Oregon Legislators and Staff Guide

Pre-Provisional Government Legislators and Staff

1845 Meetings (4th Pre-Provisional): June 24-July 5

The fourth legislative committee chosen before the organization of the provisional government met at the house of J. E. Long in Oregon City. After the assembly was organized the residence of Mr. M. McGruder was secured in which to hold the sessions of the committee.

This was the last session of the legislative committee under the regime of the executive committee of Oregon. Honorable Osborn Russell and Honorable P. J. Stewart, who jointly governed Oregon as a majority of the executive committee at this time retired from office at the close of this session to give place to Honorable George Abernethy, the first governor of Oregon.

The members of this committee before entering upon the duties of their office each took the following oath:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support the organic laws of the provisional government of Oregon, so far as the said organic laws are consistent with my duties as a citizen of the United States, or a subject of Great Britain, and faithfully demean myself in office, so help me God."

Tualatin County was sometimes called Tuality County and is written that way in many early records. Champoeg County is also written as Champoie and the County of Clackamas as Klackamas.

Committee member


Committee Officers

Applegate, Jessie


Foisy, M. G.


Garrison, J. M.


Gray, William H.


Hendricks, A.


Hill, David


Lee, Barton


Lee, H. A. G.


McCarver, M. M.



McClure, John


Newell, Robert


Smith, J. W.


Straight, H.


Clark, Rev. Mr. - Alternate Chaplain

Demarse, Rev. Mr. - Alternate Chaplain

Hill, Rev. Mr. - Alternate Chaplain

Long, J. E. - Territorial Recorder and Ex-officio Clerk of Committee

Prigg, Frederick - Revising Clerk

Shaw, Mr. - Sergeant-at-Arms


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