The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through April 15, 2017


Oregon State Marine Board



250-001-0000 Notice of Proposed Rule

250-001-0005 Model Rules of Practice and Procedure

250-001-0010 Availability of the Rules

250-001-0020 Fees for Furnishing Information

250-001-0030 Hearings Authorized

250-001-0035 Agency Representation by Officer or Employee

250-001-0040 Petition to Promulgate, Amend, or Repeal Rule: Contents of Petition, Filing of Petition

250-001-0050 Policy

250-001-0060 Scope of Rules



250-010-0010 Definitions

250-010-0025 Basic Rule for "Slow -- No Wake"

250-010-0030 Application for Certificate of Number and Title

250-010-0040 Oregon Boat Numbering System

250-010-0051 Definition of "Operate" and "Otherwise Use a Boat on Water"

250-010-0053 Safety Inspections

250-010-0055 Certificates of Boat Title

250-010-0058 Refunds

250-010-0059 Reinstatement Fee

250-010-0060 Report of Transfer, Abandonment or Wrecking of a Boat, Change of Address, Late Penalty Fees

250-010-0065 County Use Permit Programs

250-010-0075 Boating Safety/Education Assistance Program

250-010-0085 Capacity Plates

250-010-0095 Application for Marine Events

250-010-0097 Application for Special Use Device Permits

250-010-0110 Investigation of Accidents

250-010-0121 Mufflers

250-010-0122 Carburetors

250-010-0125 Ventilation

250-010-0150 Exemptions

250-010-0152 Use of Sirens Prohibited by Other Than Expressly Authorized Peace Officers

250-010-0154 Personal Flotation Devices

250-010-0155 Fire Extinguishers

250-010-0156 Sound Signaling Appliances

250-010-0160 Board not to Approve Products of Manufacturers

250-010-0164 Visual Distress Signals

250-010-0201 Uniform Waterway Marking System; Definitions

250-010-0206 Waterway Marker Permits Required and Exemptions

250-010-0215 Application for Waterway Marker Permit

250-010-0225 Waterway Marker Placement Conditions

250-010-0230 Transfer of Ownership of Waterway Markers

250-010-0235 Discontinuance and Removal of Waterway Markers

250-010-0240 Characteristics of Waterway Markers

250-010-0245 Buoy Standards

250-010-0255 Sign Standards

250-010-0260 Standards for Letter or Numeral Elements of Markers

250-010-0265 Standards for Mooring Buoys

250-010-0270 Standards for Swim Area Markers

250-010-0275 The "Divers" Flag

250-010-0300 Floating Home/Boathouse Registration and Titling; Definitions

250-010-0310 Certificate of Registration and Title for a Floating Home or Boathouse

250-010-0315 Issuance and Duplication Fees

250-010-0320 Oregon Floating Home/Boathouse Registration Numbering System

250-010-0325 Report of Transfer, Abandonment, or Wrecking of Floating Home/Boathouse or Change of Address

250-010-0410 Definitions

250-010-0420 Officer Report

250-010-0430 Chemical Analyses

250-010-0440 Qualifications and Training of Breath Test Equipment Operators

250-010-0470 Breath Testing Equipment Approval

250-010-0500 Offender Education Program Administration

250-010-0510 Definitions

250-010-0520 Content

250-010-0530 Implementation

250-010-0540 Fees

250-010-0550 Qualified Courses

250-010-0560 Completion Certificate

250-010-0650 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit

250-010-0660 Watercraft Inspection Stations



250-011-0020 General; Division Application

250-011-0030 Division Responsibility

250-011-0040 Division Definitions

250-011-0050 Conduct of Vessels in Any Condition of Visibility

250-011-0060 Conduct of Vessels in Sight of One Another

250-011-0070 Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility

250-011-0080 Lights and Shapes; Application

250-011-0090 Visibility of Lights

250-011-0100 Power-driven Vessels Underway

250-011-0110 Towing and Pushing

250-011-0120 Sailing Vessels Underway and Vessels Manually Propelled

250-011-0130 Fishing Vessels

250-011-0140 Vessels Not Under Command or Restricted in Their Ability to Maneuver

250-011-0150 Pilot Vessels

250-011-0160 Anchored Vessels and Vessels Aground

250-011-0170 Law Enforcement Vessels

250-011-0180 Public Safety Activities

250-011-0190 Equipment for Sound Signals

250-011-0200 Maneuvering and Warning Signals

250-011-0220 Sound Signals in Restricted Visibility

250-011-0230 Signals to Attract Attention



250-014-0001 Definitions

250-014-0002 Eligibility

250-014-0003 Marine Facility Grant Program

250-014-0004 Maintenance Assistance Program

250-014-0005 Vessel Waste Collection Grant Program

250-014-0010 Floatation Encapsulation Rules; Definitions

250-014-0020 Purpose and Scope

250-014-0030 Materials and Methods of Encapsulation for New Construction

250-014-0040 Pre-Certification Encapsulation Form

250-014-0041 Post Certification Encapsulation Log

250-014-0050 Maintenance or Repair of Existing Structures

250-014-0060 Alteration or Addition of Existing Facilities

250-014-0070 Buoys and Other Floating Devices

250-014-0080 Exemptions

250-014-0090 Inspection and Penalties



250-015-0001 Definitions

250-015-0002 Applicability

250-015-0005 License Application and Fees

250-015-0006 Reciprocity Provisions for Charter Boats on the Columbia River

250-015-0008 License Transfer, Cancellation or Suspension

250-015-0010 Equipment Requirements

250-015-0018 Depth Finder

250-015-0022 Navigation Equipment

250-015-0026 Light/Smoke Flares

250-015-0035 Charter Boats Operating on Sole State Waters



250-016-0020 Definitions

250-016-0025 Employees, Agents or Parties in Interest

250-016-0030 Exclusions

250-016-0035 Registration Requirement

250-016-0040 Proof of Registration Compliance

250-016-0045 Registration Requirements

250-016-0050 Process to Reprimand an Outfitter and Guide or Suspend, Revoke, or Deny a Registration

250-016-0055 Contested Case Hearings

250-016-0060 Outfitter and Guide Ethical and Professional Standards

250-016-0065 Surety Bond

250-016-0070 Requirements of Recreational Activities

250-016-0075 Requirements for Safety Equipment, Experience and Training

250-016-0080 Reciprocity Provisions for Outfitters and Guides on the lower Columbia River downstream of the bridge at Longview - Rainier

250-016-0085 Reciprocity Provisions for Outfitters and Guides on the Columbia River upstream of the bridge at Longview-Rainier

250-016-0090 Guide Advisory Committee; Charter Representation

250-016-0095 Civil Penalties, Procedures

250-016-0100 Schedule of Civil Penalties



250-017-0000 Purpose

250-017-0010 Scope

250-017-0020 Definitions

250-017-0030 General Requirements

250-017-0040 Applicant and Participant Responsibilities



250-018-0010 Definitions

250-018-0020 Minimum Standards for Boating Safety Education Competency

250-018-0030 Boater Education Card

250-018-0040 Replacement Boater Education Card

250-018-0050 Temporary Boater Education Card

250-018-0060 Dockside Checklist

250-018-0070 Program Phase In

250-018-0080 Exemptions

250-018-0090 Fees

250-018-0100 Approved Course Providers

250-018-0110 Approved Internet Course Providers



250-020-0005 Applicability of Terms

250-020-0013 Boat Operations in Baker County

250-020-0014 Boat Operations on Phillips Lake in Baker County

250-020-0026 Boat Operations in Benton County

250-020-0031 Boat Operations and Water Skiing on Lake Oswego in Clackamas County

250-020-0032 Boat Operations on the Willamette River in Clackamas County

250-020-0033 Boat Operations in Clackamas County

250-020-0041 Boat Operations in Clatsop County

250-020-0042 Boat Operations on the Nehalem River in Clatsop and Tillamook Counties

250-020-0043 Boat Operations on the Necanicum River in Clatsop County

250-020-0051 Boat Operations in Columbia County

250-020-0053 Boat Operations in Columbia and Multnomah Counties

250-020-0061 Boat Operations on Eel Lake in Coos and Douglas Counties

250-020-0062 Boat Operations on North Ten Mile Lake, Ten Mile Lake, and Ten Mile Creek in Coos County

250-020-0063 Boat Operations in Coos County

250-020-0064 Boat Operations on the Coquille and Millicoma Rivers in Coos County

250-020-0065 Boat Operations on the South Slough Estuarine Sanctuary in Coos County

250-020-0073 Boat Operations on Ochoco and Prineville Reservoirs in Crook County

250-020-0074 Boat Operations in Crook County

250-020-0082 Boat Operations in Curry County

250-020-0091 Boat Operations in Deschutes County

250-020-0101 Boat Operations on Eel Lake in Douglas and Coos Counties

250-020-0102 Boat Operations in Douglas County

250-020-0105 Boat Operations on Cooper Creek Reservoir in Douglas County

250-020-0121 Boat Operations in Gilliam County

250-020-0125 Boat Operations in Grant County

250-020-0132 Boat Operations in Harney County

250-020-0141 Boat Operations in Hood River County

250-020-0151 Boat Operations in Jackson County

250-020-0161 Boat Operations in Jefferson County

250-020-0171 Boat Operations in Josephine County

250-020-0201 Boating and Water Skiing on Lake of the Woods in Klamath County

250-020-0202 Boat Operations on Miller Lake in Klamath County

250-020-0203 Boat Operations on Klamath Lake in the Vicinity of Moore Park Marina

250-020-0204 Boat Operations in Klamath County

250-020-0205 Regulations — Klamath County

250-020-0211 Boat Operations in Lake County

250-020-0221 Boat Operations on Certain Waters in Lane County

250-020-0231 Boat Operations in Lincoln County

250-020-0239 Boat Operations in Linn County on Big Lake

250-020-0240 Boat Operations in Linn County

250-020-0241 Boat Operations on Foster Reservoir in Linn County

250-020-0242 Boat Operations on Green Peter Reservoir in Linn County

250-020-0243 Boat Operations and Water Skiing on Detroit Dam Reservoir and Tributaries in Linn and Marion Counties

250-020-0245 Boat Operations in Linn and Marion Counties

250-020-0250 Boat Operations in Malheur County

250-020-0259 Boat Operations in Marion County

250-020-0260 Boat Operations and Water Skiing on Detroit Dam Reservoir and Tributaries in Marion and Linn Counties

250-020-0261 Boat Operations on the Willamette River in Marion and Polk Counties

250-020-0263 Boat Operations in Marion and Yamhill Counties

250-020-0270 Boat Operations in Morrow County

250-020-0280 Boat Operations in Multnomah County

250-020-0281 Boat Operations in Multnomah County

250-020-0282 Boat Operations in Multnomah County on Multnomah Channel

250-020-0285 Boat Operations in Multnomah and Columbia Counties

250-020-0295 Boat Operations in Sherman County

250-020-0300 Boat Operations on the Nehalem River in Tillamook and Clatsop Counties

250-020-0308 Boat Operations on Certain Waters in Tillamook County

250-020-0309 Boat Operations at Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge, Pacific Ocean, Tillamook County

250-020-0310 Boat Operations on Certain Waters in Tillamook County

250-020-0311 Boat Operations on the Nehalem River in Tillamook County

250-020-0312 Boat Operations on the Big Nestucca River in Tillamook County

250-020-0323 Boat Operations in Umatilla County

250-020-0330 Boat Operations in Union County

250-020-0340 Boat Operations in Wallowa County

250-020-0350 Boat Operations in Wasco County

250-020-0360 Boat Operations on Henry Hagg Lake in Washington County

250-020-0370 Boat Operations in Washington County

250-020-0385 Boat Operations in Yamhill and Marion Counties



250-021-0010 Scope

250-021-0020 Definitions

250-021-0030 Operating Rules

250-021-0040 Special Local Restrictions — Personal Watercraft Applicability

250-021-0100 Personal Watercraft Livery Operations



250-022-0010 Purpose

250-022-0020 Scope

250-022-0030 Definitions

250-022-0040 Title and Registration Requirements

250-022-0050 Equipment Requirements

250-022-0060 Operating Requirements



250-026-0005 Purpose of Rules

250-026-0010 Responsibility for Removal of Abandoned or Derelict Vessels

250-026-0015 Identification of Owners

250-026-0020 Notification of Vessel Seizure

250-026-0025 Availability of Funds

250-026-0030 Expense Documentation

250-026-0035 Vessels Eligible for Reimbursement

250-026-0040 Match Requirements

250-026-0045 Eligible Expenses and Match

250-026-0050 Use of Contractors

250-026-0055 Vessel Turn-in Program Grants



250-030-0100 Restrictions for the Chetco River

250-030-0110 Restrictions for the Deschutes River

250-030-0120 Restrictions for the Illinois River

250-030-0130 Restrictions for the John Day River System

250-030-0140 Restrictions for the Minam River

250-030-0150 Restrictions for the Owyhee River System

250-030-0160 Restrictions for the Rogue River

250-030-0170 Restrictions for the Salmon River in Clackamas County

250-030-0180 Restrictions for the Sandy River

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