Oregon Bulletin

September 1, 2012

Oregon University System, University of Oregon, Chapter 571

Rule Caption: Amend OAR 571-060-0005 to include residence hall room and board rates.

Adm. Order No.: UO 5-2012

Filed with Sec. of State: 8-13-2012

Certified to be Effective: 8-13-12

Notice Publication Date: 7-1-2012

Rules Amended: 571-060-0005

Rules Repealed: 571-060-0005(T)

Subject: The University administration has determined that the adoption of the amendments to the residence hall room and board rates will be necessary in order to provide the basis for funding to cover the expenses for providing UO on-campus housing and dining. This permanent rule will replace the temporary rule to be effective July 1, 2012.

 This permanent rule filing repeals the temporary administrative rule currently in place.

Rules Coordinator: Amanda Hatch—(541) 346-3082


Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, Service Charges

The University of Oregon has adopted by reference a list of Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, Service Charges, etc., for the current fiscal year:

(1) The fees, fines, penalties and service charges listed by reference in this rule are updated annually and copies are on file in the listed departments by July 1.

(2) The amounts and conditions of these fees may change from time to time throughout the year due to administrative considerations, changing costs, changes in institutional budgets, etc. If the size and the amount of these fees are or could be of importance to users, they should verify the details prior to making a commitment, before entering into any planning activities or before actually incurring any charges.

(3) The master copy of the current list of fees is maintained in the Office of the Director of Business Affairs and is available upon request to any person during regular business hours. The Director of Business Affairs also maintains a bulletin board where fee changes made during each 30-day period are posted. Following that posted period, the changes are filed within the master copy.

(4) University departments charging fees shall maintain a copy of at least that department’s section of the list of special fees, fines, penalties and service charges including any updates made during the course of the fiscal year. The list and all current changes shall be available upon request to any person during regular departmental business hours.

(5) No department may change fees between annual amendments to this rule without first obtaining an approved statement of justification signed by the appropriate Vice-President. Prior to granting approval of any fee charged to students, the Vice-President shall consult with the Office of Student Advocacy. Changes in fees approved by the Vice-President and the justification statement shall be posted for 15 days in a public area of the departmental office. The new fee, fine, penalty or charge becomes effective at the end of the 15-day posting period after it is filed with the Director of Business Affairs along with the justification statement.

(6) However, student loan service charges, charges levied as penalties for prohibited conduct, general tuition, building fees, incidental fees, health service fees, and residence hall and housing charges, shall be adopted in accordance with the provision of ORS 183.310 to 183.500.

(7) Certain charges, fees or fee schedules may, according to ORS 351.072(b), be adopted without compliance with rulemaking provisions of ORS 183.310 to 183.500. They are: charges relating to symposiums, conferences, short courses, food, books or other retail goods, prices of admission to athletic, entertainment or cultural events or advertising rates in student or institutional publications.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070, 351 & 352
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070
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