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Clatsop County Records Inventory

Road Maps and Survey Notes


Series documents the surveying and mapping of county roads. Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. Information includes legal descriptions of the roads; road names and numbers; plans and profiles; township, range, and section numbers; dates of activity; and scales. General road maps may be found in the series titled Road and Bridge Records.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Road [Survey and Report of Road], 1851 (.05 cu.ft.);
Road Survey Records [includes petitions and related records], 1850-1913 (.30 cu.ft.).

Records at the Clatsop County Courthouse, Main Floor Vault:
[Profile of Road Survey Maps-Bin F rolled in cans], ca.1906-ca.1928 (ca.75 maps);
Surveyor Films [OSHD Field Book-Oregon State Highway Department-security copy-Bin E], no. 1-56, n.d. (2 inches of microfilm jackets);
Surveyor Films [Road Department Field Book-security copy-Bin E], no. 1-280, ca.1908-ca.1989 (10 inches of microfilm jackets);
Surveyor Films [State Highway Strip Maps-Survey-security copy-Bin E], ca.1906-ca.1928 (ca.12 inches of aperture cards).

Records at the Clatsop County Public Services Bldg. 820, Assessment and Taxation Dept. Office, Cartography Area:
[Miscellaneous Maps-includes road survey, assessor's base maps, topographic, county, etc.-rolled], ca.1913-present (ca.200 maps).

Records at the Clatsop County Roads Division Office, Vault:
Co. Road [County Road Field Books], ca.1913-ca.2010 (6 inches of microfiche);
[County Road and Bridge Maps], 1900-present (ca.500 maps);
County Road Record Books, no. 1-1028, 1872-ca.2010 (26 inches of aperture cards);
[County Road Survey Maps-in drawers-by area name], ca.1916-present (ca.200 maps);
Crown Zellerbach Field Books [Survey-includes road survey information-photocopies], ca.1950-ca.1970 (7 cu.ft.);
Engineering Loose Leaf [Crown Zellerbach Survey Field Books-includes road survey information-originals], ca.1950-ca.1970 (8 cu.ft.);
Misc. Field Books [Miscellaneous Survey-includes roads], ca.1873-ca.1938 (ca.30 volumes);
ODOT Field Books [Oregon Department of Transportation-Road Survey], 1913-1914 (56 volumes);
OSHD [Oregon State Highway Department Field Books], ca.1931-ca.1986 (1 inch of microfiche);
Record Book of Roads and Highways [includes legal descriptions and drawings], 1859-1870 (1 volume);
Road Book [includes survey and road order information], vol. 4, ca.1959-ca.1970 (1 volume);
Road Department Field Books [with index], vol. 1-290, ca.1913-2003 (290 volumes);
Road Plat Book [with index], vol. 2-3, ca.1892-ca.1954 (2 volumes);
Roads [Record-includes field notes and petitions-with index], vol. 2-3, 1893-1954 (2 volumes);
State Highways [Survey Maps], 1914-present (ca.175 maps);
State Highway Strip Maps [Survey], no. 1-164, 1914-ca.2010 (17 inches of aperture cards);
State Highways, Unnumbered County Roads, City Streets, Public Roads, Private Roads [Case Files-includes specifications and maps], ca.1963-present (2.50 cu.ft.);
Surveyors Road Record [with index], vol. 1, 1920-1931 (1 volume).

Records at the Clatsop County Judge Guy Boyington Building, Records Storage Room:
Miscellaneous Recorded Historical Documents [Columbia River Highway Contracts and Specifications], 1914 (.35 cu.ft.);
Road Record [includes survey information and viewers' reports], 1870-1872 (1 volume).


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