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Jackson County Records Inventory

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The following information is based on a July 2015 inventory:

Note: Titles listed in this inventory are exactly as they appear on the outside of a volume, box, drawer, or other container. If the title is only in brackets [ ], the record has no external identifying information. Text inside the brackets includes either exact title information from the inside of the volume, box, etc. or a functional title.

Access note: Jackson County contracts records storage functions with a company called Access Information Protected. There is no public access to the Access facility. Please contact the functionally relevant county department (clerk, assessor, planning division, etc.) to request access to specific records stored at Access. If unable to determine the appropriate department, contact the county clerk. Please specify the accession number and box number, if provided, along with the name of the record when placing a request--for example, Tax Ledger-78A.52, Box 7033.

Scrollable inventory version

Aerial Photographs
Animal Bounty Records
Assessment and Tax Rolls
Assumed Business Names Registers
Attachment Records
Birth Records
Census Records
Circuit Court Case Files
Circuit Court Dockets
Circuit Court Journals
Clerk's Miscellaneous Recordings
Clerk's Official Filings
Commissioners Administrative Journals
Commissioners Orders and Ordinances
Corner Survey Records
Coroner and Inquest Records
County Budgets
County Comprehensive Plans
County Court Case Files
County Court Judicial Journals
County Fair Records
County Officials Reports
Death Records
Deeds and Indexes
Delayed Birth Records
Election Poll Books
Election Voting Abstracts
Farm Name Registration Records
Federal Land Grant Records
Foreclosure Records
Insane Commitment Records

Judgment and Execution Records
Justice Court Case Files
Justice Court Dockets
Land Subdivision Records
Land Title Registers
Maps, Plans, and Drawings
Marks and Brands Records
Marriage Records
Married Women's Property Registers
Medical Profession Registration Records
Military Records
Mining Claim Records
Mortgage Records
Naturalization Certificates
Naturalization Declarations of Intention
Naturalization Petitions and Orders
Pension and Relief Records
Planning Commission Minutes
Prisoner Registers
Probate Case Files
Probate Estate Records
Probate Registers
Road and Bridge Records
Road Maps and Survey Notes
School District Records
Superintendent of Schools Records
Surveyor Field Notes and Plats
Tax Lot Cards
Water Rights Records
Zoning Records

Inventory by Gary Halvorson, Senior Archivist
Last Update: August 5, 2015


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