Oregon Criminal Law Revision Commission Records

Senator Anthony Yturri Chairman

Senator Anthony Yturri



Red Dot Oregon Legislative Assembly, 1967-1972

The purpose of the Criminal Law Revision Commission, established by the 1967 Legislative Assembly, was to prepare a thorough modernization of the  criminal and correctional laws of Oregon. The revised criminal code was enacted by the 1971 Legislative Assembly. The commission then prepared a new criminal procedure code during the 1971-72 interim which was enacted by the 1973 Legislative Assembly.

The commission's paper records are available for research on this Web site. They are presented using the Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be viewed using free Adobe Reader software. Audio tapes are available for research in the Oregon State Archives reference room.


Proposed criminal code publication.

Proposed criminal code publication.

Table of Contents

1967-68 and 1969-70 Interims:

1971-72 Interim:

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