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Clerk and Recorder Official Filings


Series documents the filing of transactions, authorized by statute, with the clerk or recorder of the county for the purpose of making the transaction a matter of public record. Information includes dates filed, type and description of transactions, filing numbers, names of parties involved, amounts charged or assessed, and clerk or recorder's signatures. Series may also include alphabetical indexes that contain volume and page numbers where recorded and names of individual filing transactions. Transactions include records that were previously maintained separately, such as mortgages; deeds; military service records; federal, mechanic's, and road improvement liens; mining claims; satisfactions; judgment assignments; notarial commissions; medical and ministerial licenses; oaths; and affidavits of publication. This series is commonly referred to as the Book of Records.

The Recording Instruments are imaged and available on computer in the Clerk's Recording Office from 2000-present. They are indexed electronically from 1989-present. Security copies of microfilm are produced.

Records at the Clackamas County Clerk's Recording Office Suite 110, Public Research Area:
Public Recordings [Instruments], no. 2000.61416-2002.115473, 2000-2002 (478 reels of microfilm);
Recording Instruments, no. 67.1-2000.083792, 1967-2000 (67 feet of microfilm jackets).

Records at the Clackamas County Clerk's Recording Office Suite 110:
Deed Index [includes deeds entered into Recording Instruments beginning in 1967-in gray drawers], 1924-1985 (24 inches of microfiche);
Index [Recording Instruments], 1979-1990 (1 binder of microfiche);
Recording Index [in gray drawers], 1983-1997 (5 feet of microfiche);
[Recording Instruments Containing Military Discharge Records], 1969-2000 (5 feet of microfilm jackets).

Records at the Clackamas County Development Services Building, Assessment and Taxation Office, Archive Room 158:
Recording Index [Recording Instruments], 1990-1996 (1 binder of microfiche); 1997 (1 binder of microfiche);
Recording [Instruments Index], 1974-1992 (6 inches of microfiche).

Records at the Clackamas County Archives, Security Microfilm Storage:
Instruments [Recording], no.67.1-2004.011759, 1967-2004 (2416 reels of microfilm).


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