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Maps, Plans, and Drawings


Series provides a visual representation of the county and of physical structures constructed on county lands. Series includes maps, plans, and drawings that vary in size, scale, and date. Included are maps, plans, and drawings of counties and cities, election precincts, courthouses and other county buildings, cemeteries, rivers, Indian reservations, school districts, construction projects, and soil classifications. General road maps may be found in the series titled Road and Bridge Records. Technical road survey maps may be found in the series titled Road Maps and Survey Notes.

The free public access version of the Web-based Deschutes County Local Area Virtual Atlas (LAVA) includes GIS map layers showing emergency service, school, airport, railroad, USGS quad, unincorporated community, city limits, snowload, census zip code, contour, soil, public land, hydrography, flood plain, wetland, wildlife area, and other subjects. The fee-based subscriber version of the Local Area Virtual Atlas (LAVA) includes additional GIS map layers and capabilities. The searchable Deschutes County Survey Research Application includes assessor maps.

Records at the Deschutes County Community Development Building, Second Floor Planning Division Office:
[Miscellaneous Maps-includes zoning, districts, comprehensive plan, flood plain, flood insurance, transportation, and topographical], ca.1957-present (ca.300 maps).

Records at the Deschutes Services Center, Clerk's Office Storage Room:
[Miscellaneous Storage Room Maps-includes election precincts, vicinities, urban areas, districts-rolled and folded], ca.1982-present (ca.5 cu.ft.).

Records at the Deschutes Services Center, Assessor's Office:
[Assessor's Maps], n.d.-present (20 volumes).

Records at the Deschutes County Road Department Building, Engineering Vault:
Kingfile 1 [Engineering Plans-includes road, water, sewer, and site plans], ca.1986-present (ca.500 maps and drawings);
[Miscellaneous Rolled and Flat Maps and Plans-includes roads, highways, cities, vicinities, subdivisions, schools, courthouse, buildings, fairgrounds, railroads, districts, gravel pits, topographical maps, etc.], ca.1919-present (ca.1500 maps and drawings).

Records at the Deschutes County Road Department Building, Surveyor's Office:
Flood Insurance Rate Map [Federal Emergency Management Agency], 1988-1998 (.20 cu.ft.).

Records at the Deschutes County Archives:
Building Plans Public [includes cities, schools, county courthouse, and other public structures-rolled], ca.1917-present (ca.50 drawings).

Records at the Deschutes County Justice Building Basement, Court Archives:
[Miscellaneous Plans-includes courthouse remodel, public safety complex, juvenile justice building, justice building-rolled], 1996-1999 (2 cu.ft.).

Records at the Deschutes Historical Center, Room 311:
Architectural Plans [includes Reid School, hotels, old Bend Post Office, Brooks Scanlon Lumber Co. Mill, Central Oregon Community College, etc.], ca.1910-2000 (40 drawings);
Camp Abbot [Maps], 1942-1945 (25 maps);
City of Bend Maps [includes streets, subdivisions, irrigated lands, zoning, historical district, etc.], 1904-present (ca.50 maps);
City of Redmond Maps [includes streets, fire insurance, truck route, and pedestrian], 1909-present (ca.100 maps);
County Maps [includes zoning, highway, Metsker, fire district], 1917-2002 (ca.25 maps);
Land Ownership [Maps-includes homesteads, Hudson Land Company, Metsker, subdivision, and irrigation], ca.1900-1985 (ca.1.50 cu.ft.);
[Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Atlas], 1927-1956 (1 volume);
Sanborn Maps-Bend [copies], 1913-1928 (ca.90 maps);
Large Rolled Maps [includes historical sites, cities, railroad, timber land, zoning, forest, road, school district], 1915-1991 (25 maps);
Misc. City Maps [Miscellaneous-includes Terrebonne, Tumalo, La Pine, Sisters, Sunriver, Black Butte Ranch, etc.], 1904-1980 (ca.25 maps);
Misc. Maps [Miscellaneous-includes drainage basin, topographical, cemetery, etc.], 1904-1998 (ca.50 maps);
Shevlin Hixon Camp Maps [Logging Company], ca.1917-ca.1952 (ca.65 maps);
Small Rolled Maps [includes railroads], 1918-1940 (8 maps);
U.S. Forest Service Maps [United States-Deschutes County area], 1957-2005 (10 maps);
USGS Quad Maps [United States Geological Survey Quadrangle Maps-Deschutes County area], 1923-1968 (ca.75 maps);
Water Resources [Maps], ca.1904-ca.1960 (ca.65 maps).

Records at the Deschutes Historical Center, Third Floor Vault:
[Deschutes County School Districts Map], ca.1923-ca.1944 (1 map).

Records at the Deschutes Historical Center, First Floor Library:
1944 Metsker Map [Atlas of Deschutes County-photocopy], 1944 (1 binder).

Records at the Bend Public Library:
Metsker's Atlas of Deschutes County Oregon, 1972 (1 volume);
Oregon Topographic Maps [United States Geological Survey-includes primarily Deschutes County], 1954-1990 (ca.100 maps);
Soil Resource Inventory Deschutes National Forest [Atlas of Maps], 1976 (1 volume).

Records at the Deschutes County Web Site:
Assessor's Tax Lot Maps [Local Area Virtual Atlas-LAVA-includes PDF and TIFF files], n.d.-present (Internet.

Records at the Deschutes County Expo Center Web Site:
Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center [Map], n.d. (Internet).

Records at a Related Web Site:
Tax Assessment GIS Maps [select county], n.d.-present (Internet).

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