Biographical Sketch of Delazon Smith

Delazon Smith

Delazon Smith

Delazon Smith

Delazon Smith
Born 1816
Died 1860
Linn County delegate

Delazon Smith was born in New Berlin, New York on October 4, 1816. He was educated in New York and at Oberlin College in Ohio. He studied law and was admitted to the bar. In addition to the law, Smith was involved in journalism throughout his life. He owned and edited newspapers in New York and Ohio and founded the Albany Democrat after the convention.

Smith came to Oregon in 1852, and settled in Linn County. A prominent Democrat he was a member of the “Salem Clique” which virtually ran the Democratic Party in Oregon. He served in the territorial legislature from 1854 to 1856.

Smith represented Linn County at the constitutional convention. He served on the Committee on Legislation and was chairman of the Committee on Suffrage and Elections. A renowned orator, he spoke frequently and at length during the various debates at the convention.

He was elected to serve as one of the first senators from Oregon. Because of the delay in admitting Oregon to statehood Smith served less than a month as senator before his term expired.

Smith died in Portland on November 18, 1860 shortly after he was defeated for re-election to the senate. He is buried in the City Cemetery in Albany.

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