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Prisoner Registers


Series tracks individuals incarcerated in the county jail. Information includes prisoner identification number; date entered; name, address, age, birth date, height and weight, eye and hair color, and nationality of prisoner; arrest date; arresting officer; crime committed; sentence; bail; court; release date; and remarks. Prisoner registers, which may also be referred to as jail lists, have been inventoried through 1965. Access to portions of these records may be restricted for 25 years after termination of custody by Oregon Revised Statute 192.496(3).

Records at the Marion County Jail, Visiting Lobby Display Case:
[Jail Register-not located in 2014 inventory], 1927-1967 (1 volume).

Records at the Willamette Heritage Center Library and Archives:
[Jail Register-accession no. 0094.065.0014], 1891-1921 (1 volume);
Register of Prisoners [accession no. 0094.065.0020-with index], vol. A, 1884-1896 (1 volume).


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