-010-0718 Inquiry About a Review of a CPS Founded Disposition When a Person Believes They May Not Have Received a Notice

413-010-0720 Information Included in the "Notice of a CPS Founded Disposition" (Form CF 313)

413-010-0721 Making a Request for a Review of a CPS Founded Disposition

413-010-0722 Determining When Legal Findings Preclude a Right to Request a Review and Providing Notice of Legal Proceeding (Form CF 317)

413-010-0723 Providing a Notice of Legal Finding (Form CF 316)

413-010-0732 Local Child Welfare Office Responsibilities Related to Notices and Reviews

413-010-0735 Local Child Welfare Office Review CPS Founded Dispositions

413-010-0738 Notice of Local Child Welfare Office CPS Founded Disposition Review Decision

413-010-0740 Requesting a Central Office Review

413-010-0743 Local Office Responsibilities in a Request for Central Office CPS Founded Disposition Review

413-010-0745 Central Office Review of CPS Founded Dispositions

413-010-0746 Notice of Central Office CPS Founded Disposition Review Decision

413-010-0748 Review Initiated by the Department

413-010-0750 Revising Founded Child Abuse Dispositions in the Department's Electronic Information System



413-015-0100 Child Protective Service Authority and Responsibility

413-015-0105 Purpose of Child Protective Services

413-015-0115 Definitions

413-015-0125 Department CPS Responsibility Ends

413-015-0200 Screening Rules, Purpose

413-015-0205 Screening Activities

413-015-0210 Determining Department’s Response and Required Time Lines for CPS Information

413-015-0211 Additional Screening Activities

413-015-0212 Screener Consultation with a CPS Supervisor

413-015-0213 Determining the County to which the CPS Assessment will be Referred

413-015-0214 Assignment of the CPS Assessment

413-015-0215 Notifications and Reports to Specific Agencies or Entities

413-015-0220 Screening Extensions

413-015-0225 Supervisory Review

413-015-0300 Cross Reporting Defined

413-015-0302 Purpose of Cross Reporting

413-015-0305 Cross Reporting Requirements

413-015-0310 Department Documentation and Verification Requirements

413-015-0400 Purpose and Overview of the CPS Assessment Rules

413-015-0403 Assignment of CPS Assessment

413-015-0404 Receipt of New Information on an Open CPS Assessment

413-015-0405 CPS Assessment Response Time Lines

413-015-0409 Exception to Completing CPS Assessment Activities

413-015-0415 CPS Assessment Activities

413-015-0420 Make Initial Contact

413-015-0422 Gather Safety Related Information through Interview and Observation

413-015-0425 Determine if there is a Present Danger Safety Threat or Impending Danger Safety Threat

413-015-0428 Identify How the Impending Danger Safety Threat is Occurring

413-015-0432 Develop Safety Plans

413-015-0435 Develop a Protective Action Plan

413-015-0437 Develop an Initial Safety Plan

413-015-0440 Determine Disposition of the CPS Assessment

413-015-0445 Make Child Safety Decision and Determine Whether to Open a Case

413-015-0450 Develop an Ongoing Safety Plan

413-015-0455 Protective Custody and Juvenile Court Action

413-015-0460 Visitation

413-015-0465 Medical Assessment, Dental Assessment, and Mental Health Assessment for All Children in Substitute Care

413-015-0470 Notifications

413-015-0475 CPS Assessment Documentation and Supervisory Review Requirements

413-015-0480 CPS Assessment Extensions

413-015-0485 Confidentiality

413-015-0520 Purpose and Overview of the Day Care Facility Investigation

413-015-0525 Contact and Work with Other Entities

413-015-0530 Day Care Facility Investigation Response Time Lines

413-015-0535 Day Care Facility Investigation Activities

413-015-0540 Make Initial Contact

413-015-0545 Other Contacts and Observations Required During the Investigation

413-015-0550 Determining If the Parent or Caregiver Can or Cannot and Will or Will Not Protect

413-015-0555 Determine Disposition of the CPS Assessment

413-015-0560 Notification of Disposition

413-015-0565 Documentation and Supervisory Review Requirements

413-015-0620 Purpose

413-015-0625 Definitions

413-015-0630 Screening

413-015-0640 Assessment

413-015-1000 The CPS Assessment Dispositions

413-015-1100 Authority and Responsibility

413-015-1105 Purpose

413-015-1110 Definitions

413-015-1115 Requirements

413-015-1120 LEDS Use for Child Protective Service Purposes

413-015-1125 LEDS Use for Certification Purposes in Emergency Situations

413-015-1200 Purpose

413-015-1210 Definitions

413-015-1220 Assessment of an Individual's Involvement in Safety Management

413-015-1230 Safety Service Provider Approval

413-015-9000 Authority, Responsibility, and Applicability

413-015-9010 Purpose

413-015-9020 Definitions

413-015-9030 Screening CPS Information — Determining Department's Response, Type of CPS Assessment, and Response Time Lines

413-015-9040 Assessment



413-017-0000 Definitions

413-017-0010 Purpose of the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

413-017-0020 CIRT Membership and Functioning

413-017-0030 Purpose of the Discretionary Critical Incident Response Team (DCIRT)

413-017-0040 DCIRT Membership and Functioning



413-020-0000 Definitions

413-020-0005 Purpose

413-020-0010 Voluntary Custody Agreement

413-020-0020 Legal Consent

413-020-0025 Developing the Family Support Services Case Plan when a Parent or Legal Guardian Enters into a Voluntary Custody Agreement with Child Welfare

413-020-0040 Required Reviews

413-020-0045 Criteria for Continuing a Voluntary Custody Agreement After a Child Reaches 18 Years of Age

413-020-0050 Termination of Voluntary Agreement

413-020-0060 Purpose

413-020-0070 Voluntary Placement Agreement Limitations

413-020-0075 Legal Consent

413-020-0080 Developing the Family Support Services Case Plan and a Voluntary Placement Agreement with the Department

413-020-0085 Required Reviews

413-020-0090 Termination of Voluntary Agreement

413-020-0100 Purpose

413-020-0120 Responsibility of Staff to Secure a Legal Consent

413-020-0130 Department Authority in Voluntary Placement and Voluntary Custody Agreements

413-020-0140 Exercise and Delegation of Legal Authority

413-020-0150 Exercise and Delegation of Guardian Authority

413-020-0160 Actions Not Authorized

413-020-0170 General Provisions

413-020-0200 Purpose

413-020-0230 Referral for and Review of the CANS Screening

413-020-0233 When a Supervision Plan is Required

413-020-0236 Development, Documentation, and Termination of a Supervision Plan

413-020-0240 Use of Physical Restraint

413-020-0245 Responsibilities in Monitoring a Child or Young Adult's Supervision in a Certified Family

413-020-0255 Training and the Planned Use of Physical Restraint

413-020-0600 Purpose

413-020-0620 Policy

413-020-0630 Preliminary Investigation

413-020-0640 Investigation

413-020-0650 Annual Information Update




413-030-0000 Purpose

413-030-0003 Definitions

413-030-0006 Eligibility For Family Support Services

413-030-0009 Determination of the Service Needs

413-030-0013 Requirements when Obtaining Medical, Psychological, or Psychiatric Evaluations

413-030-0016 Requirements for the Family Support Services Case Plan

413-030-0019 Developing Service Agreements

413-030-0023 Contact and Monitoring Requirements for a Family Support Services Case Plan

413-030-0026 Family Support Services Case Plan Review

413-030-0030 Closing a Family Support Services Case Plan

413-030-0200 Purpose

413-030-0210 Eligibility Criteria for Substitute Care Placement

413-030-0220 Eligibility After Age 18

413-030-0300 Purpose

413-030-0310 Eligibility for Adoption Program

413-030-0320 Eligibility for the Adoption Program Classification Ends

413-030-0400 Purpose

413-030-0410 Eligibility for Youth Transition Services

413-030-0430 Youth Transition Services Array

413-030-0445 Development of the Comprehensive Transition Plan

413-030-0449 Review of the Comprehensive Transition Plan

413-030-0454 Benchmark Review of the Comprehensive Transition Plan

413-030-0456 Health Care Notifications, Credit Reports, and Data Tracking

413-030-0460 Requirements at Independence




413-040-0000 Purpose

413-040-0005 Definitions

413-040-0006 Requirements for the Conditions for Return and the Protective Capacity Assessment

413-040-0008 Requirements for a Family Decision-making Meeting

413-040-0010 Requirements for the Case Plan

413-040-0011 Requirements of Action Agreements

413-040-0013 Requirements for Monitoring the Case Plan

413-040-0014 Replacing or Adding Impending Danger Safety Threats During Ongoing Case Management

413-040-0016 Requirements for Review of the Case Plan

413-040-0017 Requirements for Return and Reunification

413-040-0024 Requirements for an In-home Ongoing Safety Plan Prior to Return and Next Day Contact

413-040-0032 Requirements for Closing the In-Home Ongoing Safety Plan and Closing the Case

413-040-0100 Purpose

413-040-0130 Administrative Reviews for Title IV and ORS 419A.090 et seq.

413-040-0135 Responsibility for Administrative Reviews

413-040-0140 Permanency Hearings by the Court

413-040-0145 Court Notification of Placement Changes

413-040-0150 Participant Notification of Administrative Reviews, Permanency Hearings, and Review Hearings

413-040-0155 Participants in Administrative Reviews and Permanency Hearings

413-040-0157 Documentation Requirements for Administrative Reviews and Permanency Hearings

413-040-0159 Notification and Distribution Requirements for Administrative Reviews and Permanency Hearings

413-040-0170 Judicial Requirements for Voluntary Custody Agreement or Child Placement Agreement

413-040-0200 The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

413-040-0205 Denial or Delay of Placement

413-040-0215 Required Forms

413-040-0230 Who Must Use Interstate Compact

413-040-0240 Financial and Medical Responsibility of Sending Agency

413-040-0260 Penalty for Violating ICPC

413-040-0265 Action on Referral From Oregon

413-040-0270 Preparing Referral to Send a Child Out of Oregon

413-040-0280 Transportation Procedures

413-040-0290 Requests for Placement in Oregon

413-040-0300 Requests That By-Pass the Oregon ICPC Office

413-040-0310 Independent and Private Agency Adoptions; Documentation Required for Placement in or from Oregon

413-040-0320 Intercountry Adoptions; Applicability of ICPC

413-040-0325 Termination of Jurisdiction over Child

413-040-0330 Communications

413-040-0400 Policy

413-040-0420 HIV Antibody Testing

413-040-0430 Informed Consent

413-040-0440 Counseling

413-040-0450 Confidentiality




Special Medical Services Provided by Child Welfare

413-050-0400 Purpose

413-050-0405 Definitions

413-050-0410 Payment for Medical Services for Administrative Exams and Other Medical

413-050-0420 Administrative Exams Payments

413-050-0430 Other Medical Payments

413-050-0440 Medical Services "Permanent Planning"

413-050-0450 Medical Consultation and Training for Staff

Domestic Violence Fund

413-050-0500 Policy

413-050-0510 Definitions

413-050-0515 Qualified Services

413-050-0530 Advisory Committee

413-050-0535 Criminal History Checks

413-050-0555 Shelter Standards

413-050-0560 Allocation of Funds

413-050-0565 Department Selection Criteria and Rules

413-050-0570 Applications for Funding

413-050-0575 Evaluation Process

413-050-0585 Confidentiality

Targeted Case Management

413-050-0600 Purpose

413-050-0610 Definitions

413-050-0620 Targeted Case Management Services

413-050-0630 Targeted Case Management Providers

413-050-0640 Case Manager Qualification

413-050-0650 Targeted Case Management Provider Designation

413-050-0660 TCM Case Manager

413-050-0670 Targeted Case Management Billing



413-055-0100 Policy

413-055-0105 Definitions

413-055-0110 Qualified Services

413-055-0120 Criminal History Checks

413-055-0140 Application Process

413-055-0145 Proposals for Funding

413-055-0150 Proposal Evaluation Process

413-055-0160 Confidentiality

413-055-0165 Advisory Committee



Family Planning Services

413-060-0000 Purpose

413-060-0010 Eligibility

413-060-0020 Family Planning Services

413-060-0030 Service Responsibility

Juvenile Sexual Offender Assessment and Treatment

413-060-0400 Purpose

413-060-0410 Definitions

413-060-0420 Eligibility for Services

413-060-0430 Assessment

413-060-0440 Treatment



Multiethnic Placements

413-070-0000 Definitions

413-070-0010 Purpose and Applicability

413-070-0015 Denials or Delays of Placement Based on Race, Color or National Origin Prohibited

413-070-0020 Denial of Opportunity to Be an Adoptive or Foster Parent Based on Race, Color, or National Origin Prohibited

413-070-0030 Recruitment and Staff Training

Search for and Engagement of Relatives

413-070-0060 Purpose

413-070-0069 Identification of Relatives and Persons with a Caregiver Relationship

413-070-0072 Contact with Relatives or Persons with a Caregiver Relationship

413-070-0075 Assessment of a Relative or Person with a Caregiver Relationship for Involvement in Safety Management

413-070-0078 Consideration of a Relative or Person with a Caregiver Relationship as a Substitute Care Resource

413-070-0081 Review of a Child or Young Adult's Substitute Care Placement

413-070-0087 Opportunity for Ongoing Connection and Support

Placement of Indian Children

413-070-0100 Policy Statement and Purpose of Rules

413-070-0130 Applicability

413-070-0140 Department Authority

413-070-0150 Emergency Removals

413-070-0160 Remedial Services

413-070-0170 ICWA Procedures At Initial Contact

413-070-0180 Tribal-State Agreement

413-070-0190 Documentation of Serious Emotional or Physical Damage to Child Prior to Removal

413-070-0200 Element of Proof

413-070-0210 Involuntary Proceedings

413-070-0220 Placement of Indian Children

413-070-0230 Adult Adoptees

413-070-0240 Voluntary Proceedings

413-070-0250 Invalidation of State Court Action

413-070-0260 Full Faith and Credit

Placement of Refugee Children

413-070-0300 Purpose

413-070-0320 Placement of Refugee Children

413-070-0340 Petition

413-070-0345 Notice

413-070-0350 Judicial Determination

413-070-0360 Record of Care

413-070-0370 Annual Report of Care

413-070-0380 Refugee Child Welfare Advisory Committee

Psychotropic Medication Management

413-070-0400 Purpose

413-070-0430 Department Records, Medication Review, and Consent and Authorization Requirements

413-070-0450 Disclosure Requirements for a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care

413-070-0470 Substitute Caregiver Responsibilities

413-070-0480 Notification Timelines for Psychotropic Medication Therapy

413-070-0490 Notification Content for Psychotropic Medication Therapy

Foster Parent Request for Consideration as a Current Caretaker

413-070-0500 Purpose

413-070-0510 Obligation to Seek Legal Permanency

413-070-0512 Development and Review of the Concurrent Permanent Plan

413-070-0514 Working with a Child's Team Regarding a Permanency Plan and Concurrent Permanent Plan

413-070-0516 Use of Permanency Committee

413-070-0518 Composition, Scheduling, Responsibilities and Recommendations of the Permanency Committee

413-070-0519 Decision and Notice

Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement

413-070-0520 Purpose

413-070-0532 APPLA

413-070-0536 Consideration of APPLA as a Permanency Plan

413-070-0548 Contents of APPLA Plan

413-070-0550 Approval and Implementation of an APPLA Permanency Plan

413-070-0552 Ongoing Department Responsibilities When APPLA is the Child's or Young Adult's Permanency Plan

413-070-0556 APPLA Permanency Plan Reviews

413-070-0565 Termination of APPLA

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

413-070-0570 Permanency Committee Consideration of Current Caretaker

413-070-0574 Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Placement Matching

413-070-0600 Purpose

413-070-0625 Identifying and Assessing the Child or Young Adult's Needs when Placement in Substitute Care is Required

413-070-0630 Monitoring the Ongoing Substitute Care Placement Needs of the Child or Young Adult

413-070-0640 Placement Assessment and Matching

413-070-0645 Involving the Substitute Caregiver in the Concurrent Permanency Plan

Guardianship as a Permanency Plan

413-070-0651 Purpose

413-070-0655 Purpose

413-070-0660 Consideration of Guardianship as a Permanency Plan

413-070-0665 Consideration of a Substitute Caregiver as a Potential Guardian

413-070-0670 Approval and Implementation of a Guardianship Permanency Plan

Visits and Other Types of Child and Family Contact

413-070-0800 Purpose

413-070-0830 The Right to Visit

413-070-0840 Orientation Activities

413-070-0855 Determining Priority in Visit and Contact Plans

413-070-0860 Types of Visit and Contact Plans

413-070-0870 Supervision of Visits

413-070-0880 Documentation of Contact

Guardianship Assistance

413-070-0900 Purpose

413-070-0905 Funding of Guardianship Assistance

413-070-0909 Funding of Guardianship Assistance

413-070-0917 Eligibility for Guardianship Assistance

413-070-0918 Extension of Guardianship Assistance for a Young Adult

413-070-0919 Eligibility and Requirements for a Child or Young Adult in the Care or Custody of a Participating Tribe

413-070-0925 Guardianship Assistance Eligibility for Potential Guardian and Successor Legal Guardian

413-070-0934 Application Requirements

413-070-0939 Guardianship Assistance Payments, Medical Assistance, and Nonrecurring Guardianship Expenses

413-070-0944 Legal Expenses of a Guardian

413-070-0949 Guardianship Assistance Agreement Requirements

413-070-0959 Court Order of Guardianship

413-070-0964 Required Reports and Communication

413-070-0969 Renegotiation of a Guardianship Assistance Agreement

413-070-0970 Guardianship Social Support Services

413-070-0974 Review, Adjustment, Suspension, Expiration, and Termination of Guardianship Assistance

413-070-0990 Purpose

413-070-1000 Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative as a Permanency Plan

413-070-1010 Eligibility Requirements for a Fit and Willing Relative

413-070-1020 Approval and Implementation of a Fit and Willing Relative Permanency Plan

413-070-1030 Contents of a Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative Case Plan

413-070-1040 Ongoing Department Responsibilities When Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative is the Permanency Plan

413-070-1050 Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative Permanency Plan Reviews

413-070-1060 Termination of Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative Permanency Plan



413-080-0040 Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety

413-080-0050 Definitions

413-080-0051 Addressing a Present Danger Safety Threat or New Impending Danger Safety Threat on an Open Case

413-080-0052 Addressing a Concern in a Child-Caring Agency or Proctor Foster Home

413-080-0053 When a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care Is Missing

413-080-0054 Monthly Face-to-Face Contact Requirements

413-080-0055 Monitoring an In-home Ongoing Safety Plan

413-080-0059 Monitoring the Out-of-Home Ongoing Safety Plan

413-080-0062 Sex Trafficking Victim Identification

413-080-0067 Contact Requirements and Exceptions; Required Face-to-Face Contact

413-080-0070 Notifications When Reports Are Made Regarding Child Safety or Compliance in a Child-Caring Agency or Proctor Foster Home




Definitions for Division 90

413-090-0000 Definitions

Foster Care Payments for a Child or Young Adult Living
with a Certified Family or Living Independently

413-090-0005 Purpose

413-090-0010 Authorized Payments

413-090-0021 Periodic Review of Eligibility for Enhanced Supervision

413-090-0030 Payment for Temporary Absences from Family Foster Care

413-090-0040 Payments During Adoptive Supervision

413-090-0050 Out-of-State Payment to a Certified Family Moving to Another State

Behavior Rehabilitation Services Program

413-090-0055 Effective Date and Administration of the BRS Program

413-090-0060 Purpose

413-090-0065 Definitions

413-090-0070 BRS Provider Requirements

413-090-0075 Prior Authorization for the BRS program; Appeal Rights

413-090-0080 BRS Placement Related Activities for a Department BRS Contractor and BRS Provider

413-090-0085 Billing and Payment for Services and Placement-Related Activities

413-090-0087 When a Child or Young Adult Placed with a BRS Program is Missing

413-090-0090 Compliance Reviews and Remedies

Special Rates/Personal Care

413-090-0100 Purpose

413-090-0110 Definitions

413-090-0120 Scope of Services

413-090-0130 Personal Care Services Eligibility

413-090-0133 Conducting a Personal Care Services Assessment

413-090-0135 Provider Eligibility

413-090-0136 Developing the Personal Care Services Plan

413-090-0140 Periodic Review of Personal Care Services Eligibility

413-090-0150 Payment Determination

413-090-0210 Termination of Personal Care Services and Payments

Payments for Special and/or Extraordinary Needs

413-090-0300 Purpose

413-090-0310 Definition

413-090-0320 Policy

413-090-0330 Clothing

413-090-0340 Transportation

413-090-0355 Payments Eligible for Title IV-E

413-090-0365 Education Costs Not Eligible for Title IV-E

413-090-0370 Payment Method

413-090-0380 Children in Non-Reimbursed Placement at Oregon State Hospital and Other Non-Reimbursed Providers

Funeral and Burial Expense

413-090-0400 Funeral and Burial Expenses

413-090-0405 Definitions



Title IV-E Foster Care, Adoption Assistance, and Guardianship Assistance Eligibility

413-100-0000 Purpose

413-100-0010 Eligibility Requirements

413-100-0020 Definitions

413-100-0030 Certification Documentation Requirements for Title IV-E Foster Care

413-100-0060 Title IV-E Reimbursable Placements and Payments

413-100-0070 Application for Title IV-E Foster Care

413-100-0080 Effective Eligibility Date

413-100-0090 Retroactive Eligibility

413-100-0110 Effective Closure Date

413-100-0120 Verification of Eligibility

413-100-0130 Eligibility Determinations -- AFDC Linkage

413-100-0135 Eligibility Determinations -- Living with a "Specified Relative" and "Removal"

413-100-0150 Parental Deprivation

413-100-0160 AFDC Eligibility -- Financial Need

413-100-0170 AFDC Eligibility -- Resources

413-100-0180 AFDC Eligibility -- Earned Income of Students

413-100-0190 AFDC Eligibility -- Unearned Income

413-100-0200 AFDC Eligibility -- Lump Sum Benefits

413-100-0210 U.S. Citizenship and Qualified Aliens

413-100-0220 Residency

413-100-0230 Age Requirements

413-100-0240 Judicial Finding Requirements for Title IV-E Eligibility

413-100-0250 Voluntary Custody and Voluntary Placement Agreements

413-100-0260 Voluntary Relinquishments

413-100-0270 Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Redetermination

413-100-0280 Deprivation at Relinquishment or Termination of Parental Rights

413-100-0300 Parental Referral to Division of Child Support

413-100-0310 Title XIX Medicaid Eligibility

413-100-0320 Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and Title XIX Medicaid

413-100-0335 Adoption Assistance Title IV-E Eligibility Determination

413-100-0345 Guardianship Assistance Eligibility

Title XIX and General Assistance Medical Eligibility

413-100-0400 Purpose

413-100-0410 Definitions

413-100-0420 Child Welfare Title XIX Medicaid Program

413-100-0430 Eligibility Determination for Children and Young Adults in Substitute Care

413-100-0432 Payments for Services Provided in Emergency Situations When a Child or Young Adult is Not Enrolled in Title XIX Medicaid

413-100-0435 Title XIX Medicaid Eligibility for a Child or Young Adult Receiving Adoption Assistance or Guardianship Assistance

413-100-0445 Youth in Detention

413-100-0451 Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) and Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA)

413-100-0455 Out-of-State Placements

413-100-0460 Citizenship and Alienage

413-100-0530 Quality Control

Child Support Referrals

413-100-0800 Child Support Referrals

413-100-0810 Child Support Arrears Owed to Department

413-100-0820 Handling DCS Case Information

413-100-0830 Paternity and Parentage Establishment

Educational Services for a Child in Substitute Care

413-100-0900 Purpose

413-100-0905 Definitions

413-100-0910 Role of the Department in the Education of a Child or Young Adult

413-100-0915 Ensure a Child or Young Adult's Enrollment in School or Educational Setting

413-100-0920 Consent for School Activities

413-100-0925 Consent for Special Education Services

413-100-0930 Rights to a Child's Education Records

413-100-0935 Educational Expenses

413-100-0940 Early Education and Post-Secondary Education



413-110-0000 Purpose

413-110-0010 Definitions

413-110-0015 Values

413-110-0020 Eligibility Criteria for Legal Risk Placement

413-110-0030 Legal Risk Placement; Effective Date of Designation

413-110-0040 Home Requirements

413-110-0050 Effect on a Release and Surrender

413-110-0060 Termination of Legal Risk Placement Status

413-110-0100 Definitions

413-110-0130 Consideration of Sibling Placement

413-110-0132 Consideration of Sibling Separation

413-110-0150 Sibling Placement and Permanency Planning

413-110-0200 Purpose

413-110-0210 Values

413-110-0220 Policy

413-110-0230 Permanency Plan Review

413-110-0240 Decision to File a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights

413-110-0250 Other Situations for Filing a Termination Petition

413-110-0252 Termination of Parental Rights

413-110-0300 Purpose

413-110-0320 Values

413-110-0330 Procedure to Determine the Appropriateness of Adoption as a Permanency Plan

413-110-0340 When Adoption is an Appropriate Permanency Plan

413-110-0350 When Adoption Is Not an Appropriate Permanency Plan

413-110-0360 Review Process



413-115-0000 Definitions

413-115-0010 History, Purpose, and Applicability

413-115-0020 Department Authority

413-115-0030 Tribal Membership and Enrollment

413-115-0040 Inquiry and Actions to Determine a Child's Tribal Membership or Enrollment Under the ICWA; Notification to the Tribe of Initial Contact

413-115-0050 Notification to the Tribe of Placement or Change in Placement

413-115-0060 Active Efforts

413-115-0070 Emergency Removal and Return Upon Demand

413-115-0080 Documentation of Imminent Harm to the Child Prior to Removal

413-115-0090 Placement of Indian Children

413-115-0100 Voluntary Placement Agreements

413-115-0110 Consent to Termination of Parental Rights and Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights

413-115-0120 Notice Required Prior to a Child Custody Proceeding or Court Hearing

413-115-0130 Standards of Evidence and Minimum Qualifications for a Qualified Expert Witness

413-115-0140 Tribal-State Agreement

413-115-0150 Full Faith and Credit




413-120-0000 Definitions

413-120-0010 Purpose

413-120-0016 Confidentiality

413-120-0020 Adoption Placement Selection Options

413-120-0021 Adoption Placement Selection by Caseworker

413-120-0025 Composition of an Adoption Committee

413-120-0035 Invitation to and Notification of Adoption Committee

413-120-0053 The Adoption Committee

413-120-0057 Adoption Placement Selection, Notification, and Documentation

413-120-0060 Review of the Adoption Placement Selection

413-120-0100 Purpose

413-120-0110 Values

413-120-0115 Procedures

413-120-0142 Purpose

413-120-0145 Values

413-120-0155 Conditions for Not Filing a Petition for Adoption

413-120-0160 Right to Use Expedited Process

413-120-0165 Requirements Prior to Proceeding to Legalization of the Adoption

413-120-0170 Attorney Fees

413-120-0175 Court Filing Requirements

413-120-0190 Purpose

413-120-0220 Adoption Application Requirements

413-120-0222 Conflict of Interest for Adoptive Applicants

413-120-0225 Conditions that Require Additional Approval or Termination of the Department's Adoption Application Process

413-120-0240 Status Notification of Adoption Applications

413-120-0243 Prioritization of an Adoption Home Study Application

413-120-0246 Standards for an Adoptive Home and Release of an Adoption Home Study

413-120-0400 Purpose

413-120-0440 Circumstances in which a Criminal Records Check Must Occur and Types of Records Checks Required

413-120-0450 Disqualifying and Potentially Disqualifying Criminal Convictions

413-120-0455 Potentially Disqualifying Arrests

413-120-0457 Weighing Test

413-120-0460 Contesting a Fitness Determination

413-120-0475 Record Keeping, Confidentiality

413-120-0600 Purpose

413-120-0620 Values

413-120-0625 Roles and Responsibilities

413-120-0628 Criteria for Using the Cooperative Adoption Mediation Process

413-120-0630 Post Adoption Communication Agreements (PACAs)

413-120-0635 Cooperative Adoption Planning Through Legal Assistance Mediation Services

413-120-0700 Purpose

413-120-0720 Department Efforts to Place with Relatives, Current Caretakers and to Place Siblings Together

413-120-0730 Order of Preference for Identification of Potential Adoptive Resources

413-120-0750 Recruitment Efforts

413-120-0760 Identification of a Child's Potential Adoptive Resources

413-120-0800 Purpose

413-120-0830 Department Actions Prior to Placement

413-120-0840 Early Adoption Transition

413-120-0860 Placement and Post-placement Supervision

413-120-0870 Disruption

413-120-0880 No Delay in Placement

413-120-0900 Purpose

413-120-0910 Duty to Provide Information to Convention Case Registry

413-120-0920 Adoption of a Child Immigrating to the United States (Incoming Convention Adoption)

413-120-0925 Adoption of a Child Emigrating from the United States (Outgoing Convention Adoption)

413-120-0930 Transition, Travel, Placement, and Registration Requirements

413-120-0940 Post-Placement Supervision

413-120-0945 Finalization and Post-Finalization Duties

413-120-0950 Adoption Assistance

413-120-0960 Disclosure to the Adoptive Family

413-120-0970 Hague Custody Declarations




Adoption Assistance

413-130-0000    Definitions

413-130-0010   Purpose

413-130-0015   Funding for Adoption Assistance

413-130-0020   Special Needs Determination for Adoption Assistance Eligibility

413-130-0040   Eligibility for Adoption Assistance Payments

413-130-0050   Adoption Assistance Application Requirements and Responsibilities

413-130-0055   Extension of Adoption Assistance for a Young Adult

413-130-0070   Negotiation and Determination of the Monthly Adoption Assistance Payment

413-130-0075   Renegotiation of an Adoption Assistance Payment

413-130-0077   Eligibility for Nonrecurring Expenses

413-130-0080   Payment for Nonrecurring Expenses

413-130-0090   Special Payments

413-130-0100   Medical Assistance

413-130-0110   Administration of Approved Adoption Assistance

413-130-0125   Adjustments of Adoption Assistance

413-130-0130   Post Judgment of Adoption Applications for Adoption Assistance

Adoption Registry

413-130-0300 Purpose

413-130-0310 Registry Eligibility for Non-Identifying Information

413-130-0320 Registry Eligibility for Identifying Information

413-130-0330 Assisted Search Program Eligibility

413-130-0340 Assisted Search Application Requirements

413-130-0350 Standards of Conduct for a Registry

413-130-0355 Standards for a Searcher

413-130-0360 Access to Registry Records

413-130-0365 Confidentiality and Maintenance of Records



Independent Adoption

413-140-0000 Purpose

413-140-0010 Definitions

413-140-0026 Service of Petition

413-140-0030 Required Documentation

413-140-0031  Actions Performed by the Department upon Receipt of an Adoption Petition

413-140-0032 Waivers the Department May Issue

413-140-0033 Minimum Standards for Adoptive Homes

413-140-0035 Adoption Home Study

413-140-0040 Placement Report

413-140-0047 Fees for the Placement Report and Certificate of Approval

413-140-0065 Criminal Background Check

413-140-0110 Confidentiality



Responsibilities for Certification and Supervision of Foster Parents and
Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources

413-200-0260 Definitions

413-200-0270 Purpose

413-200-0272 Responsibilities for Assessment and Certification

413-200-0274 Assessment for Approval of an Adoptive Resource or Issuance of a Certificate of Approval or Child-Specific Certificate of Approval

413-200-0275 Assessment for Issuance of a Temporary Certificate of Approval

413-200-0276 Assessment to Move from a Temporary Certificate of Approval to a Certificate of Approval or Child-Specific Certificate of Approval

413-200-0278 Responsibility to Determine the Maximum Number of Children or Young Adults in a Certified Family Home

413-200-0281 Respite Care Providers, Child Care, and Babysitters

413-200-0283 Responsibilities to Monitor Certification Compliance

413-200-0285 Responsibilities When Developing a Placement Support Plan

413-200-0287 Assessment for Renewal of Certification

413-200-0289 Responsibilities Regarding Withdrawal of an Application or Termination of a Certification

413-200-0292 Responsibilities Regarding a Previously Certified Family and When a Certified Family Moves

413-200-0294 Responsibilities Regarding Inactive Referral Status

413-200-0296 Responsibilities Regarding Denial or Revocation of a Certificate of Approval

413-200-0298 Confidentiality of Applicant or Certified Family Information

Standards for Certification of Foster Parents and
Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources

413-200-0301 Purpose and Applicability of Certification Standards

413-200-0305 Authorization

413-200-0306 Eligibility for Certified Families and Adoptive Resources

413-200-0308 Personal Qualifications of Applicants and Certified Families

413-200-0314 Initial Application Process to Become a Certified Family or Adoptive Resource

413-200-0335 Standards Regarding the Home Environment

413-200-0348 Requirements Regarding the Number of Children and Young Adults in the Home

413-200-0352 Requirements for the Care of Children and Young Adults

413-200-0354 Requirements Regarding a Child or Young Adult's Education

413-200-0356 Requirements Regarding Extracurricular, Enrichment, Cultural, and Social Activities

413-200-0358 Requirements Regarding a Child or Young Adult's Discipline

413-200-0362 Requirements Regarding the Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Care of a Child or Young Adult

413-200-0371 Responsibilities and Notification Requirements for Selection and Use of Respite Care Providers and Babysitters

413-200-0377 Confidentiality

413-200-0379 Education and Training for Applicants and Certified Families

413-200-0383 Other Required Notifications

413-200-0386 Requirements Regarding Mandatory Reporting

413-200-0388 Requirements Regarding Visits in the Certified Family's Home

413-200-0390 Requirements Regarding Maintaining the Certificate of Approval

413-200-0393 Requirements Regarding Inactive Referral Status

413-200-0394 Requirements Regarding Termination of a Certificate of Approval

413-200-0396 Requirements Regarding Contested Case Hearings

Department Responsibilities During Screening andAssessment of a Child Abuse or Neglect Report
Involving the Home of a Department Certified Foster Parentor Relative Caregiver

413-200-0404 Purpose

413-200-0414 Department Actions During Screening

413-200-0419 Department Actions During the CPS Assessment

413-200-0424 Department Actions at the Conclusion of the CPS Assessment



Licensing Umbrella Rules

413-215-0000 Definitions

413-215-0001 Regulation of Child-caring Agencies

413-215-0011 Requirement to Obtain and Comply with License

413-215-0016 Requirements Related to Corporation Status

413-215-0021 Governance

413-215-0026 Financial Management

413-215-0031 Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender-specific Services

413-215-0036 Conflict of Interest

413-215-0041 Code of Ethics

413-215-0046 Children and Families Rights Policy and Grievance Procedures

413-215-0051 Resources Required

413-215-0056 Policies and Procedures

413-215-0061 Personnel

413-215-0066 Privacy

413-215-0071 Records and Documentation

413-215-0076 Discipline and Behavior Management (Excluding Adoption Agencies)

413-215-0081 Application for License

413-215-0086 Issuance of License

413-215-0091 Responsibilities of Licensees

413-215-0096 Renewal of License

413-215-0101 Periodic Inspections

413-215-0106 Investigation of Complaints

413-215-0111 Corrective Actions

413-215-0116 Civil Penalties

413-215-0121 Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of License and Placing Conditions on a License

413-215-0126 Temporary, Inactive, and Amended Licenses

413-215-0131 Exceptions

Licensing Academic Boarding Schools

413-215-0201 Academic Boarding Schools; What Law Applies

413-215-0206 Definitions

413-215-0211 Educational Services

413-215-0216 Physical Plant Requirements

413-215-0221 Boarding Student Furnishings and Personal Items

413-215-0226 New Facility or Remodel

413-215-0231 Environmental Health

413-215-0236 Food Services

413-215-0241 Safety

413-215-0246 Health Services

413-215-0251 Medication

413-215-0261 Academic Boarding Schools: Minimum Staffing Requirements

413-215-0266 Separation of Children

413-215-0271 Consents, Disclosures, and Authorizations

413-215-0276 Information about Children in Care

Licensing Foster Care Agencies

413-215-0301 Foster Care Agencies, What Law Applies

413-215-0306 Definitions

413-215-0311 License Requirements

413-215-0313 Personal Qualifications Required for Approved Proctor Foster Parents

413-215-0316 Orientation for Proctor Foster Home Applicants

413-215-0321 Assessment and Approval of Proctor Foster Homes

413-215-0326 Training for Parents in Proctor Foster Care

413-215-0331 Annual Review and Approval

413-215-0336 Complaints about Proctor Foster Homes

413-215-0341 Closures of Proctor Foster Homes

413-215-0346 Modifications to the Certification of a Certified Provider Home

413-215-0349 Notifications Required of Proctor Foster Home Parents

413-215-0351 Records of Certified Provider Homes

413-215-0356 Placement of a Child by a Foster Care Agency

413-215-0361 Documentation Required When a Foster Care Agency Changes a Placement

413-215-0366 Respite Care

413-215-0371 Training of Foster Care Agency Staff

413-215-0376 Health Services

413-215-0381 Medication

413-215-0386 Referral and Initial Evaluation of Children in Care

413-215-0391 Consents, Disclosures, and Authorizations

413-215-0396 Information About Children in Care Placed in Physical Custody of the Foster Care Agency

Licensing Adoption Agencies

413-215-0401 Adoption Agencies, What Law Applies

413-215-0406 Definitions

413-215-0411 Information and Reporting Requirements of an Adoption Agency

413-215-0416 Adoption Agency Staff

413-215-0421 Staff Training Requirements for Adoption Agencies

413-215-0426 Policies and Procedures for Adoption Agencies

413-215-0431 Records Requirements for Adoptions

413-215-0436 Services Prohibited

413-215-0441 Services for Birth Parents Considering Domestic Adoption

413-215-0446 Adoptive Family Recruitment and Screening

413-215-0451 Adoptive Home Requirements

413-215-0456 Information, Education, and Training for Adoptive Parents

413-215-0461 Evaluation and Selection of Adoptive Family

413-215-0466 Domestic Adoptive Placement; Adoption Agency Requirements

413-215-0471 Adoption Finalization - Adoption Agency Requirements

413-215-0476 Intercountry Adoptions

413-215-0481 Services to Children from the United States Placed in Other Countries

Licensing Residential Care Agencies

413-215-0501 Residential Care Agencies; What Law Applies

413-215-0506 Definitions

413-215-0511 Physical Plant Requirements

413-215-0516 Room and Space Requirements

413-215-0521 Resident Furnishings and Personal Items

413-215-0526 New Facility or Remodel

413-215-0531 Environmental Health

413-215-0536 Food Services

413-215-0541 Safety

413-215-0546 Health Services

413-215-0551 Medication

413-215-0554 Extracurricular, Enrichment, Cultural, and Social Activities

413-215-0556 Staff Training

413-215-0561 Minimum Staffing Requirements

413-215-0566 Separation of Residents

413-215-0571 Referral and Initial Evaluation of Children

413-215-0576 Consents, Disclosures, and Authorizations

413-215-0581 Information About Children in Care

413-215-0586 Notification to Public Schools

Licensing Therapeutic Boarding Schools

413-215-0601 Therapeutic Boarding Schools; What Law Applies

413-215-0606 Definitions

413-215-0611 Educational Services

413-215-0616 Physical Plant Requirements

413-215-0621 Student Furnishings and Personal Items

413-215-0626 New Facility or Remodel

413-215-0631 Environmental Health

413-215-0636 Food Services

413-215-0641 Safety

413-215-0646 Health Services

413-215-0651 Medication

413-215-0656 Staff Training

413-215-0661 Minimum Staffing Requirements

413-215-0666 Separation of Children in Care

413-215-0671 Referral and Initial Evaluation of Children in Care

413-215-0676 Consents, Disclosures, and Authorizations

413-215-0681 Information about Children in Care with the Therapeutic Boarding School

Licensing Homeless, Runaway, and Transitional Living Shelters

413-215-0701 Homeless, Runaway, and Transitional Living Shelters, What Law Applies

413-215-0706 Definitions

413-215-0711 Governance of the Agency

413-215-0716 Client Rights

413-215-0721 Staffing Requirements

413-215-0726 Staff Development and Training

413-215-0731 Admissions and Assessments

413-215-0736 Service Planning

413-215-0741 Client Files

413-215-0746 Medication Storage and Dispensing

413-215-0751 Health and Hygiene

413-215-0756 Grouping

413-215-0761 Safety

413-215-0766 Environmental Health

Licensing Day Treatment Agencies

413-215-0801 Day Treatment Agencies, What Law Applies

413-215-0806 Definitions

413-215-0811 Staff Qualifications and Minimum Staffing Requirements

413-215-0816 Physical Plant Requirements

413-215-0821 Building Plans for New Facility or Remodel

413-215-0826 Environmental Health

413-215-0831 Food Services

413-215-0836 Safety

413-215-0841 Health Services

413-215-0846 Medication

413-215-0851 Requirement to Have Policies and Procedures

413-215-0856 Educational Services

Licensing Outdoor Youth Programs

413-215-0901 Applicability and General Provisions

413-215-0906 General Provisions

413-215-0911 Definitions

413-215-0916 Administration

413-215-0918 Consents, Disclosures, and Authorizations

413-215-0921 Participant Clothing, Equipment and Supplies

413-215-0926 Water Requirements

413-215-0931 Nutritional Requirements

413-215-0936 Safety

413-215-0941 Potential Weapons

413-215-0946 Contraband

413-215-0951 Searches

413-215-0956 Transportation

413-215-0961 Health Services

413-215-0966 Staff Qualifications and Requirements

413-215-0971 Staff Health Requirements

413-215-0976 Physical Activity Limits and Requirements

413-215-0981 Staff Training

413-215-0986 Staff Ratios

413-215-0991 Age Grouping

413-215-0992 Referral and Initial Evaluation of Youth

413-215-0996 Program Services

413-215-1001 Critical Incident Program

413-215-1006 Field Outdoor Youth Program Activities

413-215-1011 Communication

413-215-1016 Work

413-215-1021 Animals and Pets

413-215-1026 Solo Experiences in Outdoor Youth Programs

413-215-1031 Behavior Management



Erroneous Payments Based on Error or Fraud

413-310-0200 Purpose

413-310-0210 Definitions


413-310-0220 Unintentional Error

413-310-0230 Fraud or Willful Deception

413-310-0235 Referral to Other Agencies

413-310-0240 Employee Responsibility

Uncollectible Accounts Receivable

413-310-0300 Purpose

413-310-0310 Criteria for Determining Amounts Owed

413-310-0320 Determinations for Write Off

413-310-0350 Recovery of Overpayments -- General

413-310-0355 Definition

413-310-0360 Policy

Trust Accounts

413-310-0400 Purpose

413-310-0410 Definitions

413-310-0420 Policy

413-310-0430 Maintenance Account

413-310-0440 Special Account

413-310-0450 Trust Action-Trust Disbursement Request, CF 198

413-310-0460 Obtaining Money on a Child's Behalf

413-310-0470 Use of Money Available for a Child

413-310-0480 Transfer of Money Between Maintenance and Special Trust Sub Accounts

413-310-0490 Financial Accounting

413-310-0500 Clearing a Trust Account

413-310-0510 Unclaimed Trust Account Balance



Short Form Contracts

413-330-0900 Purpose

413-330-0910 Definitions

413-330-0920 Policy

413-330-0930 Contractor

413-330-0940 Types of Service

413-330-0950 Insurance

413-330-0960 Dispute Resolution: Short-Form Contracts

413-330-0970 Criminal History Records Check for SOC Contractors

413-330-0980 DHS Abuse and Neglect Information Check

413-330-0990 Unauthorized Services

413-330-1000 Delegation of Short-Form Contract Approval Authority

413-330-1010 Responsibilities of Child Welfare Program Managers or Supervisors with Delegate Authority



Expunction of Records

413-350-0100 Purpose

413-350-0110 Release of Information

413-350-0120 Responsibilities

413-350-0130 Timelines

413-350-0140 Procedures

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