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Delayed Birth Records


Series documents birth records generated by a court in response to a petition. Records may include petitions, decrees or orders, affidavits of correction, registers, and certificates. If the information provided with the petition met the requirements of the court, a decree was issued that served as a legal birth document. Most petitions were filed decades after the actual birth. They were filed in the county of residence at the time of petition, not necessarily in the county of birth. Dates listed in brackets document the range of actual birth dates. Date ranges for court actions such as petitions and decrees are also included. Also see Birth Records series for related records. Access to birth records is restricted for 100 years following the date of birth by Oregon Administrative Rule 333-011-0096.

Records at the Umatilla County Courthouse, Main Basement Vault:
Delayed Birth [Petitions and Decrees-documents births from ca.1870-ca.1930-alphabetical arrangement], no. 1-1656, 1943-1963 (6.35 cu.ft.);
Register of Birth Certificates [refers to circuit court journal to document births from circa 1870 to circa 1945-with index], vol. 1-2, 1943-1985 (2 volumes).

Records at the Umatilla County Records Storage Building, Circuit Court Front Room:
Circuit Court Journal [includes delayed birth registrations], vol. 47-66, 1947-1960 (20 volumes).


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