Department of State Lands Records Guide

Illustration of activities

(Enlarge image) This illustration depicts some of the activities related to property managed by the Department of State Lands. These include rangeland leasing, forest land management, minerals leasing, and river bed leasing. The image has been modified from the original illustration for display purposes. (Department of State Lands Records, Publications, Biennial Report, 1980-1982, Cover)

Table of Contents

Agency history - learn about current Department of State Lands functions and significant historical developments.

Scope and content note - view summary of the major types of records, overall date spans and quantities, and useful research information.

Record series descriptions - browse descriptions of Department of State Lands records with series title, functions, date spans, quantity, and related information.

Appendix - browse related documents.

Image slide show - view sample photographs from the Department of State Lands records.

Web Links - find Web resources related to the Department of State Lands.

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