The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through May 15, 2017


Secretary of State

Corporation Division




160-001-0000 Notice of Intent to Adopt, Amend or Repeal Rules

160-001-0005 Model Rules of Procedure



 160-005-0005 Fees For Business Registry Public Records

160-005-0007 Fees For Business Registry Special Services

160-005-0008 Fees for Notarial Acts by Corporation Division Employees

160-005-0010 Refund of Monies



160-010-0010 Definitions

160-010-0011 General Guidelines

160-010-0012 Distinguishable on Record

160-010-0013 Not Distinguishable on Record

160-010-0014 Prohibitions

160-010-0020 Designation of Authorized Representative

160-010-0030 Assumed Business Name Amendment

160-010-0050 E-mail Address

160-010-0100 Code List for Designating Primary Business Activity

160-010-0115 Statutory Lien Attestation

160-010-0210 Definitions

160-010-0220 Application for Trade or Service Mark

160-010-0230 Renewal of Trade/Service Mark

160-010-0240 Classes of Goods and Services

160-010-0310  Eligibility for Waiver of Reinstatement Limit

160-010-0400 Professional Corporation Limit on Joint and Several Liability

160-010-0450 Conversion of a Business Entity

160-010-0500 Personal Safety Exemption

160-010-0600 Going Out of Business Notice of Intent

160-010-0610 Filing Format

160-010-0620 Signatures

160-010-0630 Owner's Business Name

160-010-0700 Oregon License Directory

160-010-0701 Definitions

160-010-0710 License Directory Information

160-010-0720 License Information Reporting



General Provisions

160-040-0100 Definitions

160-040-0101 UCC Document Delivery

160-040-0102 Search Request Delivery

160-040-0103 Forms

160-040-0104 Fees

160-040-0105 Methods of Payment

160-040-0106 Summaries of Records

160-040-0107 Fees for Summaries of Records

Acceptance and Refusal of Records

160-040-0200 Role of Filing Officer

160-040-0201 Time for Filing a Continuation Statement

160-040-0202 Rejection Reasons

160-040-0203 Procedure Upon Refusal

160-040-0204 Refusal Errors

160-040-0205 Notification of Defects

UCC Information Management System

160-040-0300 Policy Statement

160-040-0301 Primary Data Elements

160-040-0302 Individual Debtor Names

160-040-0303 Organization Debtor Names

160-040-0304 Estates

160-040-0305 Trusts

160-040-0306 Initial Financing Statement

160-040-0307 Amendment

160-040-0308 Assignment of Powers of Secured Party of Record

160-040-0309 Continuation

160-040-0310 Termination

160-040-0311 Information Statement

160-040-0312 Filing Officer Statement

Filing and Data Entry Procedures

160-040-0400 Lapse Date and Time

160-040-0401 Errors of the Filing Officer

160-040-0402 Data Entry of Names

160-040-0403 Notice of Bankruptcy

160-040-0404 Redaction of Certain Information

Search Requests and Reports

160-040-0500 General Requirements

160-040-0501 Search Requests

160-040-0502 Search Requests -- Optional Information

160-040-0503 Rules Applied to Search Requests

160-040-0504 Notice of Changes

160-040-0505 Search Responses

160-040-0506 Search Report

160-040-0507 Renewal Report



Statutory Liens

160-050-0100 Definitions and Abbreviations

160-050-0110 Statutory Lien Standard Forms

160-050-0130 Statutory Filing Standards

160-050-0140 Statutory Lien Filing and Search Fees

160-050-0160 Statutory Lien Miscellaneous Services

160-050-0165 Statutory Lien Duration

Oregon Farm Products Central Filing System

160-050-0180 Oregon Farm Products Central Filing System

160-050-0190 Definitions and Abbreviations

160-050-0200 EFS Requirements

160-050-0210 Amendment, Continuation, Assignment and Lapse of EFS

160-050-0215 Filing fees

160-050-0220 Farm Products

160-050-0230 Master List and Portions of Master List

160-050-0240 Registration of Buyers, Commission Merchants and Selling Agents; Subscription to Master Lists or Portions of Master Lists

160-050-0250 Forms Used in Oregon Farm Products Central Filing System

160-050-0280 EFS Search Fees 



160-100-0000   Definitions

160-100-0010   Date of Mailing

160-100-0020   Name of Notary Public

160-100-0030   Signature of Notary Public

160-100-0040   Administrative Services Fees

Certificate of Authorization, Official Stamp, and Official Stamp Embosser

160-100-0100   Description of Imprint of Official Stamp

160-100-0110   Use of Official Stamp

160-100-0120   Description of Official Stamping Device

160-100-0125   Certificate of Authorization

160-100-0130   Use of an Embosser

160-100-0140   Notification of Secretary of State of the Use of Electronic Notarization

160-100-0150   Certificate of Authorization

160-100-0160   Notification of Secretary of State That Stamping Device is Unavailable

160-100-0170   Notification of Secretary of State of Change in Information

Notarial Journal

160-100-0200   Form and Content of Notarial Journal

160-100-0210   Form and Content of an Electronic Notarial Journal

160-100-0220   Notification of Secretary of State of Lost or Stolen Journal

160-100-0230   Additional Notarial Acts That May Be Recorded in Notarial Journal

160-100-0240   Information Required to be Recorded in Record of Protests

Disposition of Notarial Records

160-100-0301   Disposition of Notarial Records Upon Suspension of Commission

160-100-0310   Disposition of Notarial Records Upon Termination of Commission Due to Resignation

160-100-0320   Disposition of Notarial Records Upon Termination of Commission Due to Expiration

160-100-0330   Disposition of Notarial Records Upon Termination of Commission Due to Revocation

160-100-0340   Disposition of Notarial Records Upon Termination of Commission Due to Death or Incompetency

160-100-0350   Record of Protests of Commercial Paper

160-100-0360   Notary Public’s Responsibilities When Agreement Has Been Entered into with Employer

Notarial Fees and Waiver of Notarial Fees

160-100-0400   Maximum Amount of Notary Fees Permitted to be Charged

160-100-0410   Displaying List of Notary Fees

160-100-0420   Filing Statement of Waiver of Notary Fees; Withdrawing Statement of Waiver

Complaints Against Notaries Public

160-100-0430   Filing Complaint Against Notary Public; Investigation of Notary Public by Secretary of State — ORS 194.335

Conviction of a Notary Public or Notary Public Applicant of a Felony or Lesser Offense
Incompatible with the Duties of a Notary Public

160-100-0500   Notification of Secretary of State of Conviction

160-100-0510   Conviction of a Lesser Offense Incompatible with the Duties of a Notary Public

Administrative Actions

160-100-0600   Refusal to Issue, Revocation, Suspension, Civil Penalties and Official Warning for Official Misconduct

160-100-0610   Conduct Which Constitutes Official Misconduct

160-100-0620   Appeal Process

160-100-0700   Satisfactory Evidence

Notary Public Education

160-100-1000   Definitions

160-100-1010   Provider Certificate of Approval

160-100-1020   Lesson Plan

160-100-1030   Deficient Application or Lesson Plan

160-100-1040   Notification of Changes of Approved Provider Information

160-100-1050   Lesson Plan Revisions

160-100-1060   Certificate of Education

160-100-1070   List of Attendees

160-100-1080   Secretary of State Attending Approved Course of Study

160-100-1090   Duty to Respond to a Written Request from the Secretary of State

160-100-1100   Cancellation or Delay of Scheduled Approved Course of Study

160-100-1105   Complaints Against an Approved Provider

160-100-1110   List of Approved Providers

160-100-1120   Renewal of a Certificate of Approval

160-100-1130   Grounds for Termination of a Certificate of Approval

160-100-1140   Termination of Certificate of Approval

160-100-1150   Cancellation of Certificate of Approval

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