Oregon Bulletin

June 1, 2012

Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Division, Chapter 740

Rule Caption: Provides exception to allow commercial motor carrier passenger vehicles to haul trailers.

Adm. Order No.: MCTD 4-2012

Filed with Sec. of State: 4-23-2012

Certified to be Effective: 4-23-12

Notice Publication Date: 3-1-2012

Rules Amended: 740-100-0230

Subject: These revisions clarify the original intent of this rule to prohibit a person from using a passenger-carrying commercial motor vehicle (bus or van) to transport passengers in a trailing vehicle. Other revisions establish criteria regarding when authorization from the Department is needed for a passenger-carrying commercial motor vehicle to operate with a trailing vehicle. Authorization is not needed for a passenger-carrying CMV if the trailer does not exceed 8,000 pounds, does not exceed the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating and does not transport passengers. Motor carriers that use passenger-carrying CMVs in combination with trailers to transport passengers in the CMV and transport equipment or supplies on a trailer do not normally create a safety hazard and such operations should be allowed without written authorization from the Department. An existing allowance in the rule that allows passengers to be transported in special equipment remains unchanged.

Rules Coordinator: Lauri Kunze—(503) 986-3171


Use of Trailers Prohibited

(1) Except as described in subsections (2) or (3) of this rule, a trailer or other vehicle may not be attached to a passenger carrying commercial motor vehicle without special authorization from the Department.

(2) This rule does not require special authorization for a commercial motor vehicle transporting passengers to be operated with a trailer if:

(a) The trailer does not exceed 8,000 pounds gross weight;

(b) Operations do not exceed the manufacturer’s gross combined weight rating for the combination; and

(c) No passengers are allowed to be transported in the trailer.

(3) This rule does not prohibit use of semitrailer equipment specially designated for carrying passengers.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 823.011 & 825.252
Stats. Implemented: ORS 825.210 & 825.255
Hist.: PUC 18, f. 1-21-55, ef. 9-1-54 (Order No. 33203); PUC 120, 10-26-62, ef. 11-15-62 (Order No. 38811); PUC 135, f. 5-9-66, ef. 5-15-66 (Order No. 42332); PUC 148, f. 7-29-68, ef. 9-1-68 (Order No. 44783); PUC 156, f. 8-6-73, ef. 8-15-73 (Order No. 73-507); Renumbered from 860-035-0105; MCT 3-1996, f. & cert. ef. 3-14-96; Renumbered from 860-065-0105; MCTB 5-2000, f. & cert. ef. 9-21-00; MCTD 4-2012, f. & cert. ef. 4-23-12

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