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November 1, 2012

Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, Chapter 833

Rule Caption: Correction to 8/22/2012 Miscellaneous Rules.

Adm. Order No.: BLPCT 3-2012

Filed with Sec. of State: 10-11-2012

Certified to be Effective: 10-11-12

Notice Publication Date: 6-1-2012

Rules Amended: 833-020-0201

Subject: Corrections due to filing error:

 Missing word “business” to (1)(a).

 Missing word and (d) Email address.” to (2).

Rules Coordinator: Becky Eklund—(503) 378-5499, ext. 3


Licensee Professional Disclosure Statement

(1) To be approved by the Board, the professional disclosure statement shall include the information set forth in and required by ORS 675.755 and:

(a) The name, address and telephone number of the business;

(b) Philosophy and approach to counseling or marriage and family therapy, including reference to any codes of standards or ethics to which the licensee subscribes;

(c) A statement indicating adherence to the Oregon Licensing Board’s Code of Ethics set forth in OAR chapter 833, division 100;

(d) The bill of rights of clients listed in OAR 833, division 100, Code of Ethics;

(e) Formal education and training, title of highest relevant degree earned, school granting degree, and major coursework;

(f) Oregon licensure requirements for continuing education as well as any significant post-degree work relating to professional practice;

(g) The standard fee for service, including discounted rates or sliding scale and a statement that no fees will be charged and no additional fee will be added to another set fee such as a hospital room daily charge; and

(h) A statement indicating the following: “Additional information about this counselor or therapist is available on the Board’s website: www.oregon.gov/oblpct.”

(2) The Professional Disclosure Statement must also include the Board’s:

(a) Name;

(b) Address;

(c) Telephone number; and

(d) Email address.

(3) Licensees must provide each client with a professional disclosure statement consistent with the content and in a format as specified in OAR 833-020-0201(1) and (2).

(4) Licensees must make a reasonable effort to assist the client to understand the information presented in the disclosure statement as required by the Code of Ethics.

(5) Exemptions to the professional disclosure statement requirements set forth in ORS 675.755 include:

(a) Applicants for licensure not practicing professional counseling or marriage and family therapy in Oregon, except those seeking registration as an intern;

(b) Licensees not practicing professional counseling or marriage and family therapy in Oregon;

(c) Licensees providing crisis response; and

(d) Licensees who have submitted a written request and can satisfy the Board that there is good cause to be exempt from specific requirements and have received written exemption from the Board.

(6) Prior to providing services, the licensee must furnish each client with a copy of a professional disclosure statement. If the licensee fails to provide the statement, the licensee may not charge the client a fee for services.

(7) Whenever a licensee changes a professional disclosure statement, the new statement must be presented to the Board for approval.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 675.785
Stats. Implemented: ORS 675.755 & 675.785
Hist.: BLPCT 2-2010(Temp), f. 1-8-10, cert. ef. 1-11-10 thru 7-9-10; BLPCT 3-2010, f. 4-30-10, cert. ef. 5-3-10; BLPCT 2-2012, f. 9-5-12, cert. ef. 10-1-12; BLPCT 3-2012, f. & cert. ef. 10-11-12

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