Envisioning Oregon's Future: Graphic Art Drawings Bring Ideas to Life

Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport

Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport

Some of Oregon's most noteworthy public works projects first saw life on the drawing tables of Frank G. Hutchinson and Harold L. Spooner. Other drawings by the two men were destined to remain dreams. The works shown here represent a small portion of the 110 drawings they produced from 1935 to 1957. These works range in size from two feet by four feet to four feet by seven feet. Their subjects include landscapes and buildings but most often relate to transportation projects such as bridges, tunnels, and highway interchanges. While modern public works projects are planned with computer-aided design and three-dimensional computer modeling, the drawings of Hutchinson and Spooner rely on artistry and painstaking attention to detail.



Biographical sketches of Hutchinson and Spooner

The Oregon coast bridges: spans to the future

The Oregon State Capitol: what could have been

Oregon's natural beauty: expanding access

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