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Superintendent of Schools Records


Series documents the official and financial affairs of the superintendent of schools concerning teachers, students, and schools located in the county. Records include annual statements on the condition of common (public) schools in the county, school district boundary records, school district accounts, and book purchases. Information includes financial information, school curricula, boundary descriptions, and enrollment and attendance data. Superintendent of schools records have been inventoried through 1965.

School district boundary change descriptions were entered in the commissioners journals and indexes for a number of years in the late 1800s and early 1900s. See the Commissioners Administrative Journals record series.

Records at the Malheur County Courthouse, Assessor's Office:
[School and Road District Boundary Maps], n.d.-ca.1950 (1 volume).

Records at the Malheur Education Service District Office, Front Room:
Malheur County Census [School], 1936-1948 (1 volume);
Record of Plats and Boundaries [School District], vol. 1, n.d. (1 volume); vol. 2, 1921-1949 (1 volume);
Record of School District Boundaries, vol. 3, ca.1949-ca.1994 (1 volume);
Record of School District Officers, vol. 1, 1895-1912 (1 volume);
[Register of Malheur County Teachers], 1938-1968 (1 volume);
Register of School Districts [Boundary Record], vol. 1, 1893-ca.1906 (1 volume);
Register of State Certificates and Diplomas, vol. 1, 1899-1938 (1 volume);
Register of Teachers Employed, vol. 1, 1895-1912 (1 volume);
Register of Teachers Under Contract, vol. 1, 1916-1942 (1 volume);
School District Boundary Record, vol. 1, n.d. (1 volume);
School Superintendent Eighth Grade Graduates, 1935-1961 (1 volume).

Records at the Malheur Education Service District Office, Women's Restroom Storage:
Malheur County Teachers [Teachers Record Card], 1960-1961 (.50 cu.ft.);
[School District Boundary Maps-rolled], ca.1959-n.d. (1.50 cu.ft.);

Records at the Malheur Education Service District Office, Morgan Addition Records Storage:
Census Reports Nyssa Ontario Vale [School]. 1933-1958 (1 cu.ft.);
Census [School], 1937-1952 (1 cu.ft.);
County School Superintendent's Register and Record Book, 1899 (1 volume); 1904 (1 volume); 1907 (1 volume); 1908 (1 volume); 1909 (1 volume); 1911 (1 volume); 1912 (1 volume); 1914 (1 volume); 1915 (1 volume);

Records at the Stone House Museum:
The History of Education in the Public Schools of Malheur County Before 1920 [1960 Masters Thesis by Marion Gerald Dizey-includes copies of teacher contracts, monthly reports, and petitions], 1894-1920 (1 volume).


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