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Pre-Provisional Government Legislators and Staff

1843 Meetings (2nd Pre-Provisional): June 27-28, July 5

The legislative committee was chosen at a public mass meeting held at Champooiek, May 2, 1843. The committee met at Willamette, May 16, 1843, and continued in session for three days. The committee adjourned and reconvened June 27 for two days. The legislative committee submitted reports at a mass meeting of the citizens of Oregon at Champooiek1 on July 5. These reports were adopted as the Laws of Oregon2.

See - History of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, Provisional Legislature

Committee Members

Committee Officers

Beers, Alanson

Daugherty, William

Gray, W. H.

Hill, David

Hubbard, Thomas

Moore, Robert

Newell, Dr. Robert

O'Neil, James

Shortness, Robert

LeBreton, George W. - Territorial Recorder Ex. Officio Clerk

Moore, Robert - Speaker or Chairman

1early name used in records of the provisional government for the name Champoeg, Marion County

2Political and Official History and Register of Oregon by Harrison R. Kincaid, Secretary of State, 1899.


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